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Bathroom lights

Lighting is paramount for this piece, certainly more than for any other space of the House. There is a wide choice regarding fixtures for the bathroom. This includes LED spotlight that will be built-in spot, apply wall bathroom, the ceiling lamp or lamps as the bathroom mirror lighting. In this regard, we will opt for lights that broadcast a light cold white type when you get ready in the morning. And in order to enjoy a relaxed and warm atmosphere during a bath or during a time pampering, you can choose fixtures that broadcast a warm white.

Besides, do you know that you can indulge in LED lighting? This option has a number of advantages. First, it allows you to save on your electricity bill while displaying a design often thinner and more design. Moreover, the LED light has a fairly high life. On the other hand, there to peculiarity of withstand splash water and moisture, if it is according to the IP44 standard at least. Some models can even be installed safely not far from water points, provided that the presence of a good ventilation in the room. We invite you to discover our various models of lamps intended for parts of water and in various metals as metal, nickel, steel, etc. Do not hesitate to contact us in case of doubt. It is with a great pleasure we will answer you as soon as possible. Given the advances in technology, the world of the bathroom fixture is also changing. In order to offer you a light both functional and decorative, and however meets the safety standards in force.

The three types of bathroom lighting

No need to be an electrician or an interior designer to know that there are 3 types of lighting for your bathroom, as is the case for all other rooms in the House. It's the general lighting, mood lighting and task lighting. It should be noted that each lighting type has its own strengths and its usefulness. Because to bring you comfort, it is important to be able to vary the intensity of the lighting in the bathroom through a wall, a ceiling, a slider or a spot recessed bathroom.

General lighting

Most of the time attached to the ceiling, general lighting allows to illuminate the room at any time, be it morning, afternoon or evening, and the tone of the piece. It should be noted that the average size of a bathroom in France revolves around 4 to 5 m². This lighting so objective is to prevent the existence of dark corners and illuminate the entire room. However, choose it bit aggressive and soft to avoid dazzle you when you prepare in the morning. To create a relaxing atmosphere in the room, do not hesitate to multiply the points of light in the room to adjust the amount of light and create the desired brightness.

The solutions advocated by experts in terms of general lighting are installing a bathroom ceiling light, whereby it is possible to associate a spot bath to the location of the shower and protruding into the false ceiling. In order to change the light intensity according to the desired atmosphere, it is advisable to adopt a dimmer or various solutions can be controlled directly by remote control.

Functional lighting

In this room, functional lighting is usually positioned near the bathroom above the sink and mirror. It is intended to offer you comfort and allow you to prepare in the morning or in the evening. This is why it is advisable to choose lamps that light that approximates as possible in the light of the day. And this, to allow you to shave, you make up comfortably. Therefore, it is important to choose the right location and the right power in order to achieve the desired effect, i.e. well light up your face.

Most of the time, experts recommend a bright mirror or a wall mirror bathroom placed above the sink. It is also possible to have a small adjustable built-in spotlight placed on furniture.

These fixtures must offer a power of 500 lux minimum, or a minimum of 300 lm/m², in order to provide a precise and direct light, but which is not aggressive. The use of the spot mirror bathroom, wall, or strips etc. are often options that complement the lighting directly integrated to the Cabinet of the bathroom.

The mood lighting

Often considered an option in this room, mood lighting is intended to create a special atmosphere. In other words, he will turn it into a place to relax and relaxation. Therefore, it can adapt to every moment of your day by disseminating appropriate intensity, color and heat. This is why it is also called decorative lighting and turns out to be your best friend for a gentle awakening. It will broadcast a white light for makeup against a soft light for relaxing moments.

This is the reason why experts advocate the use of targeted spot orientable bathroom, touches of bright white or coloured, LED shower heads or ribbons as lighting in your shower. Today, the choice is very wide in this area and you can give free rein to your imagination and your taste. If in doubt, do not hesitate to ask advice from an expert in this area.

Different fixtures for bathroom

A good day starts and ends often with a true moment of relaxation. Indeed, if the lighting in this room must first be functional, it is important to feel good and relaxed with a good mood lighting. In addition, it should be noted that most of the bathrooms have little or no window. Thus, so that lighting is optimal in this room, it is recommended to turn to white lights to be closer to the light of day as possible.  

The spots of bath

Nowadays, the bathroom spot settle down almost everywhere: above a piece of furniture, walls, or ceilings. It is also possible to play with the atmosphere by choosing the adjustable spotlights and their different colors. Today, you have the choice between models square or round, adjustable or fixed, built-in or wall-mounted.  This type of light can work either on 12 V, which requires the put in place upstream of a transformer or 230 V, which allows to feed them directly. Furthermore, there is a wide choice regarding its colours and its material, especially metal, brushed steel, chrome, aluminum, etc.

Nowadays, most of the spots for bathroom are equipped with LED, with main advantage of being energy efficient while offering a powerful lighting. When you opt for this type of luminaire, it is important to choose the model that is suitable for the location of the room where it will be installed. However, it must always comply with the standard in force for this type of installation, particularly in regard to safety and the tightness of the installation.

The bathroom wall

Installed on both sides of the mirror of water, or above, the appliques provide indirect lighting while ensuring not to dazzle you. With the evolution of technology, it is possible to choose the apply bath suited to the decoration of the room, that it is vintage, design or other. In addition, there are many adjustable models to inform enough your face when the toilet in the morning or evening.
On the other hand, it is possible to choose between appliques to bulb or LED, although these are needed more and more in many rooms of bath due to their powerful lighting and their convenience. Some models can even be hung vertically or horizontally, depending on your desires and your mood.

The bathroom mirror

It should be noted that the light mirror an essential element in this room. It is important that it be sufficiently enlightened to help wash you, brushing your teeth, makeup or shave safely. Nowadays, the bright magnifying mirror is essential to meet this need of light while providing a significant decorative. Indeed, the LED offers a light that gives you a healthy glow. Experts also advocate to install several light sources around the sink and mirror.
This is how the combination of the led and the bright bathroom mirror is a must for many people, insofar as they provide sufficient light which does not exceed 60 W and which does not crush for as much the face. Indeed, it proves both decorative, practical and effective. Because you have a wide choice in terms of its shape: oval, square, Arch, trapezoid, rectangular or fanciful. In addition, it is possible to associate the type of lighting you want, including the LED, the strips or fluorescent bulbs. For optimal effectiveness, it should be complete this lighting with spots not no down but rather toward the wall.

The bathroom ceiling light

As its name suggests, this ceiling light is fixed on the ceiling of the bathroom. This means that it is intended to become the main lighting in this room. As most of the bathrooms have no opening, it is clear that a single ceiling light is not enough to illuminate the entire room in a proper way. It is therefore advisable to associate it with other sources of light as the strips, spotlights, appliques, etc.
The bathroom ceiling light must provide sufficient clarity in the room. However, to ensure that it is not too intense. It is possible to associate it with a drive to change lighting according to your convenience. Generally, this type of fixture is class 1 since you have to add a driver to the ground and it has a metal base. Therefore, choose with care the place where to install it in order to ensure maximum safety.

The spot recessed bathroom

Nowadays, the led spot built-in IP65 bathroom waterproof has the wind in its sails. This is explained by his undeniable aesthetic and his discretion. Indeed, placed in series, they adapt easily to any type of decoration, but they literally blend into the space. In other words, they are appreciated as an ambient light while providing a targeted and diffuse light. Besides the choice is very wide between different design models and the most up-to-date trends. Simply direct them differently and to play on the color or intensity of the light to radically change the atmosphere in the bathroom.

The installation of the lighting in the bathroom

It is obvious that any lighting is not always appropriate for a water feature. Indeed, it must be consistent with the safety standards in force, be of the proper class and display the good index of IP protection.

Bath volume

It is important to note that any water room containing a bath or shower can be divided in 3 volumes. Its areas are also called security volume and requires a specific appliance type to ensure the safety of the occupants of the House. Thus, volume 0 defines the inside of the bathtub or the shower receptor. All electrical equipment is prohibited in this area.

As for volume 1, it rises up to 2.25 m above the receiver or the bathtub. Only the lights of class 3 IP24 powered in very low voltage (SELV) 12 V maximum are allowed in this volume. Finally, volume 2 is 0.60 m volume 1 around the receiver or the bathtub and up to a height of 2, 25 m. In this space, and class 2 with an IP 44 lighting to a minimum are allowed.

The class

It should be noted that the class of electrical appliances to be installed in the bathroom can be divided into three distinct categories. On the one hand, there are class 1 which has a single insulation and which necessarily requires a grounding. On the other side, you have the class characterized by a double insulation and which requires no ground. Finally, class 3 does not ask for ground and that can operate on very low voltage, i.e. less than 50 V.

Safety standards

It is important to entrust the installation of wet lighting for all parts to a professional in this field. Indeed, only the latter is able to know precisely the electrical equipment that meet the standards in force, particularly that of the NF C 15-100. This is to protect facilities against splash water. In addition, should be that they are still protected by a differential device with high sensitivity of 30 my. Moreover, only a specialist can advise you on the IP minimum, depending on the volume where the light fixture will be installed.