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SLV: design lights for a bright and harmonious interior

With his many years of experience in the lighting industry, the brand has gained broad expertise in art to respond to the needs of consumers. Interiors and outdoor SLV luminaires are also recognized in many countries for their quality and design. Since its inception in 1979, offers different solutions for individuals, but also for professionals. One can recall its comprehensive range of products for the hotel industry and gastronomy. But whether it's residential lighting or professional, designers have been able to highlight both aesthetic and functional of each piece for a result always satisfying.

Lighting systems that modulate the spaces

Decoration enthusiasts know very well: the lighting can greatly influence the atmosphere and decoration in a room. At SLV, designers go even further on the premise that the light has the ability to modulate the spaces. The luminaires of the brand

have therefore been designed taking into account the fact that each space requires a different light. A functional light is absolutely ideal if we want to effectively eliminate shadows in a kitchen. Suitable lighting that promotes relaxation and well-being will certainly be more interesting in rooms like the bedroom and the living room.

The same principles apply in the professional field. Lighting will not be the same in the offices and in the lobby of the local. This vision has allowed the brand to develop more appropriate systems that immediately caught the attention of the public in many countries around the world. Consumers are, for example, many have opted to design the collection Bookat external terminals. Luminaires are equipped with a built-in cob LED module that broadcasts a soft, functional light that fits perfectly to outdoor conditions.

The opportunity to live a light experience

For SLV, lighting is similar to a real experience in which the user is brought to express his feelings, to discover the benefits of light. Expanding this principle in all its activities (production, delivery, customer and other services), the brand has been able to adopt best practices to better satisfy its customers. Thus, equipment manufacturing processes are constantly improved to more innovative solutions.

The creators reflect widely new technologies and standards for the development of each product. Moreover, the customer services of the brand are there to support consumers in the choice of materials until use. Regarding prices, professionals made sure that the SLV click brand lamps display the best price on the market.

To have a glimpse of all its features, we can take the example of balls of Light Eye SLV series applied. The luminaires are composed of a structure in steel chrome and shaped so as to achieve a design and vintage. The lamps use bulbs ES111. All this reflects great attention during the production of the pieces in the collection.

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Showing 1 - 60 of 282 items