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Showing 1 - 35 of 35 items

How to change the bulb of a bathroom recessed spotlight?

The bathroom recessed spotlight is one of these luminaires especially suitable for wet areas. How to choose the right waterproof spotlight? How to install a shower spotlight ? What is an ip44 spotlight ? How to change the bulb of a bathroom spotlight ? Here are our answers to the most frequently asked questions in order to facilitate your purchase on the online store of Côté Lumière !

What is the difference between a bathroom recessed spotlight and a standard spotlight?

The bathroom is a wet room. What's more, in many cases, it has no windows and therefore no natural light. This is where the bathroom LED spotlight can play an important and multifaceted role in lighting the bathroom.

In the first case, this type of luminaire has been specially designed to resist splashes and water projections as well as ambient humidity: it is IP (Protection Index) classified. For example, you can equip your washroom with IP44 spotlight (if the installation area is fully splash-proof) or IP65 LED spotlight (if water splashes or splashes are expected).

bathroom recessed spotlight

What are the differences between the IP44 bathroom recessed spotlight and the IP65 recessed spotlight?

After reading our article "IP protection in detail" to learn more, you will undoubtedly be able to answer this question on your own. In any case, please note that :

The IP44 bathroom recessed spotlight can be installed at a height of up to 60 cm around the bathtub or shower and walls (up to 2.25 m high).

The IP65 bathroom spotlight is waterproof against splashes and jets of water from all directions. It is therefore perfect to go over the shower!

Important reminder about electrical safety in the bathroom

The different areas that make up a bathroom

The specialists divided the bathroom into 4 zones, also called volumes, each zone representing a different level of electrical dangerousness :

Volume 0: this is the interior volume of the shower tray or bathtub. No lighting fixtures are allowed in this area, except for those directly mounted in the factory by the manufacturer.

Volume 1: this is the space located in the shower cubicle or bathtub. The area goes up to a height of 2.55m or to the height of the shower head. The lighting allowed in this zone is class 3 of maximum 12V. They must also have a Protection Index (IP) of X4.

Volume 2: this zone starts just after volume 1. It is located in a radius of 60 cm around the end of volume 1 for a height of 2.25 meters. The authorized luminaires are at least IP44 minimum and class 2.

Volume 3: this is the horizontal space that begins at the end of volume 2 for a width of 2.40 m. Only class 1 or 2 devices operating with 230 volts are authorized in this zone. Subject to protection by means of a high-sensitivity differential device of 30 mA maximum.

Out of volume: the height limit is 2.5 m above volumes 1 and 2. In this zone, the authorized luminaires must be class 1 and 2 with a minimum IP x3. They must be protected by a high-sensitivity differential device of 30 mA maximum. In addition, as the light source is close to the bathtub or shower tray, the luminaire shall have a high IP rating. If you opt for recessed fixture, an IP65 bathroom spotlight is preferable.

Electrical safety zones in the bathroom

The advantages of recessed spotlights?

If you are still hesitating about purchasing your bathroom fixture, please note that bathroom recessed LED spotlight has gained popularity over the years for many good reasons ..:

- Their style is generally uncluttered, elegant and modern;

- Find on our online store a wide range of designs and finishes;

- The bathroom recessed spotlight is the ideal space-saving fixture because it can be fixed in surfaces such as false ceilings ;

- This light source provides direct lighting in the bathroom;

- This type of luminaire tends to enlarge rooms.

Where to install ip65 waterproof bathroom recessed LED spotlight 12v?

The answer to this question is applicable to any type of recessed spotlight for the bathroom. Thus, this luminaire can be fixed in any surface, whether it is :

- From the ceiling,

- Walls,

- Around or above the shower cubicle,

- Around or above the bathtub ;

- Around or above the mirrors ;

- Under shelves, closets and cupboards or any other bathroom furniture

Want to modulate the brightness, for example, to soften it when you take baths or increase it to its maximum for shaving? Install a dimmer to get a dimmable light source!

Light for bathroom

How to choose the right voltage?

When buying your bathroom recessed spotlight, you can choose between two different voltages:

- Voltage of 220 V: for all-purpose use; this is the most common supply voltage. For the bathroom, it will be, for example, the 220v LED recessed spotlight without transformer.

- TBT, Very Low Voltage of 12 V, to be fixed outside the area subject to water projections (Volume 2).

The bathroom recessed spotlight is equipped with a special lampholder format and is subject to a different voltage than the one used, for example, in your living room. Specifically, in the bathroom, you will opt for a 12V waterproof spotlight, while in the other, you will prefer an extra-flat ceiling recessed LED spotlight 220v. Type "ip65 waterproof LED spotlight for bathroom ip65 waterproof 12v" on our search engine to find all available models!

How do I change a bathroom recessed spotlight bulb?

- Turn off the power ;

- Unhook the spotlight from the ceiling by unscrewing the hubcap or by removing the clip that is located at the bulb;

- Remove the bulb by giving it half a quarter turn and then gently pull it down;

- Insert the new bulb by reversing the previous steps.

How to change a bathroom recessed spotlight?

To change an old spot against your brand new purchase at Côté Lumière, here are the steps to follow:

- Turn off the power at the circuit breaker ;

- Unscrew and unplug the spotlight to be replaced: unhook the springs that rest on the sides, then pull gently on the fixture.

- Memorize the wire connections ;

- Position the new spotlight respecting the location of each wire ;

- Insert the new spotlight by hanging it on the springs you left in place;

- Screw on the new spotlight and turn the power back on.

Important: if you lack DIY skills and knowledge of electrical work, entrust this task to a certified professional!

Côté Lumière's team is at your service for an easy and quiet purchase!

If you are planning to equip yourself with bathroom recessed spotlight, please ask all the questions you have before you buy: what is the best waterproof ip65 bathroom recessed LED spotlight 220v? How to finalize my purchase? We answer you by phone or email!