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Astro Lighting: quality lighting that combines design and simplicity

Sevenoaks, 1997. While the competition raged on the market, two men took the initiative to share their discovery in the world of lighting and design. John Fearon and James Bassant had already spent a lot in the basement of their home in the small English town. Then it was time to publicize their creations. It is as well as the Astro Lighting brand was created. The sign luminaires are distinguished by the simplicity of their design and the quality of their finish. Features that have seduced the public. For more than 20 years, the company has distinguished itself by offering original and innovative solutions.

The comfort and style in the heart of all creations

For Astro Lighting designers, lighting is above all synonymous with comfort and well-being. Each creation, whether indoor or outdoor, lamp should help establish a serene and luminous atmosphere in the space for which it is intended. The English brand especially became known by its systems dedicated to the water room. For Astro Lighting Bathroom ceiling lights have been a real revolution. In addition to their soft and functional light luminaires have an appropriate structure projections and moisture resistant.

Regarding style, designers have opted for a design contemporary and modern typical of British interiors. The success of the original systems encouraged workers to even more interesting solutions. Bevel round 600 blind is one of the pieces that are particularly worth mentioning. The lamp has a light and a comfortable design. Lighting is suitable for all types of spaces (living room, room, hallway, office, lobby and other). When it comes to style, appearance beveled white round cotton gives a very original poetic touch to this beautiful piece.

Simple, but certainly innovative lighting systems

Simplicity is a real asset when you know shape it and enhance it. In Astro Lighting designers took advantage of this principle by opting for designs to the sleek and attractive design. But artisans have not forgotten the importance of innovation in their field. In each new collection is created, we can see the envy of professionals to innovate by adopting the recent technological advances.

You can especially see it through modern pieces like appliques lampshades Roma or sconces Avola. The luminaires are equipped with a solid structure designed for wetlands. The lighting system was manufactured to have a maximum life of more than 50,000 hours with an index of consumption low and economic.

In order to always meet the guideline which serves as a benchmark, professionals collaborate with passionate people in different countries. In addition, of new talented design engineers complement each year teams of the British brand. Currently, this approach helped the brand to develop its many subsidiaries in all continents. An agency also recently opened in the United States.

Indoor or outdoor lighting, the choice is wide, while remaining very classic with the brand Astro Lighting. Go for quality by choosing this unique brand.

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Showing 1 - 60 of 852 items