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The chandelier is part of the category of lamp called pendant lighting

Centerpiece of your indoor lighting, the chandelier is majestic and will highlight the space where it will be installed. Generally larger sizes than the suspension, this fixture is composed of several arms or rods converging all towards a central point of the lamp. This fixture will give your stay a warm atmosphere and a certain cachet, it will similarly influence and support considerably your decoration.

Lights for ceiling

In the category of lamps for ceiling and the same as the ceiling, the chandelier is the main lighting in a room. It is intended to bring a certain amount of light. It should not be too low or too powerful, but calculated based on the space that must be informed.
However substantially differentiate these two types of lighting will be the space that must be informed and the height that is available under the ceiling.
For a room with a low ceiling, you will be advised to choose a ceiling light because it has a footprint very limited by its size and the fact that it is directly installed on even the ceiling.
The chandelier meanwhile will be mainly used in a space where the lamp can be suspended and where it will be possible to have a distance of at least 2.15 m below this lamp. You must not hinder the circulation in the room or parasitize the eyes in space or light is installed.
To do this, it is advisable to never on or downsize this fixture, but to maintain a harmonious balance to all.
This lamp must impose without crushing or suffocating space where it will be suspended.

What is the difference between a chandelier and a suspension?

The difference between these two types of lamps is subtle and often a suspension is also called a chandelier. I will nevertheless try to differentiate by aesthetic and technical characteristics. Although both are suspended and decorative lamps, their size and their use will be somewhat different. The chandelier is a majestic in size, consisting of several arm lamp, it will be equipped with several light sources. Placed as primary lighting in a living room or a large entrance hall, this light creates magic and will contribute to the ambiance of the place where it is suspended. The suspension is smaller in size, consisting of a single structure, it is generally composed of a power cable that will equip one light source. In this category of luminaires, we'll find the industrial suspension or suspension feather to equip a room, a light bulb design and simple suspension that will be used over a kitchen island. Less complex as a chandelier, but offering many different colours and shapes, this fixture will provide the opportunity to be placed in almost every room and be used for multiple uses. You can also take advantage of the one without the disadvantages of the other, positioned over a table cluster, you will get a suspension chandelier decorative Trump and the lightness of the whole. With these characteristics, some suspensions that have a more consistent size are also called chandelier design or contemporary chandelier.

In the family of the suspended lamps, there are also some differences between a baroque chandelier and a chandelier design.

The baroque chandelier:

The crystal chandelier is back!

Majestic and noble, it is usually the first thing you notice when you walk into the room. Composed of arms in glass blown and dressed in tassels with glittering reflections, it creates the magic in the room where it is installed. Light of prestige with its chic character has by its large size of presence. Placed in a space having a handsome volume with a large ceiling height, the baroque chandelier right also dress up a classic Interior that has a modern play, only the location where it will be placed. This lamp is factory and by itself will impose! Focus on the style and the sobriety of the place where it will be hanging chandelier to bring out its scenographic and theatrical side.

We can distinguish several different styles of classical chandeliers.

In baroque style, the chandelier Maria Theresa appeared in 1730 in Austria. We recognize this fixture by its structure made of worked glass covered with brass, it is composed of 10 or 15 arms in glass blowing and trimmed with tassels and pendants. Each arm is completed by flanges Bohemian crystal.

The baroque Venetian chandelier is the major competitor of Crystal pendants lamps, Venetian style is made of blown glass of Murano. This chandelier is easily recognizable by his colorful style that combines bold colours with plant forms. In a more modern style, this hand made lamp is timeless and majestic.

The hot air balloon chandelier is crystal Bohemian and topped with made in diamond pendants. In the form of a reverse balloon, this Empire Napoleon style is resolutely classical and unsuited to modern interiors.

Design luster:

When the classic chandelier reinvents and modernizes.
It is a reinterpretation of the style, but with more sober lines and a simplified design. Unlike the suspension often of smaller size, the design chandelier will impose by its volume and its modern style.
Equipped with several light bulbs, it will be the central element of the piece and bring light main and needed to light the place or will be suspended.
Temperature and given light color will also be very important, it must not be too hot or too cold, because the desired effect is to make a daylight piece. It will be possible to place in addition to the sconces that they will bring a warm light to enhance the warm side of the room.

As explained above, this luminaire design is first and foremost a majestic lamp that impresses by its size. This is the Queen of the lamps and must be both modern and functional, but that don't stray too far from its original purpose.

This fixture must marry with your interior, because it will not go unnoticed.
Your choice is an industrial chandelier or a vintage chandelier, it must strengthen and support the decoration of the room.
Depending on where you're going to hang it, it is important to always keep a certain proportion of the whole, because it must perfectly match the space.

By definition, a great light will be positioned in a room with high ceiling in a small room, it will have to focus on a smaller suspension, otherwise, as beautiful or the lamp, she does not seem to be in his place. The color or shape of the luminaire will also influence your choice, because a white chandelier with its light color will tend to more to blend in the piece, in contrast to the black chandelier that will increase its presence in the room where it will be installed.
A chandelier can however have a large diameter and still be placed in a room or ceiling height is 2.5 m minimum.
In this case, it will focus on a suspension with a large diameter, but with little thickness, it should be air and placed close to the ceiling.
The Vertigo chandelier is a perfect example of modernism. Majestic, it imposes by its size, but she keeps a light by its transparency and its pleasure that can fit to decorate almost any interior.

Once the gloss of your dreams is found, it is also important to know how high to install.

If your suspension will be placed in the center of the room, it should be at a minimum distance of 2 floor, 15 m.
For a light fixture is placed on top of a table to eat, position here at a height between 65 cm to 100 cm of your table.
For suspended spot above a kitchen island, the right height will be between 65 cm to 100 cm of this island.

When talking about design or modern chandelier chandelier, you quickly realize that there are many different choices ranging from simple, sleek, minimalist lamp to the most sophisticated. Some examples of styles that you'll find for this type of lighting.

Industrial chandelier:

It is intended to remind the industrial era of the end of the XVIII century. With incandescent bulbs arrival and mass production, the need for light in these plants helped considerably the development of new solutions to bring an optimal and powerful light.
This growing need to develop so-called fixtures industry to bring new solutions to the sector of lighting and optimal light render with the creation of enamelled reflector with adjustable arm.
What is left, rugged and imposing, these lamps combine visible joints to guide their luminous flux with metal shades showing Shimmers silver to put us in the nostalgia of the industrial years.
Steel structure composed of steel, he became in recent years the chandelier wanted for its retro and authentic appearance.
Industrial gloss will perfectly fit in a kitchen or in a loft or will mix design and robustness.

The Scandinavian luster:

With its easily recognizable design, he proudly wears its soft colors and pastel with delicate and design forms.
This fixture like noble materials, sometimes consisting of a glass globe with racks of ceramic bulbs, sometimes molded metal or comes to complete small wooden details.
Scandinavian style becomes more and more present when talking about design chandelier, the know-how and the rendering of the lamps brings freshness to the place where it is installed.
Perfect to dress up a small space, it can easily find its place in every room. Have in a group, it will be possible to easily create a Scandinavian chandelier to the result more than amazing.

Chandelier ball:

It's the quintessential vintage fixture.
If I talk to you a paper chandelier or a string chandelier, I am sure it tells you something. This form of light allows for many different sizes ranging from small suspension design to the globe copper luster glass magic by its reflections in the collection of lamps trends Tom Dixon offers.
On the other hand, you want to find a little sweetness and lightness to your child's room, the feather chandelier will be ideal to empower his universe.

And for modernism without concessions, think LED chandelier:

This technology allows to create thin and slender lamps, equipped with this type of bulb, the LED chandeliers offer fixtures or the light bulb is invisible and creates the illusion of a lamp or the light appears as if by magic.
The LED strips can easily find its place in all fixtures, but it is particularly well suited to the LED chandelier, this fixture also offers a pleasant and non-dazzling lighting.

Our selection of luminaires meets all styles to provide the choice and make the right purchase and at the best price.
If you want more information about the product that will make you happy, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be pleased to answer all your questions.

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