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Outdoor lights

Decorate your home inside and outside with our selection of luminaires. Our range of outdoor lighting is designed to enhance the exterior of your home. The outdoor luminaires each have their specific features. For example the outdoor lights can be different styles depending on whether it is a light on the terrace or a garden lighting.

Looking for the ideal luminaire for your outdoor spaces? Discover our wide range of products including wall lights, street lamps, LED spotlight, recessed spots or lamps with motion detector.

For your outdoor lighting, we offer different types of outdoor lights suitable for your tastes and to figure your home. From € 10, you have the choice between many brands meeting all tastes and all budgets; ranging from the most simple and practical model to the real works combining decoration and lighting.

For the lighting of your patio, opt for wall or ceiling lights with hot for a cozy and warm tones. Terrace lighting can also be insured by a bright object that will brighten any room such as chairs, ice or armchair with integrated lamp tray. For lighting garden or big open spaces, prefer the spots outdoor recessed or suspended, or even to the outside lights which provide enough light for all your outdoor spaces.

Beyond decoration, choose outdoor lighting to also ensure the safety of your home; you will be satisfied with wall lights with motion sensor models.

Whether it's a garden, a balcony or a terrace, outdoor lighting will allow you to get a good vibe even when the Sun is gone, to enlighten your beautiful summer evenings. Come and discover our lamps for a modern and exceptional outdoor terrace.

The most classic to the most contemporary, we have something for everyone.

If you are hesitant about the choice of fixtures for your patio, Garden, or also if you have many questions for example how for installation, or that you may encounter technical problems for example the best ways to ask your outdoor wall lightingto make connections that seem to complex... Don't panic! This guide will try to provide the answers to your questions and allow you to carry out the realization of your installation.

How to fix an outside light fixture?

Implantation or the installation of a lighting system requires some technical knowledge and safety standards. Already you should know that there are some differences for a lighting gardenterrace, or balcony. Indeed, the types of connections can be different depending on the type of chosen equipment, suspension, wall, spot, projector, or Terminal. Cables can be connected directly to the meter or planted on a junction box, and all this integrated into the façade or buried under the ground.
The recommendations are more or less standard to set a Solar outdoor lighting or for a simple outdoor lighting, but the details will be provided below. So safety standards are imposed and should be imperatively respected them. To avoid the risk of electric shock, ensure that the electric circuit at the circuit breaker is cut and keep more current residual circulating. Then he must draw a precise map of space to have a visualization of the location of terminals and the route of the cables. To what is electric sleeves, they are watertight to connect properly to the Earth. Especially for a garden, high index of protection equipment are to be preferred, because for the installation of a product will be permanently wet. The best route for the gaines is along the borders to protect the plantations or the lawn. The next step is to lay down a bed of sand to the bottom of trenches, because often the rain water stagnate at the level of the sheath. It will also ask a warning fence of electric cable above the installation of the outdoor lamp postThis will avoid potential dangers to your children. What are the important points and more or less standard, but it is adequate to see the specific facilities.

How to install a outdoor applique ?

If you want to light your patio or garden with a apply Outdoor LED for example, you need to ensure you have an electric line on the front of the House out. This benefit saves you big jobs.
Equipment includes the external wall which can be equipped with a detector, a light bulb that consumes little as an LED, a spirit level, a drill, a drill in concrete, pliers, wire stripper, pliers and a screwdriver.
Let's start by setting the base of your design outdoor luminaire on the wall, passing the power cables. Then you have to connect the wires of the applies to power cables with dominoes. Cabling falls into the wall and closes on its wall base. You can set the delay time and twilight sensitivity to the screwdriver for those who are equipped, and try to turn it on.

How to install a top projector or a Terminal?

The projector or the Terminal light garden moved often in the garden or at the sight of a small path. The necessary equipment for this type of outdoor light so for the work on the ground.
You will then need boots and gloves, a pick, a spade, a shovel, of gaines, warning NET, grommet, of screwdriver, a hammer, nails jumpers, waterproof electric fittings.
The steps are not complex, as it comes to terracing and digging trenches in the place where to fix the Garden lamp. You can then put your ductwork and connect the wiring. Then it takes, connect the installation to the counter and finally install the control box.

How to mount a built-in spotlight ?

To install a spot in a deck for example, you will need a drill, a saw Bell, a meter, sandpaper, wire, and of a drill-driver.
Using the drill, make holes corresponding to the diameter of the spot. Then do the wiring under the terrace before you connect the lamps to the transformer. Then fasten the spot on the terrace with the screws with the screwdriver.
When buying your recessed spots, check that missing you your outdoor accessories such as a transformer or converter if your spots are in low voltage.

How to choose his outdoor luminaire?

Whether it islighting outdoor gardenon a terrace, or a driveway, some types of lights are more suitable than others for a matter of aesthetics, functionality or security. Indeed, lights well decorate your yard by illuminating your flowers, but you illuminate the markets also at night. For more specific as products the Solar lamp, to make his choice, sometimes just to be specific about his tastes and preferences.

For what purposes?

It is handy to have a full and light very bright to illuminate all areas of your terrace or garden. However, a lighting outdoor-terrace too bright and not calculated what gives an air of abundance without too much subtlety to your decoration. Then he'd set your lighting needs and take into account the atmosphere and the resulting design.
This is to differentiate the lights for every part of the Court. You can be a type of atmosphere in the driveway in returning, but another when your gaze at the bed of flowers, or even the pool. According to the part of the Court, the need is so different. For the driveway, it is possible to have a outdoor lighting with sensor non-permanent that fires alone and turns off when you switch. More lighting at the level of the driveway doesn't have to be too powerful for not to obstruct your view, or dazzle you.

So you can focus on the aesthetic or decorative side for the parties not having too many needs in amount of light. A convivial atmosphere would be welcome for a lighting-terrace. It is also advisable to opt for the outdoor spot Solar for a feature and make energy savings.

Types of luminaires

The spots meet a lot of success in recent decades. THEoutdoor lighting LED is very appreciated, because the light is soft. In addition, they are convenient because they can be either recessed or buried, and the lighting angle is adjustable. They are often installed to illuminate the steps of a staircase or illuminate a terrace by the ground.

Them outdoor spotlight However offer powerful lighting, and focus on your security. And designed to enlighten all night, you can safely choose the LED outdoor lamp who consumes little energy, but provides sufficient power. They exist in rotating model, motion sensor, and light sensor to automatically turn off at sunrise of the day.

For an external input, a façade or a terrace, applied or the outdoor suspension makes your home more stylish according to your tastes and needs. Existing unlimited forms, they highlight the edge of the House. You have the possibility to choose according to the architecture of your home, and also choose the direction of lighting.

The outdoor ceiling light or the streetlights are currently very solicited, they give a classic look to your yard. In addition their high and powerful lights will illuminate with high efficiency. It is enough of a few terminals to illuminate and give a good atmosphere around the lawn.

The outdoor luminaire can also be simply decorative and adjustable according to your desires and the season; a light balls, a lamppost design, a bright bar...
The furniture and light object will complete your decoration to the first of your pool or as extra on your patio furniture.
In this same idea of portable lamp, it is often convenient to the center of the table one table lamp outdoorto prolong your dinner on the terrace and bring you a quantity of light enough and sweet evening.

He must choose theoutdoor lighting According to the need. It must determine, balancing the need for practicality and aesthetic needs. A too powerful and too vague light not going to a narrow alley.

To use bulbs must be strategic. For your outdoor lightyou will have to choose between bulbs consuming very little that will be used on a short-term basis and deemed LEDs that consuming too little and is suitable to long activities.

Must adjust and direct lighting. A good direction of lights makes them more efficient and gives a good bright harmony. And if you badly set settings automatic ignition of the motion detector or extinction, they lose their safe features.

Finally, I prefer sustainable materials. For a Garden lampStainless or aluminium media support of changes in temperature and humidity. In addition, they adapt to the playgrounds.

What power for an outdoor light?

As for the power, each type of outdoor lamp corresponds to an energy consumption and a quantity of scattered light. But it of course depends on its usefulness.
You have the choice between lights to low light, but scattered in numbers, or powerful lamps asked to spread enough light.
However, the superfluous in number of LED outdoor luminaires and amount of lighting is still to avoid to do no harm to the design of the House. Classic style homes are more value with lamps outdoor vintage wall or suspended. And the current European houses better equip themselves in the style LED spot lamps.
The choice of the fixtures to use also depends on your power source. This is to take into account the most ergonomic consumption. If you live in the countryside and relax in solar energy, choose one Outdoor LED street light or a LED projector. These bear better the long-term use with less overheating; that promotes development of your generator and more. Besides, the energy gained the day can suffice all night if you choose batteries and converters of good quality.
Halogen lamps used since of course provide more heat as to the outdoor light atmosphere obtained. But on a power consumption ratio LED lights won on the old lamps.
It is the same for a home in the city, except that public generators are more resistant and more suited to the large consumption requires a powerful outdoor Lantern to halogen bulb.
In addition, there are equivalents of power between LED lamps and halogen lamps. For example, we see often appear "5W = 50W". This means that the LED bulb in question consumes only 5 Watts, but offers a Outdoor LED lighting approximate a 50 Watts halogen.
To be more precise, we can measure the luminous flux from one LED outdoor light in lumens (lm) or lux (lm / m2). To control the power clear and so consumed, it is important to consider the luminous flux.




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