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Light spot and Wall spotlight to illuminate your office, living room, kitchen... Ideal for your home.

Discover the vast catalog of Downlight that side light puts at your disposal. All the models that we offer have been the subject of a rigorous selection and have the most important brands of lights in Europe for origins. We therefore recommend the luminaire that meets actually your expectations, whether you need a Wall spotlight to get indirect light for your living room, creating a great atmosphere on one of the walls of your stay or simply to brighten the Hall of your House.

It should be noted that this type of lighting is particularly effective to light homes. As these wall lamps are guided most of the time, they offer a target all lighting by being very simple to install. We invite you to be seduced by one of our models that combine efficiency with elegance and simplicity.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have trouble choosing your wall spot among the items available in our online store. Our advisors will be happy to assist you in the search of the fixture that fits your taste and the price fits your budget.

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The general atmosphere indoors depends largely on the type of lamp used in this. The choice is very wide in this area, between the Wall spotlight, the lamp carefully placed in a corner of the room, the retro lighted mirror, the chain of lights LED, apply it with a deliciously retro look, etc. Even if your room or your stay looks austere, cold or even a little old-fashioned, with good ambient lighting, you can radically change the atmosphere prevailing in the room. Accordingly, this type of luminaire plays a vital role insofar as it allows to create the atmosphere you want in the room while holding a decorative function of foreground.

Unique design and harmonious décor with Wall spotlight

The wall spot is important among the lighting of atmosphere. Indeed, this type of fixture is distinguished by the customizable solutions and opportunities of staging of specific scenery it offers. It should be noted that these lights are the best when it comes to generate a warm and luminous orgy in the room. And compared with conventional lighting systems, they offer a longer life span while optimizing their flexibility of installation. Moreover, their maintenance costs almost nothing while they are very effective.    

It should be noted that most of the time, the wall spot and the spot applied essentially serve to increase the brightness offered by an already existing lighting scheme. It is true that these lighting are at the top of the trends currently answering the same brightness needs the most advanced. Moreover, they are very decorative while being quite practical to use. They adapt easily to the interior decoration of the room, bringing even a small more insofar as it brings value to the style of the House. But for this, it must choose the bulb which will offer light.

The different types of Wall spotlight

It should be noted the Wall spotlight comes in several categories that meet each specific requirements. On the one hand, we have the simple model which can be installed in any room of the House and which is essentially intended to provide fill light. According to individual needs, you can choose between adjustable models or not. Other hand, there are the models on rail that comes in different forms in order to harmonize with happiness with the décor of the room. In this case, they will take the appearance of a ruler since the supply wires going through the vertical or horizontal rails. Which has the effect of hiding them from the view of people who are in the room while significantly improving the aesthetics of the whole.  

However, specialists are unanimous to classify the Wall spotlight into two great classes, namely adjustable models and their built-in counterparts.

Adjustable models

They do not shine by their beauty, because they often have a sleek design. Rather they are sought after for their efficiency since you can point them accurately to an object, a location or a piece of furniture in a room in order to highlight this one more. This is why can be installed anywhere in the House. It should be noted that this type of luminaire remained almost the same over the years. Indeed, it was created for a long time. This light is generally consists of a diffuser which is mostly the adjustable time and a deck that is often made of metal. It is the broadcaster who hosts the bulb whose power depends on the needs of each piece and, of course, everyone's tastes.

Built-in models

It comes to light which aired not long ago. As their name suggests, it fits directly into the wall of the room. In some cases, it is found even in the risers of the stairs or in the ground, at the bottom of the walls. It is this discretion which was the success of this very original Wall spotlight and unique decorative charm. It should be noted that there are wall lights which consist of a number of lamps together in a same ruler. Then simply direct each one to a direction different to illuminate various places or furniture from a same luminaire.

How to use a such light?

These lights offer a more targeted and therefore precision lighting. This is why they are most of the time used to highlight an object hung on the wall or sometimes the wall itself. This very decorative side explains the success encountered by this type of lamp to the public. But as for any electrical installation, there are standards that must be respected scrupulously in order to remove any accident and to avoid any risk of electric shock.


The regulation on the protection of lighting systems is also valid for the Wall spotlight. So, if you install this kind of lamp in a wet room as a room of bath or outside the House, he should have a protection factor of between IP44 and IP67 depending on the model you choose. This will mean that your light will work on very low voltage (TBT).

Therefore, you will need to set up a transformer 230 V /12V prior to your installation, and this before connecting your fixture to the power supply to your home. However, it should be noted that there are models that already incorporate the transformer. This is particularly the case of some LEDs. In addition, you must calculate the power of the lamp you use depending on the area you want to enlighten and the degree of brightness you want. However, you should always take care to avoid overexposure.

Adapted for this specific Wall lamp bulbs

Most of the time, you buy a light fixture which is already equipped with a light bulb. But this does not mean that you cannot change bulb if you want to add a personal touch to your lighting. Indeed, a large number of models of Wall spotlight sold commercially today are equipped with incandescent light bulbs. However, new technologies allow you to enjoy a brightness increased thanks to LED bulbs. Besides, they have a life span longer than their incandescent counterparts while allowing you to reduce your electric bill up to 90%. Of course, the choice of the color temperature essentially depends on the effect you're looking for.

It should be noted that there are three types of light energy that you can use for your wall light, outside the traditional incandescent light bulb. So you have the halogen lamp which has a power of 12 V and which can be associated with a dimmer to change the brightness of the room as you wish. This way, you can optimize the lighting depending on whether you want to see a film on television, make dinner romantic candlelight or even read a good thriller. It should be noted that this type of luminaire requires you to install upstream a small transformer. You must install this last in a well sheltered spot. Moreover, it gives off a little heat, which is a drawback of size.

Then we have the spot wall energy that allows to realize significant savings because 80% of the energy will be transformed into light. However, as it takes place some time before it reaches the threshold of maximum illumination, it is suitable only for parts that must be informed for a while. Therefore, this type of luminaire is not suitable for corridors, toilets and places of simple passage. Finally, you can choose the LED luminaire which is very popular because of its duration of use who reached 30 years. Moreover, it allows to consume up to 90% less energy compared to incandescent lamps while providing excellent lighting. In addition, it should be for every room of the House. The only flaw that can be found in the LED Wall lamp is sometimes too raw judged light it delivers and which may bother people who are not used.

A wide selection of wall spotlights for lighting at the request

These days, the spots are the star as soon as we talk about lighting inside the House, including the living rooms. Besides just adjust the brightness depending on your needs to take full advantage of the benefits they provide. Although it is initially planned to highlight an object, a showcase or a piece of furniture, the spot wall can also a relaxing atmosphere in a room. Simply choose the bulb which gives ideals (IRC) colour rendering index and color temperature. With respect to the first, it must always be greater than 90. As for the second, it is expressed in Kelvins. We're talking warm color if your bulb has a temperature between 2 700 and 4 000 Kelvins. On the other hand, the color is cold if this temperature exceeds the 4 000 Kelvins. If the warm colors are more conducive for relaxation, cool colors are recommended in the places where you perform tasks that require concentration. 

On the other hand, manufacturers compete imagination in order to propose the Wall spotlight who will seduce you and that fits happily decorating your room. There are a multitude of forms for this fixture who stars in many homes. In cube, square, oval, ball, semicircular tube, rectangular, round, globe, sphere, cylinder or other forms, you will certainly find the fixture that suits your tastes. And the latter will harmonize perfectly with your home décor, whether modern, design, industrial, Scandinavian, retro, classic, rustic, antique, Asian or African. Indeed, the Wall lamp of today comes in different subjects as pleasant to look at tap. These include brass, aluminum, glass, wood, plastic, iron, textiles, or even concrete as well as other metals.

Regarding the colors available for this type of luminaire, you have a very wide choice. If copper and chromium dominate usually you can think outside the box by opting for other colours, depending on your taste. Since the black until the brass through the Brown, grey, silver, anthracite, white, wood, bronze, nickel, black or transparent, you can give free rein to your imagination and find the Wall spotlight that makes your heart beat in the many offer that exists. However, it choose the nerve that adapts to the bulb you choose. In fact, some spots already built one or more LED, if not always the case. Similarly, you should check the index of protection (IP) of your light so that your facility always comply with the safety standards in force, including the standard NF C 15-100, which applies to all lighting systems, including the spots and the sconces.

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