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Showing 1 - 60 of 193 items

Recessed spotlights

To give little specks of light in a room, the Downlight are the best alternative, especially the recessed spots for their discretion. Side light, you can find more than a hundred models of available spots: built-in spotlight resistant to fire, apply built-in bathroom, adjustable double built-in spotlight, round spot, spot false ceiling,...

Beyond lighting, the spots can also be part of your decoration items to highlight an array or an object in particular. There are many types: built-in, Tiltable, low voltage, with or without transformer, double or quadruple, etc.

Most often sold as a kit, they spread a more or less intense light while being totally discreet especially for the case of the recessed ceiling spots, walls or floor. The support supplied with the luminaire also provides protection of the lamps.

On our site you can find more than a hundred spots available, aluminum, brushed steel or glass and different colors. Among other things, discover the built-in spotlight adjustable double or quadruple to allow you to direct the light as you want there is also the model built-in Mint fire; designed for wet environments and with a more than acceptable protection class, it is ideal for bathrooms. For a more decorative effect, you can opt for the built-in bracket outside Tivoli, elegant and refined, it conceals the led lamp under a round metal plate giving a warm, inviting light. Finally, you can't miss the glare spot at about 15 euros. A model that combines both discretion and efficiency since you can install it in any room that it either the kitchen or bedroom.

If you are looking for a no built-in ceiling spot, we also have a wide assortment in the heading.

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