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Why choose the bathroom spotlight?

In the bathroom fixtures category, zoom this time on the bathroom spotlight through five frequently asked questions, which we will answer throughout this article. Why this particular fixture? Efficient, waterproof, practical, aesthetic, directional, recessed, it combines the advantages to light every moment of relaxation. Sometimes modern, sometimes classic, in metal, chrome, aluminum, brushed steel, it enjoys a success that has not been denied so far.

How to install a bathroom spotlight?

The installation of the bathroom spotlight must be the subject of many precautions, since it involves electrical manipulations in a humid room. For increased safety, we recommend that you entrust this type of work to a certified electrician. The latter is up to date on current standards and will be able to give you precise advice on the type of light fixture to install according to the area of your bathroom. For example, the shower spotlight is subject to stricter standards than the bathroom spotlight!

The different areas that make up a bathroom

Volume 0: this is the interior volume of the shower tray or bathtub. No lighting fixtures are allowed in this area, except for those directly mounted in the factory by the manufacturer.

Volume 1: this is the space located in the shower cubicle or bathtub. The area goes up to a height of 2.55m or to the height of the shower head. The lighting allowed in this zone is class 3 of maximum 12V. They must also have a Protection Index (IP) of X4.

Volume 2: this zone starts just after volume 1. It is located in a radius of 60 cm around the end of volume 1 for a height of 2.25 meters. The authorized luminaires are at least IP44 minimum and class 2.

Volume 3: this is the horizontal space that begins at the end of volume 2 for a width of 2.40 m. Only class 1 or 2 devices operating with 230 volts are authorized in this zone. Subject to protection by means of a high-sensitivity differential device of 30 mA maximum.

Out of volume: the height limit is 2.5 m above volumes 1 and 2. In this zone, the authorized luminaires must be class 1 and 2 with a minimum IP x3. They must be protected by a high-sensitivity differential device of 30 mA maximum. In addition, as the light source is close to the bathtub or shower tray, the luminaire shall have a high IP rating. If you opt for recessed fixture, an IP65 bathroom spotlight is preferable.

the spotlight for bathroom

Good to know

The bathroom spotlight must meet the standard nf c 15-100, which regulates low voltage electrical installations. This safety standard relates more precisely to the protection of the electrical installation and people, as well as the comfort of management, use and scalability of the installation.

Always choose a luminaire that is watertight and can guarantee maximum safety against splashes and water projections.

Installation of the bathroom spotlight simplified step by step

Material necessary to install a bathroom spotlight :

- Support provided with your bathroom spotlight (recessed, adjustable, etc.);

- Spotlight with its LED bulb;

- Element of protection or thermal insulation ;

- Socket which will connect the bathroom LED spotlight to the electrical circuit;

- Electric cable to connect the spotlight to the transformer

The steps :

  1. If you have not already done so, install a transformer on the electrical circuit, preferably in the "off-volume" area on a fireproof support and isolate it from the rest;
  2. Install a 30 mA high safety differential circuit breaker (HSDCB) to ensure the safety of people and property in the event of a water leak in the bathroom ;
  3. Turn off the electrical power ;
  4. Mark the location of each bathroom spot;
  5. Drill the spots following the template provided with your bathroom spotlight, unless it is to replace an existing spotlight;
  6. Plug the power cable of your spotlight and connect it to the socket ;
  7. Fix the bulb in the socket ;
  8. Attach the assembly in the location drilled in step 4 ;
  9. Turn the power back on and test operation

Good to know

In the case of a false ceiling, allow a minimum installation depth of 60 mm!

How to change a bathroom spotlight?

- Turn off the power supply ;

- Unscrew and disconnect the electrical wiring from the existing spotlight ;

- Repeat the last four steps of the above instructions.

How much spotlight power in the bathroom?

In this room, often small, with no opening or access to daylight, it is essential to have good lighting, hence the importance of the power of your bathroom spotlight. We recommend between 400 and 650 lumens per m² (or 200 to 300 lux per m²).

Concerning the power expressed in number of watts, it all depends on the supplier: just read the packaging, which usually indicates the lumen/watt equivalence. In case of doubt, please contact us by phone or e-mail!

Do not hesitate to add additional light sources to obtain a homogeneous lighting, for example, a wall light.

How many spots per m² in a bathroom?

To calculate the number of spotlights to buy for your bathroom you will need to know the necessary lighting power. Here is how to proceed:

- Measure the area of the room by multiplying its width by its depth;

- Multiply this area by 1.5 to get the optimum total power

Example with a 5 m² bathroom:

For this room, we generally recommend 2000 lumens in total, or 400 to 450 lumens maximum per square meter.

The following calculation is performed: lumens/m² = lux

2000 (lumens) ÷ 5 (m²) = 400: you need about 400 lux on the total surface.

All you have to do is choose the bulbs that suit you on our online store: each product in this section is accompanied by the number of lumens delivered!

Our advice

The bathroom generally requires two types of lighting:

- The first one for general lighting,

- The second one above the washbasin, for accent lighting

Choose lighting distributed among three 20-watt (250 lumens) light points rather than a single 50-watt (635 lumens) light point.

How to change the bulb of a bathroom spotlight?

First of all, it is recommended to opt for a LED bulb that provides cool white functional lighting of more than 4000 Kelvin. (Unit of color temperature measurement). As for warm white, it is not recommended for this room!

As for changing the bulb of your bathroom recessed LED spotlight ..:

- Put 2 fingers on each side of your spotlight cover ;

- Press lightly and turn with both fingers simultaneously to unscrew it;

- Remove the bulb