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Buying a solar lamp: which model to choose?

The solar lamp is an economical luminaire because it is rechargeable with sunlight. Here are our advices to use it in an optimal way in your garden.

If you have decided to buy an outdoor luminaire and more specifically an outdoor solar lamp from our online store, good idea! This type of light source will add an extra touch to the landscaping while providing some flexibility in the design of the garden. To get the most out of each solar lamp, learn how to place this type of product efficiently, how to maintain it so that it lasts a long time, read this article!

Solar Lamp

How does an outdoor solar lamp work?

A solar garden lamp is a lighting system composed of LED lamp, solar panel, battery, charge controller. In some cases, it can also be equipped with an inverter. The battery will be charged with solar energy during the day by photovoltaic solar panels, which it will convert into electricity.

The production of electricity ceases once the sun sets, activating the photoresistance, which detects the absence of light. It will then activate the battery, which powers the LED.

The importance of the level of protection of your garden solar lamp

Intended to equip the outside of your home, each solar light will have to scrupulously respect the official safety standards. It is therefore important to check the Index of Protection (IP) of this type of material, which must be impervious to solid and liquid bodies, as you would do for the lights in your bathroom. Discover our complete article on the Index of Protection (IP)!

How to properly charge the panels of a solar outdoor lighting?

For the first use, expose your solar light to direct sunlight for about 5 to 10 charge cycles during the day and discharge cycles at night. This will not only allow the battery to charge to full capacity, but will also provide long-lasting solar lighting for at least 8 hours after dark.

In the vast majority of cases, the panels are installed on top of the solar outdoor lamp. Their orientation is therefore an essential criterion for an efficient and optimal use of your outdoor garden lighting. What to remember :

For panels loaded to their maximum capacity, place your solar luminaire in an outdoor space with 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight daily.

Beware of trees, walls or roofs that could generate shade on the solar panels. This will reduce the loading rate during the day.

If you want to use solar outdoor lighting with sensor for more safety in your garden, think about the angle of panel tilt! Specialists recommend an ideal tilt angle of 35° to the horizontal axis in France with a southern orientation. However, this figure is not engraved in marble, since other factors, such as the distance to the south, etc., will have to be taken into consideration.

Good to know

The efficiency of the solar panels of a solar terminal depends strongly on the geographical location and weather conditions!

Where to put a solar outdoor lamp?

The place where you will install your solar lamp will play on the amount of energy absorbed by your luminaire. Moreover, with an optimal use, you will make significant savings on your electricity bills while contributing to the protection of the environment! Our advices :

The highest level: the higher the solar garden lamp is, the more sunlight it will collect! Look for the highest area and plant your outdoor solar spotlight.

Avoid traffic areas: lawn mowers, lawn trimmers, cars, people... protect your solar lamps by moving them away from areas that are too close to driveways. Also make sure that they are visible enough so that no one trips over them!

Maximize the amount of sunlight: find the areas with the least sunlight most of the time. Study the shadows cast by the roof of your home, branches and any other obstacles whose shadows lengthen and shift during the day.

Solar Lighting

Can other lighting sources interfere with solar lighting?

Whether it's a solar-powered outdoor floodlight, a solar wall light or a solar spotlight, the idea is almost the same: the luminaire switches on and off automatically thanks to a sensor capable of detecting the surrounding light level. It is therefore important that this sensor is well positioned, ideally away from any artificial lighting source such as porch light or street lighting. In this way, you will preserve the sensitivity of the solar sensor to sunlight.

How to clean the panels of a solar garden lamp?

Whether it is a solar LED floodlight or solar outdoor wall light, photovoltaic panels should be free of debris and dust. By cleaning them regularly, the battery will always be properly charged and most importantly, will last longer!

Wipe the panels with a dry cloth and warm, slightly soapy water.

When to replace the battery of a solar outdoor lamp?

We generally recommend changing the battery of any solar-powered outdoor light every two years to preserve its ability to store solar energy.

If your area is prone to inclement weather or long winters, an annual change is recommended.

How to store a solar lamp?

This type of product is specially developed for outdoor use all year round. However, if you need to keep it indoors for more than three days, here are the right gestures to follow:

- Choose a dry storage space with a temperature that is neither too high nor too low.

- Whenever possible, place the solar panel toward sunlight or an artificial source to maintain the battery during storage.

- In case of prolonged storage, each solar lamp should be fully discharged, but also charged at least once a month. If this is not possible, remove the battery and replace it when necessary.

- It is not advisable to store your solar light for too long a period of time.

Energy saving, with, for example, solar LED spotlight, increased safety through solar outdoor lighting with motion detector, beautification with solar garden light, the world of solar light is large enough to create a pleasant outdoor space, where you can easily walk around after the sunset.

Côté Lumière's team is at your disposal by phone and email to help you choose the right outdoor sunlight! We accompany you before, during and after your purchase!