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Showing 1 - 60 of 261 items

Table lamps

A decorative element par excellence, the table lamp allows many possibilities. Whether you are looking for a floor lamp, a bedside lamp or a table lamp, we have what you need. We certainly have the model of your dreams, whether it is small, in metal, aluminium, oak, ceramic or cotton. The lamp base can be of a more or less designer style, a more or less round shape or a more classic type. Some table lamps allow you to create unique atmospheres in your interior by changing colour or offering a soft light

By working with the biggest brands of lighting fixtures, we are able to offer you both very high-end lighting as well as more affordable pieces. There are many styles to choose from, allowing you to match these easy to move lamps to your rooms. From children's nightlights to designer lamps, we have a wide range of lighting fixtures to choose from.