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How to choose a good desk lamp?

The desk lamp has a rather specific mission, that of providing task lighting. This type of lamp is therefore specially designed to concentrate light and facilitate reading, writing, manual work, computer work, etc. Here is all you need to know about buying the right desk lamp.

Is it mandatory to have a desk lamp?

Desk lamp

The obligations as regards lighting concern only the professional buildings, nevertheless, that should not prevent you from equipping you in an optimal way at home. Count on our online shop to find a children's desk lamp or more precisely a girl's desk lamp in a few clicks! Whatever the purpose of task lighting for reading, drawing, doing homework, using the family computer corner, the desk lamp is a winning investment.

How does the desk lamp work for task lighting?

While general lighting illuminates the entire room, the desk lamp is directional, i.e. its beam is focused on a specific area. In short, thanks to this feature, our light source facilitates the completion of specific tasks in a defined area.

How does task lighting work with a desk lamp?

Task lighting is a complementary light source, so it plays an important role in everyday life:

  • If you work on a computer for several hours, the lack of proper lighting can cause computer vision syndrome (CVS or digital eye strain), which is characterized by headaches, blurred vision, eye strain, dry eyes, back pain and neck pain.

  • A well-lit workspace, which consists of the recommended 3 layers of lighting (main lighting, task lighting and accent lighting), has an efficient, pleasant atmosphere that is conducive to concentration.

  • If your workspace is in an open area, for example, in the dining room or kitchen, task lighting helps to differentiate your area from others in taking over.

Finally, by investing in a good desk lamp, you will gain in productivity! Equip it with a bulb with a bright colour temperature, close to daylight, to gain energy and feel awake all day. Indeed, the lack of luminosity is rather conducive to relaxation and sleep.

Zoom in on the color temperature

As a reminder, colour temperature is in no way an indicator of the heat emitted by a luminaire. It expresses more precisely the look and feel of the light, which it divides into warm and cold colour categories.

Depending on its colour temperature, a bulb delivers a certain colour of light, red, yellow or blue. This colour of light is expressed in degrees Kelvin and in the following way:

  • Less than 2000°K: low luminosity, close to candles

  • Warm white: 2200°K - 3200°K: living rooms (ideal for dining room, living room, bedrooms) ;

  • Neutral or natural white: 3200°K - 5000°K (ideal for kitchen, bathroom, garage, outdoor) ;

  • Cool white: >5000°K (daylight = approx. 5200K, ideal for outdoors, car parks, high traffic areas)

Lamp for desk

What is a good desk lamp?

A good desk lamp should meet the following criteria:

  • Delivering a clear, bright light that makes work easier;

  • It must project a relatively concentrated beam and cause the minimum of glare;

  • It should be adjustable enough to be positioned appropriately for the tasks you want to perform

Is the designer desk lamp effective?

The designer desk lamp is as effective as any other light fixture in this category, provided that you take into consideration a few criteria before purchasing:

Natural light: If your workspace has a natural light source, position your desk perpendicular to the window to reduce glare from your computer screen and desk lamp.

Good to know

In the absence of daylight, it is preferable to choose an LED desk lamp with a bulb whose colour temperature is close to daylight.

Shadows: spot the shadows on your desk and light them! For example, if your desk contains piles of files as well as a computer, light both areas. In such a case, we advise you to opt for an articulated lamp, such as the architect lamp, which allows you to direct the light according to your needs.

Task lighting: To combat eye strain, add task lighting that minimizes the contrast between the brightness of the computer screen and the wall. The light should be softer than task lighting, and therefore more soothing to the eyes. In this case, you can optfor a lamp with a shade, which can filter the light.

Adjustable brightness: whether it's a designer desk lamp or another type, consider models with a dimmer switch. This way, you can control the amount of light according to your needs. Simply put, in the middle of the day, you may not need to have the lights at full brightness, while in the evening you may need more to see well.

The desk lamp is not just a simple accessory, it is a real tool that allows you to work efficiently, while preserving the health of your eyes. Choose the ideal model according to the configuration of the space to be lit and order in a few minutes only on our online shop. Don't forget that the Côté Lumière team answers all your questions and gives you advice by e-mail and telephone.