Want to light a reading corner or indirect lighting, the reading light floor lamp is ideal.  

Floor lamps and floor reading lamps


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Showing 1 - 60 of 342 items

Floor lamps and floor reading lamps

Adapted to sitting or lying down reading, our lights are perfect for moments of well-earned rest. With side light, find the lamppost or the ideal eReader for your needs. The collection of Interior lights our catalog will satisfy lovers of decoration as the most indecisive design.
The luminaire on foot equipped with a halogen lamp is no longer sold. However, it will be possible to find the same product, but equipped with LED technology. This LED bulb to a white color temperature warm and have a record of light pleasant and relaxing.
The more stylized to the more sober, our readers adapt to your daily life and your needs. Of the cheap floor lamp to the lamp design, we offer a very wide range of choice. To find the product which corresponds best to your taste and to your home, we invite you to browse all of our luminaires for interiors.

How to choose its lamp show?

Each object to its utility, its style and its place in our interior. Your furniture is installed, your general lighting is placed, but need an extra lighting or reading light lamp?
The floor lamp responds to your request, she brings a complementary light to the room and it creates a soft and relaxing atmosphere.
General lighting is provided by your chandelier or your recessed spots. The floor lamp provides night light softer and more appropriate.
You are sitting comfortably on your couch for you relax in bouquinant a paper book or flipping through a magazine. The lampe eReader is equipped with a swivel light bulb. It will be ideal to have a focused light to provide an optimal reading comfort.
Placed next to your couch, the floor lamp show will bring additional light to the room. This light will be restful and adapted to your evenings with family or friends.

How to set the adequate living room floor lamp so that it fits well with your interior ? 

Apart from the aesthetic choices, the first question that must be asked is where it will be placed and the place you have. Different questions will allow you to define its size and its first use.
A floor lamp placed near a sofa must provide a fill light, but placed near a dining table, it needs to strengthen existing lighting. The size or congestion of the luminaire is the second aspect we have to take into account. If you have a small room, we advise you to choose thin and slender. It must be discreet so that it fits more easily to existing furniture without adding space or it will be installed.
A luminaire with a large size to a presence in the room where it is installed. It will more easily find its place in a large space, but there is the exception that proves the rule.
Some meet several criteria and can have many uses. They will be large and can be placed in a large room in a small space. It is the biased arc floor lamp that consists of an arm shaped bow and a Lampshade biased bell shaped. It gives a mood lighting, but can also be positioned above a coffee table or a dining room as main lighting.
In both cases, the shape and the style will have a Visual impact in the space where it will be placed. Therefore, it is very important to clearly define the place where it will be placed for do not visually clutter space or hinder the passage in your room.
You have chosen the place where to put it, but do you have at your disposal an outlet?
It would be even more disturbing and dangerous to pass a cord across the room to power it.

It must coordinate perfectly to the room where it will be installed both at the level of its technical characteristics than its aesthetic peculiarities.
As it was developed above, this fixture is a major piece. It will dress up your room and accentuate the style of decoration you want to highlight.
It also has this feature, that did not go unnoticed in an Interior. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the faults of taste.
All these criteria will impact decisive for the choice of your fixture on foot.

The different styles :

The tripod floor lamp is a modern and slim luminaire which is based on three thin wooden feet. Wearing a Lampshade in fabric, he brings to the room a soft, warm light. It meets both aesthetic and practical research, because it has the particularity of being flexible. The legs can be folded and this floor lamp tripod wood can be easily moved according to your desires and your needs. Composed of natural materials like wood and textiles, this fixture to an aesthetic research that features so many Scandinavian lamppost.

For the Scandinavian lamp, should we talk about or modern lamp design light?
What is certain, is that the style is recognisable at first glance. The first characteristic of a Scandinavian lamp is this search for simple and functional design.
Composed of clean and sober lines, they are always made with a combination of both natural and noble materials. Wood is certainly the material that best represents its fixtures.
The magic of the Scandinavian style gives their fixtures a timeless look.
Actually, a lot of Scandinavian lamps which seem today modern are actually reissues of products which are sometimes more than 50!
For colors, we dare!
Of the water green to pink powder through the colors pastels combines perfectly with furniture made of light wood. It is also possible to play with touches of bright colors contrast. They will bring a touch of dynamism to your interior. Elegant, clean and warm, the Scandinavian style is not unparalleled to strengthen the side pampering and relaxing in your home.

In interior decoration, the trend turned to natural materials.
Wood reflects this trend and brings a side nature, charm and elegance to our interior. Noble and warm material, wood creates a perfect harmony. She brings a conviviality to modern interiors and gives a warm and authentic touch to the classic interiors.
The lamp post wood comes with a lot of style and different design. It is naturally that this material is put in the spotlight. Light and resistant, it allows to create all sorts of luminaries who will be thin and slender or flexible to be adapted to your needs.
It will be modern when discreet touches of wood come to marry with other materials such as lacquered aluminium or copper.
The lamp post wood is multifunctional when it is detachable and orientable.
Some factories are also real light sculptures. Scultra lamp whose body is composed of twisted branches gives a natural and poetic rendering. She will bring a touch of aesthetic in the room where it will be asked.
For a vintage, lamp cinema is the product need you. Composed of wooden legs with his projector in chromed metal, it will be the floor lamp tripod wood ideal for a decoration inspired by the industrial design.
The lamp made of wood is a piece of nature that comes in our interiors. It is timeless and dress perfectly in the living room, the bedroom or office.

The lamppost copper.
The coppery color dresses our interiors of natural reflections lamps that will give a chic and surprising presence. With a Matt or bright, this color also brings a warm shade that will give character to the luminaires.

Arc floor lamp was designed by the Castiglioni brothers in 1962 and became a design icon. Easily recognizable, the arch floor lamp consists of a foot in marble of Carrara where hand a metal arc or hangs a rotating hemisphere Lampshade
This ingenious system opened the way to many creators to imagine lights regions and deported. This light made the transition between the chandelier and lamp living room on foot.
Using his walk off center, it will be easy to position his Lampshade over a coffee table or a dining table and provide light.  The street lamp pole is available with styles and different finishes. The head of the lamp will be composed either of a Lampshade in fabric or half sphere-shaped reflector. His foot using counterweights may be shaped or round and flat foot vertical block to be slid easily under furniture. The arched rod that makes up the lamp can also be adjustable in distance. You will be able to choose the length of the offset to position its shade over your table. According to the different models, it is possible to have a discount ranging from one meter up to nearly two meters. 

We offer a selection of luminaries from the major European brands. Our goal is to offer you a wide and varied selection which is composed of modern and classic models with an unbeatable quality-price. We work daily to ensure products and a quality service to allow you to buy safely. Side light, make sure you make the right purchase on the internet.

If despite that you can't find on our site, feel free to contact us to tell us of your search. We will make every effort to help you in your quest and offer you a professional service.