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Bathroom spot lights

The bath spot has several advantages that make it almost essential. Indeed, it turns out both powerful, waterproof and very convenient. You have been dreaming to equip your bathroom with adjustable fixtures or recessed? We present you our vast catalog of bathroom fixtures that will exactly meet your expectations. Your decorating style is rather modern or classic. They will produce a light that will harmonize with your décor while displaying great discretion. To complete our offer, a wide choice of colors is also available and it will be possible to find the declination which will meet all your requirements. With respect to the materials, include: metal, chrome, aluminum and brushed steel. 

The color temperature that will give the lamp also very important. Makeup, it will be advisable to have a nearly identical luminosity in daylight. We invite you to opt for neutral white bulbs. This allows you to perfectly make the adjustments as you like.

It is important to note that most of the parts of water lack of windows and often not openings to the outside. This means that there will be an artificial lighting to have a level of sufficient brightness in your room. Next to this functional lighting, can also bring to the room ambient lighting. It will be essentially intended to create an atmosphere conducive to relaxation. This is how the bath spot has a side really interesting because it can be used both as functional lighting and ambient lighting.

A great decorative effect

It is necessary to point out that this type of lamps offer a distinctive to the bathroom. This is the case if it is installed over a shower or a bath. It is also possible to implement above ceiling or toilet plan to get a broadcast by touches of light. In this way, and through the magic of the lighting, you can easily transform into a small well spa welcoming, the room austere and without identity whether you have previously. You just have to create lighting subdued a bit enveloping and very chic by installing a bathroom spot at every strategic location in the room.

This type of light will create a rhythm in the lighting of the room, that it is relatively small and quite spacious. And, thanks to its side decorative goes beyond its functional role. As it does not clutter the space, as is the case with the sconces or a suspension. In the end, it allows to get efficient and functional lighting all in harmony with the style and decoration of space. That is why many professionals recommend to use spots for your bathroom lighting. These lights will create a relaxing atmosphere. Placed on top of a walk-in shower, the bath spot will get a very warm and cozy while spreading a soft and pleasant light.

How to install a bathroom spot?

Everyone knows, the water and electricity don't mix. This means that it must be very careful in installing a light fixture in a bathroom. In all cases, it is recommended to trust an electrician or a specialist in this field in order to remove any risk of electric shock. Besides, this expert knows all the standards both in the installation in the choice of the bath spot. So, it is the NFC 15-100 standard that must be followed scrupulously to avoid injury later. Besides, it shares the bathroom in 4 different volumes, each of them meets specific requirements.

Volume 0:    

It comes to the interior volume of the receiver of shower or bathtub. No light is allowed in this area, put in by the lights mounted directly at the factory by the manufacturer.

Volume 1:

It is located in the shower or the bath space. The area goes up to a height of 2, 55 m. Lights allowed in this area are those of class 3 maximum 12V. It must also have at least an IP X 4.

Volume 2:

This area starts or stops the volume 1. This space to a width of 0,60 m from the end of volume 1 to a height of 2.25 m. luminaires that are at least IP44 minimum and class 2 are the only ones allowed in this area.

Volume 3:

It's the horizontal space that begins at the end of volume 2 for a width of 2,40 m. only devices of class 1 or 2 running slot with the 230 volts are allowed in this area. Subject to be protected through a differential device high sensitivity of 30 Ma.

Off volume:

The height limit is 2.5 m above the volumes 1 and 2. In this area, the Bathroom lights in class 1 and 2 with a minimum IP x 3 are the only ones authorized. The light must be protected by a differential device high-sensitivity, i.e. 30 my maximum. Furthermore, it is useful to know that as the source of light is close to the bathtub or shower tray, you must choose a lamp with a high IP. In case you opt for a built-in spotlight, you must always choose a spot IP65.

What does a spot IP65?

As its name suggests, it is a fixture designed specially for wet areas because it has specific properties listed by its IP rating. It should be noted that there is a built-in spotlight. But in fact, what does IP mean?
IP is the Protection index. That is, the value that determines the level of protection of electrical equipment against intrusions liquid and solid elements, such as water and dust. It is a standard determined by the (IEC) International Electrotechnical Commission. It is determined by two digits ranging from 0 to 9. If the first digit mark the degree of protection against dust, the second indicates the against water intrusion. So index IP65 of a lamp can be translated as a level 6 protection against the intrusion of dust associated with level 5 against splash water protection.

It is important to note that they are designed to operate at very low voltage, which significantly reduces the risk of electric shock in damp places like the bathroom. Furthermore, it is built-in, which is very convenient to manage the space in the room. It can be manufactured in different materials and we find him in stainless steel, aluminum, stainless... It is possible to find various finishes, including laitonné or brushed, steel or lacquered. Finally, it should be noted that there are various levels of finish, sizes, colors and finishes. Also, be aware that you can choose between a fixed or adjustable built-in led spot.

Installation of the spot IP65

We have seen that the spot IP65 can be built-in and it is ideal for bathrooms. Indeed, it belongs to class 3, which means that it works with current 12 volts on very low voltage (TBT). Order to lower the tension, the luminaire is coupled with a transformer. For security reasons, this transformer cannot be placed in zone 1. Reminder, it is space that is located above the tub or the receiver of shower and up to 2.25 meters in height.

As for the LED spot, it is possible to install it in volume 1. This fixture is still powered by a driver or converter. This is the standard NF C 15-100 that defines these draconian conditions of installation of the built-in spotlight. In all cases, it is recommended to always contact a professional for electrical installation of your bathroom in order to remove any risk of accident later.

How to choose a bathroom spot?

Over the years, it has become an essential part of the lights in the bathroom. This is because by its practicality and its aesthetics and quality of lighting it provides. Indeed, it is the ideal luminaire for powerful light that will bring the brightness in specific locations in the bathroom. It can be placed in the shower, closely mirror or any other location in the bathroom. It is even possible to install it on the ground, for example, on the riser where it is not built on one level.

If you want to illuminate a specific area of your bathroom with a carefully directed light, you can opt for a wall or a ceiling spot. Dreaming of a subdued, intimate light? No doubt, this is the built-in led light you need. In this case, you must always choose a waterproof luminaire and which is able to guarantee maximum safety against splatter and splash water. We have seen what the IP44 spot that meets precisely these requirements. Ultimately, the success of lighting will depend on the type of light you are going to install in the room. Indeed, they get a light-oriented or diffuse, depending on your choice.

Lastly, regarding the appropriate bulb for this fixture, it is recommended to opt for one that gives a warm light, which is between 2,500 and 3 000 Kelvins. You have the choice between different types of bulbs. Eco halogen offer a savings of 30% compared to bulbs standard incandescent. This economy increases respectively 80% and 90% for the CFLs and LEDs. However, it should be noted that the LED neutral white are better suited for the bath spot. They broadcast a soft light to cold which ideally renders colors and which approximates the daylight.

The different design of the bath spot

With the evolution of technology, manufacturers are able to offer a wide variety of fixtures for bathroom which perfectly meet the expectations of customers. And these scrupulously respect the safety standards in force. Regarding the shape of these fixtures, most are round. However, it is possible to bet on originality by opting for a square or fanciful spot. As for the material with which it is made, entry-level models are usually metal. However, we can get a better aesthetic effect, to get, do not hesitate to opt for lamps in aluminium, glass or stainless steel. Besides, the brands compete in order to surprise their customers using different materials.

Side finish, you have the choice because manufacturers go beyond imagination in order to attract the public, according to the tastes and the budget of each. The colors of the luminaire can also harmonize with the decoration of the bathroom, to render aesthetic unique and pleasant to the eye. Of course, the intensity of the light scattered by the bath spot must be adapted to the desired effect. That is optimal lighting in order to put on makeup and get ready in the morning, a soft light to create an atmosphere conducive to relaxation and relaxation, etc.

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