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LED lighting - Lamp economic, design and practical


Man has always a sustainable relationship with light and its first use dates back to prehistoric times.
The oldest traces of scientific research on the light are China and the ancient Greece.

Since then, the man has ceased to experiment this science, We used various forms of artificial light that have profoundly influenced our life and work systems, we have learned to use the light in many technologies such as photography, film and television...

In 1879, Joseph Swann filed a patent on a system of carbon filament light bulb in a globe in a vacuum, but it is the inventor Thomas Edison who three years later filed a patent of electric incandescent bulb in carbon with a life 1000 hours. The first light bulb was born and it was the end of lighting the gas or oil that fragrant was often dangerous.
This is in 1962 Nick Holonyak Jr consultant at General Electric on the basis of the work of Oles Lösev has developed light-emitting diode and a few years later the first LED light bulb was born.
The LED bulb is optoelectronics to emit light when an electric current passes through an electronic component called diode.

For a decade, LED technology has become one of the first light sources used in our homes.

A small revolution for this new innovation in the world of lighting, because LED offer technology advantage to disseminate a more powerful light and life of an LED bulb lasts 50,000 hours against 2,000 hours for halogen and 8,000 lamps h for compact fluorescent lamps.
It is also important to note that the lighting in our homes is a major consumer of electricity, this consumption is just behind our home appliances such as the refrigerator or the freezer.

In France, lighting accounts for nearly 15% of our annual electric bill and simply replace your old incandescent light bulbs with a power of 60 watts by an LED with a power of 7 watt bulb will allow you to save up to €10 per year per bulb. We can conclude that the lighting LED in your home can reduce up to 85% of your power consumption of luminaires.
As explained above, LED bulbs derive their pins of the game, they do not have gas or particles and also don't contain mercury, unlike the bulbs which are harmful to humans and the environment.

What is a LED luminaire integrated ?

The LED light is a lamp whose bulb or LED module composed of one or several LEDs appliances is integrated into the lamp.
This fixture is still powered by a stabilized transformer (driver) that powers the LED current constant.
This stabilized transformer allows you to power the LED current constant 350 my 700 or my or 1000 mA same see 1500 my.
In some fixtures of qualities, the LED can be replaceable, in this case we will talk about LED retrofit. Unlike conventional fixtures consisting of a structure and one or more interchangeable bulbs, the LED lamp is not composed of a socket, because it is a LED module or diode LED which is directly integrated into the lamp. Very small size, this module allows for much finer lamps and so much less bulky. This gained space saving, the LED lamp can take various forms and surprising light effects. Composed of an integrated LED bulb fixtures have a higher light output and a life expectancy greater than fixtures made of replaceable bulb.

What to do if my LED light no longer works ?

Don't worry, the problem you are having is not the bulb itself, but the electric component that feeds the LED module. Actually, unlike fixtures composed of bulbs, the built-in LED light is powered by a component electrical connecting wires into and out of the luminaire. To remedy this problem, just to change it by taking care to respect the technical information from this component, that is, the output power in Watts that can support this component and the my needed to supply the LED module of your fixture.

What temperature of color to choose for my LED lighting ?

The LED bulb temperature is expressed in degrees Kelvin and it will give your light a color warmer or colder. A lower color temperature will give a warmer light and a higher color temperature will give a cooler light. Here are some explanations to help you choose the light that best suits your room and the utility that you want to do.

The light of the day :

A warm white light will give your home a warm, it's the color that we recommend for the general lighting in your home.
A LED light that diffuses a white light is a lamp which the LED bulb emits a close brightness of the light of the day, that is to say, the light that is nearest the light we will have around noon.
This frank and clear color temperature facilitates concentration, it will be mainly used in a bathroom, an office or a workspace.
She will boost your concentration and can replace the lack of light in winter.
A neutral white LED bulb at a temperature ranging from 3000 to 4000 ° K. 

The warm light :

With warm white lighting, you can create a comfortable atmosphere in your living room. This color temperature will have made a more yellow and it will be perfect to give your living room an intimate, quiet and relaxing atmosphere. A bulb warm white LED at a temperature ranging from 2200 to 2700 ° K.

The cold white called temperature

This color temperature will be generally used for an outdoor LED light and will be placed to a place of passage.
However this color temperature is often considered to be too frank and somewhat aggressive. A LED bulb white cold at a temperature ranging from 4000 ° K to 6500 ° K.

How to choose its LED light

Side light you will find a wide range of LED lamps, we kept all our LED lamps in different categories.

Wall lights LED:

In addition to the main lighting, the LED wall light is a light fixture that will position themselves on a wall will shed additional light to your space. Small and compact, it is possible to install a wall lights almost rooms in the House.
In the world of the bathroom fixture, lighting plays a very important role. Placed in addition to a ceiling light LED, the LED wall placed above a mirror will bring a frank and clear light that will be highly appreciated for applying makeup or shaving.
Placed in a living room, a design wall will participate in the mood of the room lighting. Minimalist in size, applies it LED to generally less clutter than a wall light with bulb and can have various forms and light effects. To bring your hallway a little heat and avoid overwhelming light and flat lighting giving with spotlights overhead light, the wall will dress up your walls. Much more than a lamp, it is possible to have a wall wall coat rack or a wall with a shelf to put your keys.

Suspension and chandelier LED 

Light to the Interior with a modern and economic design.
As the Dome light LED, LED suspension is a ceiling lamp, it is not directly placed against the ceiling, but she is suspended. A lamp suspended from the advantage to be able to be set on its suspension height, it will be possible to bring down your luminaire suspension to the height that will look you the most indicated for light rendering and visual appearance wanted.
Suspension lamp is a lamp that can be placed almost in all parts of the House, provided you have enough space in width of room and ceiling height.
The suspension LED is a lamp in which the light source is included, this LED bulb (module) takes almost no place in the lamp. This gained space saving allows for more air luminaires with various forms ranging from the modern chandelier to the design style, of the baroque chandelier revisited industrial suspension copper.
Compared to a chandelier or a classic suspension powered by various light bulbs, the suspension and chandelier LED contain only a single integrated LED light bulb. This LED bulb to the advantage of being much more economical, because it consumes much less energy with a most important light rendering.
Battery life is also very significant, a chandelier composed of an LED bulb LED is expected to last between 35,000 hours up to 50,000 hours is almost 10 times longer than a halogen bulb chandelier equipped.
Suspension luminaire is available in all forms, all types of colours and sizes which allows for a wide range of chandelier. Side light offers a collection of products from the design chandelier for your living room to the kitchen suspension and the modern chandelier to industrial suspension.

LED lamp:

Called nomadic, because it can be easily moved, the table lamp may have many different utilities. Used as extra lighting in a living room, this fixture fits on a buffet as deco lamp, on a low as lamp living room to ask or simply positioned table next to the television as extra lighting.
The bedside lamp comes in all forms and in all styles, Philips offers us a lamp ball that changes color. This lamp LED Multicolor will be ideal to liven up your evenings with friends. Positioned next to bed, the bedside lamp will be useful to illuminate your space to rest gently.

LED eReader:

On your couch, a book in hand, your new floor lamp equipped with a reading lamp will be ideal for a moment of peace and relaxation. You want to relax for a moment and get to sleep while bouquinant, the wall mounted switch is the best suited to your need lamp. Equipped with a LED reading light. This lamp will bring you the amount of enough light to read.

LED ceiling light:

What a chandelier or a suspension, ceiling light is a main lighting in a room, it will broadcast a powerful and homogeneous light.
Discreet and compact, this fixture with the characteristic to be directly fixed ceiling. In some cases, this lamp can also be embedded at even this ceiling, to make, that your ceiling is composed of a subceiling to place this fixture. We talk to ceiling slab LED or simply slab LED. Like all modern lighting, ceiling light is no exception when it comes to LED. As explained above, the LED ceiling light is a light fixture that has the function to disseminate an amount of useful light in your living room, it will be even more sought to have an economic device. LED technology meets this demand as fuel-efficient, this light source brings a powerful luminous flux, but that can always be set using a remote control or a wall dimmer to adjust the intensity of the lighting to your need. This fixture can be placed in every room of the House, on light side we have a complete collection of the design ceiling light for the living room to the kitchen ceiling. It is even possible to find a cheap ceiling light!

LED spot :

The built-in LED spot can be categorized into two families.
The first family is the simple built-in spotlight composed of a base or a ring or just place a type GU10 LED bulb that works with 220 volts. It is also possible to place a bulb LED GU5, 3 to have a spot in low voltage.
The first light bulb will connect directly to your electric circuit, the second bulb in low voltage will be connected to a converter. In this type of spot, the bulb is always independent of the luminaire.
The second family is the LED spot built-in. It is composed of the structure of the spot, the LED module and its electronic converter or Driver.
There is no visual difference between the first spot or the second system, if however installation you only have little room in depth of imbedding it will be best to direct your choice to a flat extra LED spot.

LED strips:

One strip LED is a flexible and self-adhesive strip or are asked in the small LEDs.
Compact, this fixture can easily find its place, placed above or below a furnished kitchen, under a TV stand, as an extra in a staircase light...
This type of light can have different temperatures ranging from warm white to cold white color, it is also possible to find a RGB LED Ribbon. According to the room where you want to place your Ribbon LED, it is possible to find luminaires with different indices of protection.
Each Ribbon must be powered running uninterrupted by a converter.


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