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Showing 1 - 16 of 16 items

Clamp - a convenient and mobile nomadic lamp lamp!

In the universe of the Downlightthe easiest place and guide is the clamp lamp that became the staple of the nomads spots. 

Among most popular mobile lamps of the public, it is impossible to miss the spot to clip. Indeed, the latter is both simple to orient and install. You will certainly find your happiness in our selection of the clamp lamp that fits your needs and meets your requirements. Side light is able to present fixtures that stand out for their quality. We put at your disposal our stock for a reading lamp to clip at a price accessible to all budgets and with different design to seduce you.

Whether you are looking for a simple lamp and rich color to decorate your child's room or a more sophisticated model, you will find with us the spot to flexible and convenient clamp that will satisfy any of your needs. It should be noted that this type of fixture fits without any difficulty all support. So, you can use it as extra light in your garage or your workshop to bring the surplus of brightness where the need arises. It can also be used as a reading light when it is installed wall headboard as lamp bedside or desk light on your work table. No matter what your choice, we put at your disposal of the luminaires of quality, made by the most reputable brands in Europe in this area.

Side light offers you to discover the luminaire that responds perfectly to your requirements, whether you need a clip led luminaire for other hotel projects or for your individual home. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have trouble choosing among the many models that we offer.

We also invite you to consult our other offers for inland spots.

At the present time, our eyes quickly enough because of the use all day of screens that tired them considerably. Once arrived at the House, it is sometimes useful to let television, Smartphones, tablets and other objects connected to dive into an exciting novel of adventure or a polar. And the led spot demonstrates its usefulness here to allow you to enjoy good lighting without having the eyes dazzled by the light of the ceiling.

A very practical for the spot to clip     

As its name suggests, this luminaire has a clamp that allows to fix everywhere. It is the indispensable friend of rats library and those who can't do without their favorite books. Indeed, this luminaire allows to read quietly in his living room without having to turn on the Dome light. Simply direct the light it delivers to the place you have chosen to read a book. And, while your eyes are assaulted by a too much brightness, as is the case when the clip led, ceiling light, lamp chandelier or suspensions are turned on.

But it should be noted that the clamp lamp may also be appropriate for the room. Because there is nothing better that follow the adventures of his favorite hero gently snuggled and warm in her bed! However, simply attach it to the head of his bed to take advantage of optimum brightness and so quietly read his book, magazine, or his favorite newspaper. And should not be simply the use of the spot to clip for playback. Indeed, it is possible to use it to get refined and accurate lighting if you work in a workshop or in a garage. Not to mention that even in a kitchen, can serve as a fill light to help illuminate your dish during the delicate phase of preparation.

Easy to install and use

It should be noted that the clamp spot is the portable luminaire by excellence. Indeed, it can be installed anywhere in the House, in order to bring the rai of light necessary to read or perform a specific task. With his claw, it is fixed almost anywhere. Simply plug it into a power outlet for a light source you can point at your work plan or your book. In a few minutes, you are ready to work or read your favourite book.

There are even clamp lamps equipped with rechargeable batteries providing you use a power cord. In this way, you can take your spot clip with you anywhere, even outside the House if the battery allows. It is a great way to relax in the garden, on the edges of your pool or on your terrace, enjoying a good light. And this, without having dazzled as eyes in case you use a fixture with too much lighting. Remember that this lamp is also a decorative accessory important since it is possible to use it to improve the aesthetics of a place in the House. It can include a library, a railing, stairs or even apparent pipe in the bathroom or in the kitchen, etc.

A variety of materials and styles              

Nowadays, we can find a wide variety of spot to clip in order to meet the needs of all. Even if it is relatively limited in terms of design, it is however possible to choose between plastic models and those made of aluminium, which are the most common. Furthermore, this type of fixture fits all styles of decoration, be it retro, modern, classic, rustic, or other. In regards to color, you will certainly find your happiness among the many models available in our online store. If the chrome, grey and black often eye-catching, you can leave the beaten by opting for white, anthracite, money or even the transparent.

For those who care about the shape of their spot to clip, they have the choice between the cylinder, the shade, the round and other fanciful forms. Should also not hesitate to demonstrate originality so that your luminaire also becomes an object of decoration full. Furthermore, it is important to choose the bulb which will accompany your fixture. Even if some models are already on the market with an incandescent bulb, you can replace it without hesitation with a LED. Indeed, it should be noted that this type of bulb provides optimal lighting for the use of a clamp spot. Not only, the LED integrated in warm white or with a LED light bulb enough the direction towards which it is oriented, but it allows in addition a considerable saving on the electricity bill. Because this kind of light bulb consumes about 90% less than its incandescent counterpart.

Installation of the spotlight to clamp standards  

We saw the spot to clamp can be used anywhere in the House, and even outdoors in case of need. As this is a portable luminaire, its installation does not require to use the services of a professional in the field of electricity. You must however be careful where you plan to use your lamp clamp in the bathroom. Indeed, the proximity of the water with electricity increases the risk of electric shock. Thus, you should follow the recommendations of the NF C 15-100, which divides the bathroom in 4 separate volumes.

Specific protection (IP) rating is required based on the volume where you want to install your clamp spot. It is important to consider to avoid any accidents while allowing you to take full advantage of your bathroom by reading a book, a magazine or a newspaper while you take a bath. Anyway, it is recommended to have your light in volume 1, volume 2 and volume 3. In the first case, your light must be of class 3 with an IP X 5. In the second case, it must be of class 2 with an IP 44. Finally, volume 3, you can choose a lamp of class 1, 2 or 3, but always with an IP X 3 and associated with a differential circuit breaker 30 my minimum.

But in other parts of the House, there is no special instructions for installing your spot to clip. You simply ensure that the light it emitted don't dazzle you. On the contrary, it must allow you to read or see things on your work surface. And a warm light, which is between 2,500 and 3 000 Kelvins, is ideal for this. So please consider this when you choose the bulb for your light to clamp.  

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