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All your suspensions and design chandeliers for your interior

Join the fun by having a suspension design in your home. Check out our collection of Pendant lighting for every room of your home.

If you are looking for a light, why not opt for design patterns? On side light you can find a wide range of design lamps to light up your interior while contributing to your decoration. Side light you can find a wide choice of fixtures of all styles.

If before the suspension luminaire especially had a functional purpose to bring light into a room, today they become genuine parts for your inner grace to their more assertive styles. In addition to the traditional lampshades, now some lights and some ceiling lights become real works of art created by renowned designers. Rest assured, design does not necessarily mean expensive, with side light, it will be possible to find a cheap chandelier or a designer lamp for your living room at the best price. Don't hesitate to discover our catalog of available models, among others you will find the chrome lamp with its shade completely metal, which gives it a sturdy but elegant appearance. For those who prefer a more sleek design, opt for the industrial suspension with its diffuser metal hemisphere-shaped connected by a cable to a base metal. rather rounded shape and his nice black color will give glow to your room. But if you like natural structures, discover without waiting for our range of wooden LED lightings. The combination of wood and metal give an impression of warmth and comfort to all, so it's the ideal lamp for a living room. If you have kids, ceiling lights adapted to the children's bedrooms are also available, for example lamps Spiderman for boys and for girls snow Queen, to change eternal blue and pink colors.

From now on, forget conventional lighting and swear by a suspension luminaire design that will bring character to your home.

What design chandelier and suspension design you choose for your living room?

Lighting is part of the essential points of a project development or the living room makeover. Indeed, since the latter is one of the main parts of the housing, it is important to ensure that the light is perfectly fits with the style of selected Interior. For this, the lighting must harmonize with the design and configuration of space. Currently, suspended lamps are the most popular models of Interior lights. These lighting equipment are available in many versions to better meet the needs of consumers. But what kind of suspension luminaire suitable for your living room? What living room chandelier to choose for certainly design and optimal brightness?

The different types of suspensions and chandeliers available

They are usually part of the same class of Interior lights. Their difference lies in their structure since the former can be equipped with several light bulbs while the latter support only one light source. Of course, current technologies have allowed manufacturers to create models of innovative lamps. In all cases and according to the professionals, equipment can differ according to the type of lighting and the adopted style.

The models proposed depending on the lighting

A chandelier light suspension broadcasts

In this case, the support is equipped with several light bulbs or a frosted globe, a lighting mode that characterizes particularly lamp large sizes. The light output is useful for a main lighting in a room. It is often advised to supplement your lighting by a bedside lamp to ask or a lamppost benefit from other sources of light in the evening. Currently, with the LED technology, it is possible to have high power bulbs (which replace the CFLs) for this type of lamp.

A concentrated light bulb suspension

With this other model, the light produced is powerful. Lighting equipment has a reflector or a Lampshade to optimize the enlightening effect. This is what makes the lamp can produce an average of 200 to 300 lux illumination. Moreover, the angle of the beam is wide enough to illuminate a large area. The result will be more interesting if the lighting is suitable for the size of the room as well as the style of Interior and decoration.

The decorative suspension

In this case, it is distinguished by its very decorative. The amount of scattered light is quite low since the support of lighting is complemented by an opaque element (the broadcaster). These models of lighting often supplement the previous ones in order to intensify the rendering in a room. They are especially recommended for living rooms or spacious living or high ceiling rooms. But the equipment can also be used to optimize the brightness on a vertical space.


And the style?

They should be categorized according to the style in which they were intended, we could classify them into three sections. The first is that of the baroque chandelier, it is a classic lamp composed of tassels Bohemian crystal. Lightings that include industrial suspension models. The industrial style lamp is generally accompanied by a metal chain and comes in different versions depending on the shape and the material. It is also possible to have a contemporary chandelier, which, however, adopts an industrial style.

The second category is that of equipment in Crystal. Whether it's a Scandinavian suspension or a modern chandelier, lighting support stands out for its elegant side and sometimes even extravagant which will give a luxurious touch to the décor. Finally, you have the last section which brings together design pieces. With these models of modern suspension and very much in vogue, the show is an original atmosphere. The suspension design and the chandelier Scandinavian trend are also available in different shapes and colors.

Chandelier and suspension: how to choose her living room fixture?

The brand is often the first thing that comes to mind when purchasing a luminaire. Indeed, a well-known brand and who enjoys a certain reputation is always synonymous of quality. However, different criteria should really be taken into consideration if we want to select the appropriate model. According to feedback consumers and the advice of experts, here are the most important.

The dimensions of the support of lighting

A hanging lamp can be large, medium, small or even minimalist. The configuration of the room will be useful in order to select the right equipment. The large size lamps or standards are preferable if the living room is very spacious, or if the ceiling is high. However, billiards chandeliers or pendants of average size will be more interesting if space is quite limited. If the room has a table placed in the Middle, the dimensions of the piece of furniture can be a very good indication. Professionals believe that for a table 90 cm wide, the diameter of the lamp should be 60 cm approximately.

In regards to the height, they are usually adjustable to adapt the distance to the ceiling height. The cable length can be adjusted with adjustment mechanism. Of course, the lighting power will vary. For this reason, it is important to find the ideal distance (either 100 cm above the table). And where the living room is equipped with a lower Cabinet or if there is no table, a minimum height of 2 m above the ground is recommended.
It is important to remember that if your ceiling height allows ' the installation of a chandelier, you can always place a ceiling design.

Colours, forms and materials

The choice of the material depend on the desires of each. The important is to ensure that the support of lighting emphasizes the decoration. A metal suspension or a brass chandelier is perfect for a contemporary or industrial style. But maybe you want to highlight the cosy atmosphere and elegance in your living room. The suspension wood or fabric will then be the perfect equipment. The noble material (or the Web) will create a wonderful contrast in the room.

The suspension of glass, on the other hand, is highly recommended for design. Always on the last point, you should know that suspension pen or paper models are also available. The chandelier feather as other versions of special coatings fixtures bring a touch of whimsy to the central room of the House. Of course, you can mix materials to create a still more design effect if the lounge is spacious enough.

The choice of color often goes hand in hand with that of the material. The suspension of black or White gloss are classics when it comes lighting of living room. But for a still more refined effect, you can also opt for a light gray copper or a metal black chrome chandelier.

Finally, the shape is also a test to remember. Media can be round, square, oval, elongated, or dishes. The chandelier ball or ball fixture is one of the most sought-after models. But some manufacturers also offer racks of lighting in the original geometric forms. Include, for example, the hanging cloud-shaped lamps that have caught the attention of the public at fairs dedicated to interior design. And what about those chandeliers that resemble a rope through the ceiling or lamp whose shape is inspired by the jellyfish? The creators actually compete for the sake of consumers.

Other important aspects

In case you hesitate between two models that have the same characteristics, type of bulb used can be a decisive element. LED is currently the best technology, the ideal would be to have bulbs that use this lighting system. The LED bulb, let us recall, is distinguished by its high durability and low power consumption.

In addition, you may also consider accessories used to control the spread of light. Lamps can be accompanied by various switch models. The pushbuttons and those zippers are very popular nowadays. Moreover, some equipment have dimmers of intensity in order to easily adjust the brightness. For what is lampholders, best current media are equipped with an input socket E14 or a GU10.

Tips for installation

Installation has always a necessary step when it comes to lighting equipment. The task can sometimes seem hard when you're not very versed in electricity and wired. However, according to professionals, the work can certainly be easy to carry out thanks to some good practices.

It is important to remember that lighting systems are subject to the famous NF - C 15-100 standard. The latter was adopted for the safety of electrical installations, whether it's a light dining room or other room chandelier. The regulation defines, for example, the amount of light sources that can be in a room (on the surface). The respect of this rule is a guarantee of comfort and well-being for the occupants. The standard is regularly revised taking into account the needs of consumers in terms of construction and renovation. Anyway, here are the tips from the experts for those who are planning to install themselves their lights.

Materials for ask a fixture suspended from the ceiling

The connection will require the use of various tools and accessories. DIY enthusiasts will certainly already have a few of these facilities at home. But if you have decided to apply for the first time in the task, need you a drill-driver or possibly a screwdriver and a drill.

Lighting equipment are generally delivered with screws. However, should also provide some in case it fails. In addition, you will also need pliers and pliers wire stripper to prepare the wires as well as an ankle and a mounting bracket (if the kit is not complete). Finally, you will probably need a black pencil for marking.

The fixing stage

Although laying techniques may vary depending on the model, setting is practically the first phase of the installation of a hanging lamp. In the case of a former housing without casing DCL, the task will begin with the power off to the circuit. We can then place the hook taking into account the direction of arrival of the electric wires. It does this in pencil point tracking most closely before breaking through and getting a hole that has the same diameter as the ankle. Then just insert it. Finally, the clasp will be well screwed in order to support the weight of the lamp.

If it is a new home equipped with a casing DCL, the electrical connections are camouflaged. A socket will then connect the luminaire. You can remove it from the DCL housing and separate it from the plug using a declipsant device. Then remove the screws and plug the cables of the lamp to the form. Of course, this will be the colors of the wires. Just after reconnecting the plug and hang the cable to hook the box.

The suspended luminaire mounting

The installation will proceed with the laying of the cable of the luminaire. In case the lamp is pre-assembled, the cord will be already inserted in the holes of the grip. Otherwise, it will pass the cable through these two holes (or those of the bar attached to the hook). Then we strip the wires of the fixture and we screwed them to the domino. We reinstall the cable cover and ensures well screw light bulbs before you turn the power back on. If the lamp is equipped with a Lampshade, must first be inserted to the level of the socket and fix using a ring blocking before installing (s) the light bulb (s).

Feel free to search all our topics in interior lights to find the model that meets your expectations. Many styles are available. Also, learn the latest trends in interior decoration. To facilitate your navigation on our store, we have installed on our selection of lamps a sort by features. This research module is located on the left of the products. And if nevertheless pursuing your research isn't your suspension fixture in our catalogue, do not hesitate to contact us, we will make every effort to respond to your request and find the right product for your research centers.


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