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How to choose a wall lampshade?

Wall shades add an elegant touch to sconces. It comes in as many styles, shapes and materials as the lampshades for table lamps. Paper, silk, copper, pewter, industrial style, this accessory to dress up interior lighting is much more important than it seems: it is a way to express your own personality in your interior design. How to choose the perfect wall lamp shade on our online store? Follow the guide!

What is the purpose of the lampshade for wall sconce?

wall light shadeIf you want to buy a wall lamp, but you don't like the shade that comes with the product, there is nothing easier: change it! Indeed, this accessory is of utmost importance not only to beautify your light fixture, but especially for a comfortable daily use.

In concrete terms, by surrounding the light source, the shade allows you to optimize the direction of the light flow. More interestingly, depending on the material chosen (fabric, metal, glass, paper), you can modulate the amount of light emitted by your wall lamp.

In which room to put a glass shade for a wall lamp?

A wall lamp with a transparent glass shade will diffuse light throughout the room. That's why we recommend this product for rooms with very poor lighting or no windows, such as the bathroom.

For comfortable lighting, mount your sconce slightly higher than eye level.

In which room to put a paper wall shade?

Avoid equipping your bathroom and kitchen wall sconces with a paper shade. Between humidity on one side and grease deposits on the other, your lampshade will lose its hold and color quickly. Thus, the paper wall lampshade is highly recommended for the living room, dining room or bedroom.

In which room should I put a wooden lampshade ?

Wood is a noble material that naturally brings warmth and comfort. When used as a wall shade, it works wonders in high-traffic rooms, so everyone can admire its beauty. As for the lighting, it will be projected downwards, so it is perfect for work spaces or as decorative lighting.

In which room to put a fabric wall shade?

Prefer this material for rooms without humidity and without grease projection. You will have understood, this type of lampshade is intended for the living room, the office, the dining room or the bedroom. Small difference however from the paper lampshade, the fabric one can also be installed in the bathroom!

Meanwhile, note that for a more subtle and directed light flow, choose an opaque fabric shade.

In which room should I put a white shade wall lamp?

White naturally lets light through, so this type of lampshade is ideal for rooms where you want to have a clear, evenly distributed light. This can be the office, living room, bathroom, kitchen, etc., depending on your needs.

What shape of wall light with shade to choose?

Everything will depend on your style and the space for which you intend your lighting, but also the type of wall lamp that you will dress. Note that the lampshade generally tends to attract attention more quickly than the wall lamp it equips, so you must choose a product that will be consistent with the light fixture, but also with the rest of the general decoration of the room.

Let's take the example of the half cylinder walshade. Depending on its height, width, material, color, you will get a breathtaking result provided that these elements match the other accessories present, the color of the walls, the material of the furniture, etc.

How to choose the right size of wall sconce with lampshade?

The sconces for sale in our online store vary in shape and size, so it will depend on your own desires. However, keep a few rules in mind:

- Fix your sconces at about eye level;

- Unless your sconce is equipped with a bare bulb or a transparent shade, the light source should not be visible;

- In the bathroom, attach your sconces on either side of the mirror to eliminate harsh shadows on the face;

- In the corridor, if you plan to fix several sconces, keep at least 2 meters of distance between each light;

- If your wall lamp is going to be used for decorative lighting, make several tests to see the result, the objective being to obtain an adequate luminosity to highlight the object concerned (work of art, architectural element, etc.)

Can a cheap lampshade wall light give a nice result?

Wall lamp shadeThe answer is simply positive. Of course, if the purchase of a light fixture is an opportunity to treat yourself, at Côté Lumière we have chosen to address all budgets! Just use the filter on the left of this page to find a wall lamp that matches what you are looking for.

The wall lamp shade will no longer have any secrets for you!

The Côté Lumière team answers all your questions before, during and after the purchase of your wall lampshade on our website! By email or by phone, we are at your disposal to transform your shopping session into a pleasant and unforgettable experience.