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List of products by manufacturer Roger Pradier

Roger Pradier: lighting fixtures made according to the rules of art

In 1910, as the world entered a new phase in its history, a company specialising in the manufacture of wrought iron lanterns was born in France. The company was founded by a man, Roger Pradier's father, who had always had a proven passion for lighting. Roger Pradier's pioneering outdoor lighting fixtures were in great demand and continued to be so for decades to come despite the competition. To ensure that the success continued, the secrets of manufacture were passed on from one generation to the next. Today, the French brand is one of the major references in lighting equipment and systems. Its authentic and stylish creations are distributed in about forty countries around the world.

Solid and timeless lighting equipment

If Roger Pradier's lighting fixtures are still as popular as ever, it is above all because they have characteristics that distinguish them from those of other brands. Solidity is one of these great qualities. The manufacturers have remained faithful to the techniques derived from tinsmithing initiated at the beginning of the 20th century to design the supports so that the structures of the lamps are of exemplary robustness. Very few professionals master these methods nowadays. On the one hand, this may be due to the fact that the processes can be expensive. However, at Roger Pradier, professionals have been able to adopt good practices to control costs and thus constantly offer high quality luminaires at prices that are always affordable.

The other specificity of the French brand's creations lies in their authenticity and their very aesthetic appearance. The designers have, in fact, taken into account the changing needs of the market while making sure to design models that are certainly timeless. The outdoor floor lamps and wall lights in the Chenonceau collection are a good illustration of this approach. The pieces have been shaped to fit into the various types of existing interiors. Classic, vintage, contemporary, the luminaires will serve to illuminate the most beautiful balconies and terraces and to sublimate the style of decoration adopted. In addition, the lamps are available in different colours to better meet the desires and needs of each person.

Roger Pradier: a reliable brand that is constantly evolving.

For more than a century, the French brand has enjoyed a growing reputation with the public. But this success is by no means due to chance. The brand has, in fact, made a point of producing lighting equipment and systems designed according to the standards in force. The anti-corrosion aluminium that makes up the structure of the supports has been treated to last for decades. In addition, the standards concerning protection indices have been well respected.

This desire to always satisfy consumers makes Roger Radier one of the most reliable references on the market. All the more so as the company is constantly evolving in its activities. Today, the luminaires in the Lampiok collection are available just about everywhere in the world to such an extent that the brand name has truly become synonymous with lighting.

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Showing 1 - 60 of 360 items