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Which reading lamp to choose?

Floor lamp with reading light is one of many variations of lamp post. Overall, this light source provides soft lighting for the whole room, while its additional branch is oriented to provide a concentrated beam angle on a particular area, thus providing great reading comfort. Perfect for reading or working, the reading lamp is a must if you want to create a library corner in your living room or simply escape from your bed!

Why do we need good lighting to read?

If you dream of being able to read comfortably in your bed or in a soft chair, you must provide adequate lighting. No, not all types of light fixtures are designed to illuminate in the same way, to create the same effect. That's why manufacturers have designed the so-called reading lamp!

This light source is equipped with a modular branch, which projects the light directly onto your book or any other document. In this case, it is said that the free-standing reading light provides task lighting, focused on one point, unlike the traditional floor lamp, which illuminates the entire room.

Floor reading lamp living room

Why buy a floor reading lamp?

Here are many good reasons why street LED reading light is an indispensable light source:

- The free-standing reading lamp not only illuminates books, but also considerably reduces fatigue or dry eyes.

- In addition, the importance of lighting increases with age. Indeed, vision generally begins to deteriorate naturally with age.

- All this to say that the importance of good lighting for reading should not be underestimated. If you were thinking of using a simple table lamp, we can only advise you to reconsider your position on the subject!

Which bulb for a floor lamp?

We can never say it enough, LED is undoubtly the best option to equip the street reading light, much more than a halogen bulb! The effectiveness of this technology has never been denied until now ..:

- A lifespan that can be counted in years;

- An adaptable brilliance according to the chosen color temperature;

- Great versatility in its use

Discover our selection of floor standing LED reading lights and choose the one that will discreetly settle in your bedroom or living room to allow you to read!

Floor lamp reading room

What is the best reading light fixture?

Prepare your final purchase in our online store by answering these simple questions: How will you use your LED street light with reading light? Are you going to use it to read in your room? As a living room lamp, will it also equip the reading corner? Are you looking for a light source for your office? Please consider our suggestions:

Tripod Floor Lamp: A modern and slender light fixture rests on three legs. With a fabric lampshade, it diffuses light in the room in a soft and warm way, perfect for the living room, bedroom and dining room. Aesthetic and practical at the same time, it has the particularity of being modular. The legs can be folded and the lamp can be easily moved according to your desires or needs.

Scandinavian lamp: should we talk about design lamp or modern lamp? This style has the peculiarity of being recognizable at first glance. With a simple and functional design, it is appreciated for its simple and clean lines, always made with a combination of noble and natural materials.

Copper Floor Lamp: Copper color gives a chic and surprising presence. With a matte or glossy finish, this color also brings a warm hue that gives cachet to the lights.

The arc lamp: imagined by the Castiglioni brothers in 1962, this design has become iconic. Easily recognizable, the arched lamp can be composed of a carrara marble base from which a metal arch or an adjustable half-sphere shade is suspended. The head of the lamp is composed of either a fabric shade or a reflector in the shape of a hemisphere. Its foot is used as counterweight perhaps in the form of vertical block or round and flat foot to be slipped easily under a piece of furniture. The arched rod that composes the lamp can also be adjustable in distance. You will be able to choose the length of the offset to position its lampshade above your table. According to the different models, it is possible to have an offset from one meter to almost two meters.

Our professional advice

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