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Showing 1 - 60 of 602 items

Ceiling lights

The ceiling light is suitable for all your living rooms. Whether in the living room, dining room or bedroom, it can provide light while giving a decorative touch. In our indoor lighting catalog, Côté Lumière offers a wide range of designer ceiling lights that will give character to your lighting.

To bring light while giving a decorative touch to your room, choose a beautiful ceiling light. Indeed, to illuminate your living room, your bedroom, your dining room or even your kitchen, you can adapt the luminaires to the style of decoration of your home. Among the several hundred models available at Côté Lumière, you can find indoor ceiling lights of all types, materials and colors. Choose from classic or modern models, metal or crystal, transparent or colored, etc. Find a wide variety of products, refine your selection according to price or manufacturer.

Exceptional lighting fixtures

Discover for example the arched ceiling light with flexible arms that you can orientate according to your needs and desires. There are also models with totally improbable designs that will give a more contemporary look to the whole room they decorate. In addition, there is the white Pirce spiral ceiling lamp, which consists of several thin discs and gives incomparable lighting in the room. But if you're looking for simpler ceiling lights that fit any style, there are also more classic models. Such as the Casper round glass ceiling lamp that will brighten any room in your home, from the living room to the bathroom.

With any budget, you will be able to afford a ceiling light that suits your taste and the decoration of your home, with prices ranging from 8 to 1500 euros. That said, the price range is very wide to acquire the ceiling lamp of your choice on our platform dedicated to Côté lumière lighting.

The ceiling light is an obvious choice, as it is a space-saving luminaire. As its name suggests, it is fixed directly to the ceiling. Unlike a suspended chandelier, it does not require a wire or cable to install the luminaire. Admittedly, a ceiling spotlight can have a complex framework. However, it depends on the design. This luminaire is available in several styles to elegantly dress up your interior, while providing the main lighting of a room. On the light side, it is available in modern and contemporary, industrial, Scandinavian, etc. styles. So many possibilities to suit all tastes.

The advantages of the ceiling light

One of the main advantages of this luminaire is its space-saving design, as the structure itself is practically anchored in the ceiling. As a result, the maximum height of the lamp is limited to its own dimension to discreetly illuminate your living space. It is true that some models are a little more imposing than others. Despite this, this type of luminaire does not clutter up your ceiling. In any case, the ceiling lights available on Côté Lumière have these characteristics.

What is most interesting with this type of lighting is that with a light source at height, you benefit from an open diffusion angle. Thus, the light will be distributed over the entire room. Nestled at the top of your interior, it diffuses the light covering a wide area. This mode of lighting is particularly beneficial. Not to mention the fact that its price is quite accessible to a large number of people. In fact, anyone can buy it to illuminate an area of their home.

To match your chandelier with the rest of the interior decoration, here are a few ideas on how to choose it. In terms of design, you are free to choose the one that appeals to you. Beyond its usefulness, design is very important. Geometrical patterns can be found in modern interiors, as well as Scandinavian-style ones. Locanda LED spotlights will guarantee a futuristic look in your living room. To make it a cosy cocoon, don't hesitate to opt for a more sophisticated design such as the Manuela 5 White, preferably with a bulb with visible filaments. It will create a warm atmosphere in your home, especially in the winter season.

Industrial ceiling lights

If you have a penchant for industrial style, choose luminaires with an in factory style, which is the case of the black Lester 2, which features several metal rods distributed in all directions, but disproportionately, with a bulb with visible LED filaments on each head. To accentuate the industrial side, the Carlyn will be able to do the trick with its black square aluminum structure inside which two LED filament bulbs placed side by side will serve as lighting. It should be noted that these types of bulbs have a very warm white light.
If you prefer this indoor fixture in a classic, wide style version, the LED living room lamp will be a great way to brighten up your living room at nightfall. The Albastro or the Altea will light up your bedroom. For your commercial spaces, it is preferable to go for spot ceiling type models to multiply the luminosity in several areas of your store. In this category, we have the Dorian 2 ceiling spotlight or the Jaster LED ceiling spotlight with 4 heads positioned to illuminate all areas of your space.

A very wide range of ceiling lights on the light side

Whatever the room you wish to illuminate through a ceiling light, our dedicated range is very wide on Côté Lumière. In any case, you have to pay attention to the design, because the lighting must contribute to making the room pleasant to live in. To complement the light emitted by this light source, it is possible to vary the effects by mixing it with other types of luminaires to create a more intimate atmosphere. In any case, this luminaire remains the central element of your lighting decoration.

The LED models are ideal for contemporary interiors. Some have rather futuristic designs that stand out above your heads. However, their particularity is not limited to the design, they also integrate innovative features that stand out from the crowd. Take the case of the Alvendre White LED remote control ceiling light made of two materials, including plastic and aluminium. The combination of these materials gives a very pure style. Thanks to its lighting performance, this ceiling light will create a soft and pleasant atmosphere. In your bedroom, it will bring a cocooning atmosphere.

Ceiling lights for the whole house

It should be noted that the ceiling lights offered on Côté Lumière are designed to dress all the rooms in your home. For the bathroom, the Kos round LED ceiling lamp will be the best choice to illuminate your preparation sessions in the morning. Its IP65 rating is suitable for harsh environments, such as the bathroom, which is constantly exposed to humidity. This model of ceiling light can also be used outdoors on a pre-high level near a jacuzzi or swimming pool.
In the collection for children's rooms, we have the Viki pink children's flower applique to discover among our ceiling light range. Its whimsical design will appeal to little girls with lots of imagination, unless you prefer the multicoloured junior ceiling light/children's wall light. What's more, you can buy these lights at the best price with the current discounts, which will save you money on your lighting equipment.