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Set of 3 home automation power ON/OFF sockets - Remote control


Material(s)Synthetic materials
Guarantee2 years

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The set of 3 ON/OFF home automation sockets is similar to 3 sockets on the same support, i.e. a 3 in 1 control, which allows you to remotely control your lamps and electrical appliances. From now on, a simple action is all it takes to turn your luminaire on or off. From the same stand, you could connect your electronics and appliances. It has the advantage of operating in any outlet inside the house. This white Elimex brand product is equipped with a remote control and 3 switches to facilitate access to each connection. In addition, the switch is compatible with all outlets in your home. It also works with high power lamps. In fact, it can support all lamps up to 1150 W.

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Among the product features, the set of 3 ON/OFF home automation outlets contains 32 codes. The 12V~ - 23A battery of its remote control is included. The latter carries a long-lasting battery designed to last. In addition, its transmission range can be up to 25 meters for easy use.