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Showing 1 - 60 of 85 items

Bright furniture design, luminous ball, light box and light bar.

Some people often have an unfortunate habit of neglecting the light fixtures in their homes. And yet, these objects are among the main elements not to be forgotten in order to obtain a house and garden that are at the same time elegant, well decorated and luminous.

Illuminate your interior and exterior with the leading brands of luminous furniture: Slide - Moree

There's nothing like a luminous piece of furniture to add cachet to your evenings. Whether you are looking for a decorative element or a luminous furniture creating unique atmospheres, we have what you need.
Outdoor luminous ball, bar stool, luminous table, luminous bar, luminous pot, design luminous armchair, the choice is not lacking at Côté Lumière.
By providing a multicoloured RGB LED bulb, it will even be possible to program the colour change or to select the desired colour with the remote control, for a unique effect.
Batteries are available for some models, if you do not wish to have a cable running through your interior or if you do not have external sockets provided at this location. Simple, elegant and effective, the bright furnitureis clearly the trend to come, whether indoors or outdoors, for your evenings with friends or other events.
We also offer many objects to create garden furniture or other outdoor design lighting.

A lounge bar to dazzle the audience

Having a bar at home is just great, a project that many people would like to do to light up their aperitifs and evenings until the end of the night. Designing a bar at home allows you to receive friends or family members and organise your events around a drink in a playful way. The setting up of a luminous bar requires some criteria such as the place and the space available to install it on the terrace or in the ideal corner of the garden. If you don't have an electrical outlet available, no problem, it is always possible to provide a Candy Light and wireless module to be integrated into the lighting furniture.

The type and shape of bar you want to create must be determined beforehand.
The question is: which bar counter is compatible with your space and taste? If you have the answer, the realization will be all the easier.
On the other hand, if you have difficulties in answering, do not hesitate to consult us because we can think together about your needs, the space you have and your budget to find the combination of modules and lighting decor that will suit you best. After that, think about the various pieces of furniture that will accompany your bar. To know more about it: Ice cube tray, outdoor bar stool and other important details that can complete the practical and aesthetic aspect of your bar. Luminous objects are essential to accentuate the conviviality of your decoration and bring a certain joie de vivre to the occupants. Therefore, a luminous bar would be the ideal place to receive your guests. It can be fixed or mobile depending on your use with or without wires according to your needs. The luminous furniture is made of Polyethylene, which allows it to be not only non-corrosive, but also UV resistant. The luminous furniture is therefore relatively light, heavy enough to resist the wind, but relatively light enough to move and store it when winter comes. Now it's up to you to play with the customization of your bar and its various accessories to make it as unique as possible! You can add an ICE BAR as an ice cube tray to store your bottles of champagne, a luminous Snake bench or a luminous Ypsilon coffee table. You are a professional, you are looking for a bar with your logo on it, it is also possible to place your logo on it, a guaranteed effect for your event!

The importance of decorative lighting in your garden

Day or night, your garden needs to be enhanced. We recommend that you opt for our beautiful light balls or multicoloured light cubes to create the right atmosphere and add a trendy touch to your garden. Speaking of light spheres, this is the most popular model in the field of designer and decorative lighting for garden design. Its main quality is to provide a soft and diffused light while giving the right amount of light.
The LED luminous globe perfectly decorates the lawn and depending on the bulb temperature you choose, it will be possible to give cooler or warmer shades and accentuate the desired atmosphere.
You have a swimming pool or a body of water, are you looking for a luminous ball that floats? It is also possible, in the evening, to float a luminous pool light ball, guaranteed effect. The luminous cube has more or less the same properties, more rectilinear, it can also be used as a luminous table equipped with wireless Led to decorate a summer aperitif or as a luminous coffee table for your living room. The LED light cube is available in several colours and in several sizes ranging from 30 to 40 cm, it is also possible to have a wireless outdoor light cube. Whether you choose to place a luminous object or a series composed of different sizes, they will illuminate in an original way your alleys, your terrace or your garden.

Illuminate your plants with a luminous flowerpot

Not all our plants will necessarily go into the ground, some of them cannot stand to spend the winter outside and others can simply punctuate our terraces with a green imprint. With our different models, the Y-Pot Light brings a modern touch to our terraces and enhances your plants, a simple idea to give dimension and decorate your exterior while adding a touch of light.
The Y-Pot Light is available in different sizes ranging from 50 cm to 150 cm white.
When switched off, the white Y-Pot Light cover blends into the decor. Once lit, it gives depth and adds an extra design touch to your terrace.
Discover at Côté Lumière our different pot shapes and colours according to your use and your taste.

The importance of the outdoor luminaire

As has been mentioned many times in the previous paragraphs, outdoor lighting adds value and depth to your garden.
When evening comes, a few touches of light bring another dimension to your garden. In addition to being reassuring, they give a warm atmosphere.
At Côté Lumière, designer and inexpensive lighting furniture is possible!
Good decorating ideas are all you need to create a real atmosphere for your garden. For strictly decorative uses, the ideal is to opt for indirect lighting fixtures. It is recommended to place high-power LED or halogen spotlights at a specific corner to illuminate the various pathways, the garage entrance or the front door. The orientation of these spots is very important in order to provide the right amount of light without dazzling you. The effect would be all the more unpleasant.
For your other decorative lighting, keep in mind that everything must remain strictly decorative and subtle. There's no need to feel like you're at Christmas with a garland of lights and a flashing deer in the middle of July.
It's also important to manage the installation of electrical cables so as not to destroy the decor. It is preferable that they be installed before or during the actual design of the garden. If not, if this installation was not planned, you will always be able to have your cables run along your walls and repaint them in the colour of the support where they will be installed. If the installation has to be done in your garden, no problem, with a simple shovel, you will just have to spread your land apart and bury the cable in a depth of 20 cm.
If neither of the two solutions is possible, it is possible to provide lighting using solar energy. Lamps that are equipped with this system accumulate energy during the day and use it at night. Many manufacturers are now opting for this system because it improves product longevity, reduces customer costs and above all prevents errors or damage to electrical connections.

Small luminous ball for your living room:

Do you want to place a small light ball with colour change for your interior?
Philips offers you a light ball that changes colour. The Philips Living colors lamp collection consists of round Micro or Iris lamps and conical Aura and Bloom lamps that are controlled with a remote control.
How does it work?
The instructions for using the remote control are relatively simple. First press the I (on) and 0 (off) button on the remote control.
To select the desired colour, simply rotate your finger on the colour circle.
For random or automatic change mode, move your finger clockwise around the colour circle. Make a full turn and briefly press I (on)