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List of products by manufacturer Artémide

Artémide: the art of lighting redefined by an emblematic brand

The creation of Artémide in 1960 practically marked the beginning of a new era in the world of lighting. It was in 1958 that the engineer Ernesto Gismondi and his business partner Sergio Mazza took the initiative to found a structure specialising in the design of designer luminaires. For two years, the two founders did everything possible to make their company an emblematic brand in the field. Success came quickly, as the company was able to adopt the right methods by calling on the services of renowned designers. The Italian brand's creations are now exhibited in many major museums around the world and have won prestigious awards such as the Compasso d'Oro in 1967 and the iF Product Design Award 2017.

Functional, intelligent and comfortable lighting

To understand how Artémide sees light, just look at the brand's motto: "The Human Light". Designers consider lighting to be an essential element in human life, so it is important to ensure that each luminaire is adapted to the needs of consumers in both the residential and professional sectors. This angle of vision has enabled the Italian company to highlight the essential characteristics of a lamp: functionality, design and comfort.

Lighting systems need to be intelligent in order to be able to adapt to the specific conditions and environments that people face on a daily basis. The light must be powerful enough. The design, on the other hand, is revealed through the shape and colours of each room. At Artémide, designers at Artémide like to consider their work as art because of the love and passion that emanates from it. For them, the lighting, wherever it is installed, must also be a source of physical and emotional well-being and thus provide maximum comfort.

Each of these characteristics can be observed, for example, through the wall lights of the Pirce series. With their varnished aluminium structure and white colour, the Artémide brand luminaires have a highly original, measured design. Class 1 lighting is designed to offer functional and comfortable light suitable for all domestic environments.

A wide range of designer and modern lamps

Since its creation in 1960, Artémide has immediately caught the public's attention thanks to its innovative creations, which testify to great creativity and advanced know-how on the part of designers. But it is by combining technology and passion that the Italian brand has been able to create designer lighting systems that are certainly modern.

The brand is renowned in the world of design for its famous Tolomeo, Mercury and Cosmic, pieces that are considered true masterpieces. For example, it was awarded the reddot best of the best design award 2008 for its Mercury series suspension lamps. Many consumers have also expressed their satisfaction with the table lamps from the Dalù collection.

An undisputed brand name for architects, luminaires such as the "Tizio" lamp, the "Tolomeo" and recently the "Mercury" suspension lamp are often used in their projects. Don't wait any longer to buy an exceptional Artémide lamp.

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Showing 1 - 13 of 13 items