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Showing 1 - 60 of 886 items

Choose the ceiling light that suits you best

The ceiling light can be installed in any room of the house, from the living room through the bedroom to the dining room. This type of ceiling lamp provides light while adding a subtle decorative touch. Discover Côté Lumière's interior lighting catalogue and choose the ceiling lights that suit you from a wide range of designer lights and add character to your lighting system!

The different types of ceiling lights

Of course, choosing the right ceiling light takes a little time. Here is an overview of what you will find in this section of our online shop, which is entirely dedicated to them:

The glass ceiling light: it provides subtle, soft lighting without taking up space.

The metal ceiling light: for a modern yet chic touch, this model is perfect, for example, for the dining room, suspended above the large table.

The ceiling spotlight: it can be used as a kitchen or bathroom ceiling light thanks to its ability to concentrate light.

The recessed ceiling light: to be fixed directly in the ceiling, this model represents a significant space saving while being decorative.

The ceiling light: one light, many advantages

The ceiling luminaire is an obvious choice if you are looking for a space-saving alternative. As the name suggests, it is fixed directly... to the ceiling.

The main advantages of the ceiling luminaire

To light a small room or to respect your minimalist decor, the ceiling light is there, its very structure being practically anchored in the ceiling. Keep in mind that the maximum height of the lamp is limited to its own dimension to discreetly light your living space, even if some models are a little more imposing than others.

Another advantage of the ceiling lamp is that, as a high light source, it has an open diffusion angle, allowing for optimal distribution of light throughout the room. Nestling at the top of your interior, it diffuses light over a wide area.

As for the price, it can be particularly gentle on the wallet, making it a very relevant accessory for successful interior decoration and lighting without breaking the bank.

To sum up, the ceiling light generally takes up a minimum amount of space when fixed to the ceiling while at the same time optimising the diffusion of light. It diffuses light in such a way that it warms up the atmosphere of a room without dazzling. There are enough models to allow you to buy a beautiful object while spending reasonably.

What about the price of a beautiful ceiling light?

As far as the budget aspect of your ceiling light operation is concerned, the good news is that our prices start at 15 and go up to 1500 euros. Moreover, this range is perfect and wide enough if you are looking for a light to give as a gift.

The ceiling light, more than a light, a decorative asset!

If you want to liven up your home, have you thought about a ceiling light? The range is wide enough for you to find the perfect model that will illuminate and embellish your living room in a pleasant warm white, your bedroom, dining room, bathroom or even your kitchen.

It's time to listen to your desires and adapt your lighting fixtures to your decoration. The Côté Lumière online sales site has no less than 10 categories dedicated to interior lighting: in just a few clicks, discover all our interior lamp models without having to go anywhere. Choose at your own pace among the different materials and colours to add colour to your home.

Discover classic or modern designs, in metal or crystal, transparent or coloured, etc. Whether you want to install an industrial ceiling light, a modern ceiling light, designer ceiling lights, LED ceiling light, we have a wide variety of products. To serve you better, we have set up several filters that will allow you to refine your selection, for example, according to your budget or the manufacturer.

Our professional advice

Don't forget the corridor ceiling lamp, to light up this space that we often tend to neglect!

Beautiful, fun and efficient lighting at the same time!

If for you ceiling light rhymes with dazzling and dull light, Côté Lumière invites you to get off the beaten track. Play with shapes and materials, but also with colour temperatures. Why not opt for ceiling lighting with flexible arms that you can direct according to your needs and desires?

To bring a resolutely contemporary touch to your interior, discover models that have succeeded in combining minimalism and warmth at the same time without being overpriced! And why not kill two birds with one stone by choosing an economical and durable LED ceiling light?

Whether you are looking for a simple kitchen ceiling light that will blend in with the décor, or a slightly more unusual model for a chic and striking living room, such as an industrial ceiling light, or fitted with a lampshade, or a dining room ceiling light that will intrigue your guests, a few clicks of the mouse are all you need.

Design: why deprive yourself of it?

For a perfect harmony between the design of your chandelier and your interior decoration, consult our numerous advice sheets on the Côté Lumière Blog!

Choose the model that "speaks to you", which you feel will create a sensation of novelty every time you see it. The ceiling lamp is far from being a trivial accessory: it is capable of bringing a chic touch to the room it lights. For example, geometrical patterns and those inspired by Scandinavian culture have a warm and modern feel to them.

Futuristic designs will come to play the disruptive elements in a traditional decoration and create astonishment and even fun.

Think of colourful rooms for those long winter evenings!

Light on the ceiling spotlight

Of course, if you choose a ceiling spotlight, depending on the model, it may have a more or less complex frame, depending on its design.

In any case, this type of luminaire is available in many styles to dress up your interior with elegance, while providing the main lighting for each room. At Côté Lumière, the spot ceiling light comes in several trends: modern and contemporary, industrial, Scandinavian, etc., so many possibilities for a decoration that goes beyond current standards!

Selected ceiling lights

Our section dedicated to ceiling lights is large enough to allow you to find the one that will harmoniously complement your luminaires.

Côté Lumière chooses its products taking into consideration design, standards, lighting capacity, in particular, as these elements are essential to give a more than satisfactory result.

Do not hesitate to complete the effect delivered by your ceiling light by adding other types of lights to create a more intimate atmosphere. In any case, it can become the central element of your lighting.

Don't forget the LED models, which not only fit perfectly into contemporary interiors thanks to the rather futuristic design of some, but above all allow for significant energy savings.

The LED ceiling light is able to deliver a soft and pleasant atmosphere, ideal for the bedroom, where it will bring a cocooning atmosphere.

And why not a ceiling light for outdoors?

If you have an outdoor space, we offer industrial style models! A perfect combination of metal and glass, they can accommodate LED bulbs.

Don't stop there and discover the more classic models, which come in round, square, cylindrical, tube, with dimmer, etc.

Ceiling lights for the whole house

Kitchen ceiling lights, living room ceiling lights, ceiling spotlights, dining room ceiling lights, black ceiling lights: count on Côté Lumière's online shop to find the perfect light that will adorn every room in your home. Looking for a bathroom ceiling light? A section is entirely dedicated to it on the online shop! Here, the proposed models will allow you to prepare yourself comfortably in the morning or in the evening, when the natural light is not yet optimal.

Children are not to be outdone and can also enjoy a beautiful, whimsical or multicoloured designer ceiling light.

Côté Lumière allows you to buy your ceiling lights at the best prices without moving from home!