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Showing 1 - 60 of 166 items

Indoor recessed spotlight, a beautiful and discreet light

The recessed spot is one of those lights that can be intimidating. Even before its purchase, it raises many questions to which we will provide answers in this article. How to change the bulb of your recessed spots, how many lights per square meter, how to install this model of light spot, how to remove them, how to choose them, the electrical aspect, what about the directional recessed spot? Get started with peace of mind thanks to professional advice!

The recessed spotlight, a practical and stylish light source at the same time.

Lighting your home is not just a matter of installing or fixing indoor luminaires here and there. Without going so far as to say that it is a science, lighting your home, including the bathroom, is nevertheless of some importance when you know that it will make you feel good once you are at home, quite simply.

Returning to the recessed spotlight, unlike the hanging models, this one can be fixed flush with the ceiling or the wall or even in a piece of furniture. Space saving, thanks, for example, to the extra-flat recessed LED spotlight, adaptable to all rooms in the home, it leaves the spotlight on the general decoration rather than "crushing it".

Recessed spotlight: we answer your questions!

Four good reasons to adopt recessed spotlights for your interior lighting

Whether you choose LED down lights, extra flat spotlights or traditional models, this type of lighting enlarges the perception of the room, as it takes up less visual space. Being literally recessed into the ceiling, it doesn't, so to speak, interrupt the overall decor while delivering a pleasant warm white.

Recessed spotlights are perfect for giving an impression of grandeur thanks to a special effect called "wallwasher". This is an indirect vertical lighting that comes from the ceiling to the floor, allowing the light to spread evenly and uniformly. To obtain this effect, we recommend that you space each recessed spotlight correctly from the other, noting that the higher the ceiling, the greater the spacing.

It is the ideal light to highlight an element of your interior decoration. Imagine, for example, a beautiful white spotlight directed towards your wall bookcase, your artwork, your collection on display, etc.

Finally, the recessed spotlight comes in a plethora of models, designs, colors. Perfectly safe, its recessed lamps are protected from dust, children and accidents that can easily occur in everyday life.

Recessed spotlight: we answer your questions!

In which room of the house can I install this type of recessed fixture?

The recessed spotlight can be installed almost anywhere in the house, however, taking into consideration the type of surface, some of which are not suitable for this model of luminaire. In any case, it can be installed in the kitchen, above the sink, in a hallway.

For example, let's take the adjustable recessed LED spotlight, which can be used to direct the light to the desired area, or the recessed bathroom spotlight. The latter is a waterproof spotlight whose cover is made of tempered glass! Please feel free to browse the models in our online store and use the filter for a more precise search.

How to choose a recessed spotlight: some ideas

For the kitchen, it all depends on the size of the room, but in general, we recommend a diameter of 10 to 12 cm for concentrated lighting. Why not opt for an extra flat recessed spotlight or a beautiful black recessed spotlight for a modern touch?

For the bathroom, choose a specific ceiling recessed LED spotlight. You guessed it, it is waterproof, corrosion resistant and less likely to create short circuits over time. Our article "IP Protection Rating in Detail" will tell you more about it!

For the living room, think of the "wallwasher" effect mentioned earlier in this article.

How to choose the bulb of a recessed spotlight?

Whether it's a recessed directional spotlight or another category, today most recessed systems work with LED bulbs. Durable, energy-efficient, and available in a variety of colors, these bulbs allow for greater customization.

How to change the bulb of a recessed spotlight?

- Turn off the power ;

- Unhook the spotlight from the ceiling by unscrewing the hubcap or by removing the clip that is located at the bulb;

- Remove the bulb by giving it half a quarter turn and then gently pull it down;

- Insert the new bulb by reversing the previous steps.

How to change the bulb of a recessed spotlight? 

Fixed recessed spotlight or directional spotlight ?

The fixed model does not allow the direction of the light beam to be adjusted. The area to be illuminated must be determined before fixing this model.

The swivel model allows the light beam to be directed according to your needs. It's perfect to precisely illuminate an area or element and then change your mind, if you wish!

What distance between recessed spotlights

As a general rule, to know the ideal number of recessed LED spotlights per square meter, we recommend a distance between recessed spotlights of 120cm if the ceiling is up to 250cm high.

How many spotlights should I install per square meter?

Measure the size of the room to be lit, then multiply the width by the depth to obtain the area in square meters.

Multiply the sum obtained by 1.5 (number of watts) to obtain the ideal total power.

An interesting reminder about lumens

Ideal lighting also depends on the quantity of lumens delivered by a luminaire. This unit of measurement expresses the luminous flux emitted by a bulb. It is closely related to the color temperature of a room (temperature expressed in Kelvin, another unit).

Mapping table Watts - Lumens

Consumption in Watt (filament bulbs)Luminous Flux in Lumens
25 W200 lm
40 W400 lm
60 W700 lm
75 W800 lm
100 W1200 lm

Our advice

Keep a light hand on the quantity of spots, since you will later have to fix them by making holes in your ceiling or wall!

Instead, invest in bulbs with sufficient power and dimmable recessed LED spotlight to change the lighting according to your needs!

Steps to install a recessed spotlight

Step 1: recessed spotlight series or parallel

You can install your ceiling recessed LED spotlight in two ways, namely in series or parallel. The difference is :

You will opt for a series connection if your LED is at 350 mA, 500 mA, 700 mA and 1050 mA, so that the components are powered by the same electrical load.

Parallel connection if your LED is 12 V, 24 V and 230 V. In this diagram, the current will not be the same in the components, which will nevertheless be subjected to the same voltage.

Step 2: Measure, position, hole

- Determine the position of your recessed spotlight and mark the spot with a pencil or a piece of tape. Be sure to locate the ceiling joists (beams) if there are any.

- Draw up a wiring plan by locating the power source, which is easier if you already have ceiling fixtures;

- Draw the hole in which you will fix your recessed spotlight with the help of a template;

- Drill a hole in the center of this mark. This hole should be large enough to allow the tip of a hole saw (for drywall) to pass through;

- Saw from the center to the edge of the mark and continue all around (watch out for dust!) ;

- Turn off the power to the existing wiring and remove it. Be careful to keep the wires that will be used to power your new fixture;

Step 3: How to connect your ceiling recessed spotlight?

- It's time to install your recessed fixture! With the electrical wires in sight and coming out of the ceiling, strip the ends of your recessed lamp by following the instructions provided ;

- Join the two wires, check the solidity of the assembly, turn the power back on and check that it is working properly;

- Fix your ceiling recessed spotlight!

Good to know

The recessed bathroom spotlights are equipped with a special lampholder format and are subject to a different voltage than the one that can be used, for example, in your bedroom. Specifically, in the first room, you will opt for a 12V waterproof spotlight, while in the other room, you will opt for a 220V extra-flat ceiling recessed LED spotlight.

The false ceiling spot equipped with a halogen bulb and the VLV (very low voltage) transformer requires a false ceiling measuring at least 10 cm in height. This criterion is important since it will prevent overheating!

How do I remove a recessed spotlight?

- Turn off the power to your recessed lamp;

- Remove the bulb to access the spring ;

- Using long nose pliers, unhook the spring from its legs ;

- You can also pull gently, but firmly on the thread.

Hundreds of recessed lighting fixtures are waiting for you on our online store! Want to go directly to the recessed spotlights? Simply type "recessed led" on our search engine to discover our models.