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Showing 1 - 60 of 809 items


Looking for technical and functional lighting?

The spot of inside is the Indoor lighting the most suitable to meet your research and your expectations. Declined for different utilities, it is suitable for all media and can be composed of several light sources. To facilitate your search on side light, we categorized the spots in several families, in order to offer you a wide choice of lamps tailored to your research centers.

Recessed spotlight:

This lamp provides functional lighting and discreet, classy in ceiling lighting, it is both a technical and discreet lamp. Increasingly used as extra or lighting as lighting in new construction or renovations, the recessed spotlight is becoming more and more popular. They are small in size and design, space saving, because they take no space. Recommended for all interiors and rooms, it fits perfectly and discreetly to your home and sheds light targeted and distributed in space.
It can adapt to all styles and all interiors, declined in all forms, round square and in all colors, from black to white, it is also possible for the found in copper color.
It will be so is quite possible to match it to your colors and the style wanted for your home. This fixture offers a value for money unbeatable, often much cheaper than any other indoor lighting, it is a great way to bring a focused light and will complement your decorative lighting.
The spot can be fixed or adjustable, see even anti-glare, it will be possible to use it for all uses, of lights at extra over a specific location lighting. Finally, it is possible to have 220 volts for every room of the House or in low voltage of 12 volts for all wet rooms such as a bathroom.
Place in a shower, will be advised to use a lamp low voltage with an index of protection IP 44.

The ceiling spot:

It offers the same benefits as the built-in lamp, this lamp is mainly used in parts or it will be not possible to flush is lack of space in the ceiling or simply decorative choice. Become more and more small, the ceiling spot today is very sought for its aesthetic appearance, this fixture of small size can bring to your room a punctuation on your ceiling and create by this game, as bright as decorative pace.
Available in several forms, it will be possible to choose round or square and can be also in some cases be steerable. The bulb is not built-in may be more easily be positioned in the desired direction, it will be possible to direct its light output to a table or a specific place and bring the amount of light you want. By definition, the spot is a lamp that gives a light targeted, when it is composed of several light bulbs, this lamp can be placed instead of a ceiling or a chandelier, which will allow you to light several places with one luminaire precise in the room.
The current trend is to dare, it is possible to find bronze or gold aged colors. You want to modernize your home? On a white ceiling, the ceiling black and placed in odd series spot will bring rhythm to your ceiling and accentuate your room decoration.
For more traditional interiors, white will melt away on the color of the ceiling. This will create the illusion of a barely visible light when it is turned off and performing when turned on.

wall spotlight :

In contrast to a decorative wall, the wall spotlight is a lamp that has the function to bring a light targeted and positioned.
It can have many uses ranging from extra light to a place or object you want to highlight or be used as a supplementary light source and become a reader. Placed near a couch or the first of a bed, it will be adjustable and can be easily directed to the specific location where you need light.
Some lamps are equipped with a switch for ease of use. Side light you'll find all kinds of lamps and all colors in all styles. Make sure the light fixture that will respond to your utility and your taste at the best price of the market.

Track lighting :

You have a central electric point in your room, but you want to place several lamps on the ceiling to illuminate in a targeted way different places in your room?
With a ramp to spot, it will be possible from this power supply central to choose the length of the rail that suits you and the number of spots you need.
The track lighting is a light fixture that fits your home and your need. You have the choice of the length and form this rail must have. It is also possible to equip it for the number of lights you need to customize this fixture to your room. The rail can be placed directly on the ceiling or be suspended from ropes for pieces composed a high ceiling. You are not tearing your hair by dialing this rail? Side light offers already a kit already quite and at the best price on the NET. What more?

Clamp spot :

Nomad, this small size luminaire is easily transportable, it is equipped with a fixing clamp that allows you to easily position it on all media and bring the light here or you need. The spot can be composed of a flexible arm or Swan neck to guide its light to the darkest place. It is equipped with an electric cord and a switch to order. The clamp spot will be perfect to be placed next to a bed or on a shelf, it can also be placed near a work plan as lamp office or on a Workbench like accent lamp. Consisting of a small LED bulb, it will have a thin and slender look and take its place everywhere where you need.

Our site offers a wide range of luminaires than qualities for any home, from the simple built-in spotlight for ceiling spots on rails through the recessed luminaires. It is possible to find the luminaire that meets your needs and your tastes with a report quality-unbeatable price. On side light you will be sure of buying safe and with the best prices on the internet. You have a Board, do not hesitate to contact us, we will make every effort to help you find the lamp of your dreams and propose you one or more offers tailored to your research.