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Our selection SPOT to illuminate and highlight your home

Looking for technical and functional lighting?

The indoor spot is the indoor luminaire the most adapted to meet your research and your expectations. Declined for different uses, it is adapted to all supports and can be composed of several light sources. To facilitate your research on Côté Lumière, we have categorized the spotlights into several families, in order to offer you a wide choice of lamps adapted to your research centers.

Recessed spotlight :

This lamp offers a functional and discreet lighting, classified as ceiling lighting, it is both a technical and discreet lamp. Increasingly used as accent lighting or as complementary lighting in new construction or in renovations, the recessed spotlight is becoming more and more popular. They are small in size and design, taking up little space. Recommended for all interiors and rooms, it fits perfectly and discreetly into your interior and provides targeted and spatially distributed lighting.
It can be adapted to all styles and all interiors, available in all shapes, round squares and in all colours, from black to white, it is also possible to find it in copper colours.
It will therefore be perfectly possible to match it to your colours and the style you are looking for for your interior. This luminaire offers an unbeatable price-quality ratio, often much cheaper than any other interior lighting, it is an excellent way to provide targeted light and will complement your decorative lighting.
The spotlight can be fixed or adjustable, even anti-glare, it will be possible to use it for all uses, from table lighting to spot lighting above a specific location. Finally, it is possible to have it in 220 volts for all the rooms of the house or in low voltage 12 volts for all the humid rooms like a bathroom.
To be placed in a shower, it will be advisable to use a low voltage lamp with a protection class IP 44.

The ceiling spot:

It offers the same advantages as the recessed lamp, this luminaire is mainly used in rooms where it will not be possible to recess it either due to lack of space in the false ceiling or simply by decorative choice. Having become smaller and smaller, the ceiling spot is today highly sought after for its aesthetic aspect, this small size light can bring to your room a punctuation on your ceiling and create by this game, a rhythm as much decorative as luminous.
Declined in several forms, it will be possible for you to choose it round or square and can be also in certain cases to be orientable. As the bulb is not recessed, it will be easier to position it in the desired direction, you will be able to direct its luminous flux towards a painting or a precise place and bring the desired amount of light. By definition, the spot is a lamp that gives a targeted light, when it is composed of several bulbs, this lamp can be positioned in place of a ceiling light or chandelier, which will allow you to illuminate with a single light several specific places in the room.
The current trend is to dare, it is possible to find bronze or gold aged colors. Do you want to modernise your interior? On a white ceiling, the black ceiling spotlight placed in an odd series will bring rhythm to your ceiling and accentuate the decoration of your room.
For more classic interiors, white will blend with the colour of the ceiling. This will create the illusion of a barely visible lamp when it is off and performing when it is on.

The wall spotlight :

Unlike a decorative wall light, the wall spot is a lamp whose function is to provide targeted and positioned light.
It can have several uses, ranging from providing additional light to a place or object that you want to highlight or be used as a complementary light source and become a reading light. Placed near a sofa or at the edge of a bed, it will be orientable and can be easily directed to the precise place where you need light.
Some lamps are equipped with a switch to facilitate its use. On Côté Lumière you will find all kinds of lamps and colours in all styles. Be sure to find the right light for your purpose, your taste and the best price on the market.

The ramp made up of lamps:

You have a central electrical point in your room, but you want to position several lamps on this ceiling to light up different places in your room in a targeted way?
With a spotlight ramp, you will be able to choose the length of rail that suits you and the number of spotlights you need from this central electrical point.
The spot on rail is a luminaire that adapts to your interior and your needs. You have the choice of the useful length and the shape that this track must have. It is also possible to equip it with the number of lamps you need to customize this luminaire to your room. The track can be placed directly on the ceiling or suspended from ropes for rooms with high ceilings. You don't want to tear your hair out with this track? Côté Lumière already offers you a kit ready-made and at the best NET price. What more can you ask for ?

The clip spot:

Nomadic, this small size light is easily transportable, it is equipped with a clamp that allows you to easily position it on all supports and bring light where you need it. The spotlight can be composed of a flexible arm or gooseneck to direct its light to darker places. It is equipped with an electric cord and a switch to control it. The clip spot will be ideal to be positioned near a bed or on a shelf, it can also be placed near a worktop as a desk lamp or on a workbench as an accent lamp. Composed of a small LED bulb, it will have a slim and slender look and will take its place wherever you need it.

Our site offers a wide range of quality lighting fixtures for the whole house, from simple recessed ceiling spotlights to track mounted spotlights and recessed luminaires. It is possible to find the luminaire that meets your needs and tastes with an unbeatable price/performance ratio. At Côté Lumière you are sure to buy safely and at the best prices on the internet. If you have any advice, do not hesitate to contact us, we will do our utmost to help you find the light fixture of your dreams and propose one or more offers adapted to your search.