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Showing 1 - 60 of 226 items

Bathroom lighting: to light this room of the house well

Bathroom lighting is a subject in its own right. When it comes to this room of the house, brightness becomes an essential aspect, just like the brightness of your living room, dining room, kitchen, etc.. Our online store offers you to choose from several hundred products, including wall lights, ceiling lights, spotlights, light mirrors and recessed spotlights to vary the light sources. Choose the right light fixtures and transform your bathroom into a place where it is nice to spend time in the morning, when you wake up or in the evening, before going to bed.

The three types of bathroom lighting

As with all other rooms in the house, the bathroom lighting is divided into three main areas:

- The general lighting, which should preferably be installed on the ceiling and should provide a minimum intensity of 300 lux, i.e. a minimum of 500 lm/m²;

- Functional lighting, which will illuminate a specific area and deliver 500 lux, or a minimum of 500 lm/m² ;

- Atmospheric lighting, which will be added to the general and functional lighting

Which bathroom fixture for general lighting?

We advise you to fix your bathroom light to the ceiling, the objectives being multiple :

- Light up the room at any time of the day, including in the evening, while setting the overall tone ;

- Delete dark areas ;

- Benefit from a soft luminosity, which does not dazzle ;

- Create a relaxing atmosphere in the room

Your bathroom fixture for general lighting in our store

Discover our "bathroom ceiling light" category. To balance general lighting, visit the "bathroom spotlight" section or type "shower lighting" in our search engine to equip the top of the shower. In this regard, we generally recommend installing a recessed spotlight, if the electrical installation allows it. Last advice, you can opt for a neon bathroom.

Bathroom luminaire for general lighting

Which bathroom fixture for functional lighting?

In the bathroom, functional lighting is used to optimize gestures that require precision: shaving, washing, make-up. Thus, if it is in the form of wall lights, it is generally fixed on either side of the mirror, above the sink.

In the case of functional lighting, we advise you :

- To choose a bulb that diffuses a light that is close to daylight (> 6500 K)

- To study the site to determine the ideal location to fix it;

- Even if in most cases, the base of the bulb is indicated on the product sheet, do not hesitate to ask for professional help to choose the right bulb.

Your bathroom luminaire for functional lighting in our store

Simply search for "bathroom ruler" on the search engine of our online store or click on the category "bathroom wall lamp", a little higher!

Don't miss out on accessories such as the light mirror, which is worth the detour if you're in the mood for a designer bathroom fixture!

Which bathroom fixture for mood lighting?

Often considered optional in this room, mood lighting is nevertheless capable of creating a special atmosphere, conducive to relaxation and relaxation. Here, we will play with the appropriate light intensity, color and warmth.

Your bathroom luminaire for mood lighting in our store

For this room, find our selection " Bathroom spotlight ", if you have a false ceiling. Feel like being fancy? Think about LED bathroom lighting like the white or colored LED ribbon.

Our professional advice

Your heart is swinging for a bathroom hanging? Avoid fabric or paper models, which are difficult to maintain and too fragile for such a humid room.

Bathroom lighting and safety standards

The bathroom fixture is subject to strict safety standards.

The bathroom is a naturally humid place, so you will have to make sure that you scrupulously respect safety standards, because the physical integrity of the room's users is at stake.

How to install bathroom lighting?

As mentioned above, the bathroom requires a special electrical installation and specific lighting fixtures. All of them must comply with current safety standards, belong to the right class and have the right IP protection rating.

The importance of complying with safety standards and the Index of Protection (IP)

Your bathroom fixtures must be carefully selected according to the area where they will be fixed in the room. They are governed by the NF C 15-100 standard.

Thus, the bathroom is divided into four distinct zones, classified from 0 to 3 :

The zone 0: it houses the shower or bathtub, therefore likely to be submerged. Choose a bathroom lamp with IP67 / IP68 protection rating.

Zone 1: it is located around the shower or bathtub without being in direct contact with these facilities. Choose a luminaire that is waterproof, but does not need to be resistant to submersion, therefore IP65.

Zone 2: this zone can be subject to splashes, so you will install an IP44 lighting and located 60 cm from any water point.

Zone 3: this zone is far from water points, at about 2.25 meters. Whether it is a recessed spotlight or a ceiling light, it will be IP20 and/or low voltage (12V).

The bathroom is divided into four distinct areas

As a simple example to illustrate our point, an IP44 luminaire is :

- Protected against solid bodies larger than 1 millimeter.

- Protected against small splashes of water from all directions.

The class

The electrical appliances that can be used in the bathroom are also divided into three classes:

- Class 1 : has a simple insulation and requires obligatory earthing ;

- Class 2: is characterized by double insulation and does not require grounding ;

- Class 3: does not require grounding and can operate at very low voltage, i.e. less than 50 V.

Zoom on the different bathroom lighting fixtures

Most of the time, you start and end your day in your bathroom. It is therefore essential to create bathroom lighting that promotes a gentle awakening and later, relaxation. Whether this room has a window or not, we recommend that you first of all choose white lights (3000-4000 K) for comfortable, glare-free use. Think about LED bathroom lighting, which comes in different color temperatures.

In the meantime, here are the options that Côté Lumière offers you on its online store :

Bathroom spotlights

The bathroom spotlight is a real passe partout: above a piece of furniture, in the walls or in the ceiling and false ceiling. When it is directional and colored, it allows you to play with the atmosphere. Square or round, directional or fixed, recessed or surface mounted, installed in the bathroom, this luminaire operates at very low voltage (mostly 220 V, but also 12 V). It is available in various colors and materials, including metal, brushed steel, chrome, aluminum, etc...

Today it is mainly available in LEDs, which makes it energy efficient while providing powerful lighting. When choosing this type of bathroom lighting, please make sure that it complies with the current safety standard.

Bathroom sconce

Installed on either side of your bathroom mirror, the wall light will provide indirect lighting while taking care not to dazzle you. Manufacturers offer to harmonize your bathroom wall light with the general decoration of the room. There are many adjustable models, bulb or LED.

The bathroom mirror

The light mirror can quickly become an essential element in your bathroom. In addition to providing light, it will allow you to wash yourself optimally while decorating the room. By the way, did you know that by choosing the right color temperature (warm white ~2700 K), your LED will diffuse a light that makes you look good?

The bathroom ceiling light

As its name suggests, this ceiling light is attached to the bathroom ceiling to serve as the main lighting in the room. If there is no opening, combine your ceiling light with strips, spotlights, wall lights, etc.

The bathroom ceiling light should bring enough light into the room without being too intense. To avoid being dazzled, combine it with a dimmer switch. It should be noted that this type of luminaire is generally class 1 since it requires a grounding conductor and has a metal base. It is therefore necessary to carefully choose the place where to install it in order to guarantee maximum safety.

The bathroom recessed spotlight

The bathroom recessed led spotlight is available in IP65 waterproof version! In addition to its undeniable aesthetics, its great discretion, it can be installed in series and easily adapts to any type of decoration, while literally blending into the space. By choosing it as a bathroom luminaire, it will be used for mood lighting while providing targeted and diffused light.