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Outdoor light

Decorate your home from the inside and out with our selection of lighting fixtures. Our range of outdoor lighting is designed to enhance the exterior of your home. Outdoor lighting each have their own specific features. For example, outdoor lamps can be of different styles depending on whether they are used for terrace lighting or garden lighting.

Looking for the ideal luminaire for your outdoor spaces? Come and discover our wide range of products including wall lights, street lamps, LED projectors, recessed spotlights or even lamps with motion detector.

For your outdoor lighting, we offer you different types of outdoor lamps adapted to your tastes and to the decoding of your home. From €10, you can choose from a wide range of brands to suit all desires and budgets, from the simplest and most practical model to real works combining decoration and lighting.

For the lighting of your terrace, choose wall or ceiling lights with warm colors for a cosy and warm atmosphere. Terrace lighting can also be provided by a bright object that will illuminate the whole room, such as sun loungers, ice cube trays or armchairs with integrated lamps. For garden lighting or large open spaces, use recessed or suspended outdoor spotlights, or even towards outdoor spotlights that will provide enough light for all your outdoor spaces.

Beyond decoration, choose outdoor lighting to also ensure the safety of your home; you will be satisfied with the wall lamp models with motion detector.

Whether it is a garden, a balcony or a terrace, outdoor lighting will provide you with a good atmosphere even when the sun is gone, to light up your beautiful summer evenings. Come and discover our lamps for a modern and exceptional outdoor terrace.

From the most classic to the most contemporary style, we have something for everyone.

If you are unsure about the right choice of lighting for your terrace, garden or also if you have many questions, for example how to proceed with the installation, or if you have more technical problems, for example the best ways to install your outdoor wall lighting, to make connections that seem complex...no panic! This short guide will try to provide you with answers to your questions and allow you to successfully complete your installation.

How to fix an outdoor lighting ?

The choice of location or installation of a lighting system requires only a few technical skills and safety standards. Already it is important to know that there are some differences for garden, terrace or balcony lighting. Indeed, the types of connections can be different according to the type of equipment chosen, whether it is suspension, wall light, spotlight, projector, or terminal. The cables can be connected directly to the meter or transplanted onto a junction box, all integrated into the facade or buried underground.
The recommendations are more or less standard whether it is to fix solar outdoor lighting or simple outdoor lighting, but the details will be presented below. Thus, safety standards are imposed and it is imperative that they be respected. To avoid the risk of electric shock, make sure that the electrical circuit at the circuit-breaker is disconnected and that there is no residual current left flowing through it. Then it is necessary to draw a precise plan of the space to have a visualization of the location of the terminals and the cable routing. As for electrical ducts, they must be waterproof to properly connect to ground. Especially for a garden, equipment with a high protection index is to be preferred, because for the installation of a product will be done permanently in a humid environment. The best route for ducts is along the edges to preserve the plantations or lawn. The next step is to place a sand bed at the bottom of the trenches, as rainwater often stagnates in the shaft. It will also be necessary to install an electrical cable warning fence above the installation of the outdoor floor lamp, this will avoid possible dangers for your children. These are the important and more or less standard points, but it is appropriate to see the specific installations.

How to install an outdoor wall lights?

If you want to light your terrace or garden with an outdoor wall lights for example, you need to make sure you have a power line outlet on the front of the house. This advantage saves you a lot of work.
The required equipment includes the exterior wall light that can be equipped with a detector, a bulb that consumes little energy such as an LED, a spirit level, an impact drill, a concrete drill, a cutting pliers, a stripping pliers, and a screwdriver.
So start by fixing the base of your designer outdoor luminaire to the wall, while routing the power cables. Then, you have to connect the electrical wires from the wall bracket to the power cables using dominoes. The wiring is stored in the wall bracket and closes on its wall base. You can then adjust the time delay and twilight sensitivity of the screwdrivers for those equipped with them, and try to turn it on.

How to install a high projector or a terminal?

The flood light or bollard lights is often installed in the garden or at the edge of a small path. The equipment required for this type of external light is therefore for shore-based work.
You will then need boots and gloves, a pickaxe, a spade, a shovel, shovel, sheaths, warning net, grommet, screwdriver, hammer, nails, rider nails, waterproof electrical connections.
The steps are not complex, as it will only be a matter of earthwork and digging the trenches where the garden lamp is to be fixed. You can then place your ducts and connect the wiring. Then connect the installation to the meter and finally install the control box.

How to mount a recessed downlight?

To install a spotlight on a wooden terrace for example, you will need a drill, a hole saw, abrasive paper, a meter, wire, and a drill-driver.
Using the drill, make the holes corresponding to the diameter of the spot. Then do the electrical wiring under the terrace before connecting the lamps to the transformer. Then fix the spotlight on the terrace with the screws and the screwdriver.
When purchasing your built-in spotlights, make sure you do not miss your Outdoor accessories such as a transformer or converter if your spotlights are on low voltage.

How to choose your outdoor luminaire?

Whether it is outdoor lighting for the garden, on a terrace, or in an alleyway, some types of lighting are more suitable than others for aesthetic, functional or safety reasons. Indeed, the lights decorate your yard well by illuminating your flowers, but also illuminate your steps at night. For more specific products such as Outdoor solar lights, to make your choice, it is sometimes enough to be precise about your tastes and preferences.

For what needs?

It is very practical to have full and bright lighting to illuminate all parts of your terrace or garden. However, too bright and uncalculated outdoor terrace lighting only gives an air of abundance without too much subtlety to your decoration. It would then be necessary to clearly define your lighting needs and take into account the atmosphere and design obtained.
This consists in differentiating the lighting for each part of the courtyard. You can have one type of atmosphere in the driveway when you come back, but another when you contemplate the flower bed, or the swimming pool. Depending on the part of the court, the need is then different. For the aisle, it is possible to have an outdoor lighting with a non-permanent sensor that switches on by itself and off when you pass. In addition, the lighting at aisle level does not have to be too powerful not to obstruct your view, or dazzle you.

Thus, you can favour the aesthetic or decorative side for parts that do not require too much light. A friendly atmosphere would be welcome for terrace lighting. It is also advisable to opt for the solar outdoor spotlight for functionality and energy savings.

Types of lighting fixtures

Spotlights have been very successful in recent decades. Outdoor LED lighting is very popular because the scattered light is soft. In addition, they are practical, as they can be either recessed or buried, and the lighting angle is adjustable. They are often installed to illuminate the steps of a staircase or to illuminate a terrace from the ground.

Flood Lights, on the other hand, provide powerful lighting and focus on your safety. And designed to illuminate all night long, you can safely choose the Led garden lights that consumes little energy, but provides sufficient power. They are available in rotary model, with motion detector, and with light sensor to automatically switch off at daybreak.

For an outdoor entrance, a facade or a terrace, the wall light or Outdoor pendant lighting makes your decoration more stylish according to your tastes and needs. Existing in unlimited forms, they enhance the surroundings of the house. You can therefore choose them according to the architecture of your house, and also choose the direction of the lighting.

The Outdoor ceiling lights or street lamps are currently in high demand, they give a classic look to your yard. In addition, their high and powerful lights will illuminate with great efficiency. A few bollards are all it takes to light up and create a good atmosphere around the lawn.

The outdoor luminaire can also be simply decorative and movable according to your desires and the season; a light ball, a designer floor lamp, a light bar...
The Illuminated outdoor furniture will complete your decoration at the beginning of your swimming pool or as additional furniture on your terrace.
In the same idea of a nomadic lamp, it is often practical to place an outdoor table lamp in the centre of the table, in order to extend your dinner on the terrace and bring you a sufficient and soft quantity of light when the evening comes.

It is important to choose the right outdoor lighting according to the need. It is necessary to determine and balance the need for practicality and the need for aesthetics. A light that is too strong and too vague does not go to a narrow enough aisle.

The bulbs to be used must be strategic. For your outdoor lighting, you will have to choose between low-energy bulbs that will be used for a short period of time and renowned LEDs that are also low-energy and suitable for long activities.

The lighting must be properly adjusted and directed. A good direction of the lights makes them more efficient and gives a good light harmony. And if you incorrectly set the automatic power off or power on parameters of the motion detector, they lose their security features.

Finally, prefer durable materials. For a Outdoor floor lights, stainless or aluminium supports are suitable for temperature and humidity changes. In addition, they can be adapted to playgrounds.

What power for an outdoor lights?

As for the power, each type of outdoor lamp corresponds to an energy consumption and a quantity of scattered light. But of course it depends on its usefulness.
You have the choice between lightings with low luminosity, but scattered in numbers, or powerful lamps placed in such a way as to sufficiently propagate the light.
However, the superfluous number of outdoor LED lights and the amount of lighting should still be avoided so as not to affect the design of the house. Classic style homes are best enhanced with vintage wall or wall mounted outdoor lamps. And today's European houses are better equipped with LED spot lamps.
The choice of lightings to use also depends on your energy source. It is a question of taking into account the most ergonomic consumption. If you live in the countryside and you are using solar energy, choose an outdoor LED street lamp or LED floodlight. These are more resistant to long service life with less overheating, which also makes it easier to fit out your generator. Moreover, the energy saved during the day can be enough all night if you choose good quality batteries and converters.
The halogen lamps used since then naturally offer more heat for the ambient outdoor light obtained. But on a consumption/power ratio the LED wall lights win over the old lamps.
The same is true for a dwelling in the city, except that public generators are more resistant and more suitable for the high consumption required by a powerful external lantern with halogen bulb.
In addition, there are power equivalences between LED and halogen lamps. For example, we often see "5W = 50W". This means that the LED light bulb in question consumes only 5 Watts, but provides an outdoor LED lighting approximating a halogen of 50 Watts.
To be more precise, we can measure the luminous flux emitted by an outdoor LED luminaire in lumens (lm) or lux (lm per m2). To control the power released and consumed, it is important to consider the luminous flux.