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The track spotlight: open up the field of possibilities for your interior lighting!

If you are looking for a luminaire model that combines versatility, flexibility in size and positioning, the track mounted spotlight is the most appropriate answer. In addition to the wide range of styles, this type of lighting can be installed just about anywhere, from the office to the kitchen to the hallway. In fact, there is no longer any hesitation in opting for the track spotlight for the living room, the bathroom or even the bedroom. Totally in the air of time, it finds its place as well in the recent residences as in those which count several years on the meter, bringing them an indisputable character.

Spotlight on rail: what exactly is it about?

Spot, rail, this concept may surprise at first glance, however, the rail luminaire in question is sufficiently widespread today to be widely adopted by both professionals and individuals. Among its long list of advantages :

- Able to concentrate the light, it avoids excessive and unnecessary lighting;

- This luminaire is appreciated for its simplicity and refined appearance, which enhances the interior decoration ;

- Little invasive visually and aesthetically, it is expressed in different colors, such as the spotlight on black rail.

The elements that make up a spotlight on rail :

The track spotlight is composed of two main parts:

- The track, connected by a cable to the power supply, also houses the conductors for the heads. It is this part that will be fixed to the ceiling or wall, so the opening will have to be centered outside.

- The conductors, for the power supply, which are inside the rail.

Choosing the right model of track spotlight

The model of rail spot that you will choose depends mainly on your desires.

Find on our online store :

- Spots on straight track ;

- Curved models

Spotlight on cable or rail: our professional opinion on the matter

When a spotlight is equipped with an electric cable, the latter will measure a few meters at most, which can be a handicap if you have a precise idea of how you want to install it. On the contrary, the spotlight on house rail is designed to be fixed according to your desires, whether on the ceiling or on a wall, which is more easily than the wired model!

What type of bulb should be installed for a track lighting system?

The bulb may seem like a last minute detail when considering the purchase of a rail spot kit. However, on the contrary, this accessory plays an essential role when it comes to color temperature, brightness or energy consumption.

To help you choose the right bulbs when you buy your track spot, keep in mind that :

- The living room and bedroom preferably require a warm white color temperature;

- Reserve the bright white color temperature for kitchen and workspaces ;

- Finally, a daylight color temperature is preferable for the reading corner.

The rail spotlight, the perfect opportunity to finally switch to LED!

If you have decided to track the waste of electricity in your home, LED track spotlight is definitely the best option. Indeed, track lighting consumes 80% less energy than a halogen lamp!

Thus, whether it is for professional or non-professional rail spotlight, this track lighting system can effectively illuminate large indoor spaces, while LED bulbs optimize energy consumption.

Finally, thanks to LED technology, you can choose between cold or warm light, even if the track spotlight is originally used in combination with warm light. The latter participates in the atmosphere of the room, for example the living room or kitchen.

Despite everything, our mission at Côté Lumière is to satisfy all desires! Our online store will help you find the right LED track light for you, or more classic, but equally modern and stylish.

Calculate the length of your track lighting fixture correctly.

In essence, the rail-mounted spotlight is capable of lighting over quite respectable lengths. Before purchasing your rail spotlight, please make sure to calculate the total lighting power required.

Therefore, to light a sufficiently spacious area, it is preferable to choose a high-voltage product, with or without a transformer and connectable to the electrical network.

Differentiating between single-phase and three-phase track lighting

Before buying your spotlight on rail, it is important to have some knowledge of electrical wiring:

- The power supply cables are 1 or 3 circuits or phases ;

- The standard power cable contains 3 strands (wires), namely a phase, a neutral wire and a protective wire (connected to the ground) ;

- The phase is the live wire, with the neutral wire, it is this wire that will conduct the electric current, from and to your rail spot;

Conclusion :

- When a cable has 1 circuit, it is single-phase. In your rail spot lighting, the light heads will always be switched on and off together.

- When a cable has 3 circuits, it is three-phase. Here you can switch the light heads on and off separately.

To each spot its rail!

Each brand has developed its own track system, so be consistent when choosing your spots and the tracks that go with them!

The installation of a spotlight on a rail: our advices

Your objectives are to fix your spotlight on rail to the ceiling or on a wall. The lighting heads will have to deliver a modular brightness according to your needs and desires.

The right gestures :

The mounting: the track spot is a luminaire full of surprises! In some cases, it can be transformed into a rail-mounted pendant light if you hang it with clips on a specially designed rod or a cable system.

Electricity connection: provide the necessary electrical connection and its positioning at the end of the rail or in the center.

The ground wire: will it pass to the right or left of the rail? Provide for an additional connection.

The final word...

As part of a renovation or simply if you want to refresh your lighting system, the spotlight on rail is part of these timeless indoor luminaires. Choose the model that suits you on our online store in just a few clicks! Need inspiration, the internet will assist you with the keywords "track lighting suspension".