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The chandelier: a chic and shocking indoor and outdoor luminaire!

The chandelier is the perfect light fixture to make a statement, to express your personality through your interior design. To go even further, the chandelier also finds its place in outdoor lighting, provided you choose the right product. In order to avoid any confusion before and during your purchase from our online store, here are our answers to the most frequently asked questions about this particular light source.

What is the difference between chandelier and suspension?


Yes, the chandelier is a luminaire that hangs on the ceiling, just like the suspension, but this type of luminaire has some peculiarities that undoubtedly allow it to stand out:

  • Thus, it is generally equipped with several bulbs fixed on as many arms, the whole makes up the luminaire.
  • As for the suspension, it usually has a single bulb.

How to choose an industrial chandelier?

To choose the perfect luminaire to illuminate your living room, dining room, bedroom or even covered patio, here are some basic rules to consider regarding size and height:

  • To illuminate a small room, preferably choose a small luminaire so that the latter does not take over the general decoration and that the lighting remains pleasant.

  • If, on the contrary, it is a large room, too small a chandelier may get lost in the space and above all, you will lose lighting.

To choose the right size living room chandelier, add up the width and length of the room. Then multiply that result by the same number. For example, your room is 5 meters long and 3 meters wide:

  1. 1.5 + 3 = 8 meters.
  2. 2.8 X 8 = 64
  3. Choose a chandelier about 64 cm in diameter

The dining room chandelier: the exception to the rule!

If you're going for a modern chandelier to light up your dining room, keep in mind that the fixture should be about half the size of the table.

To choose the correct height fixture, measure the ceiling height and divide it by 5.5. For example, if you have a ceiling of 2.5 meters:

  1. 2.5 / 5.5 = 0.45.
  2. Choose a chandelier 45 cm in length

How to choose a bedroom chandelier?

We cannot say otherwise, there is nothing like a chic and out of the ordinary light fixture to create a fully personalized bedroom. The bedroom chandelier must, however, provide sufficiently bright lighting without creating a dazzling effect. We recommend that you opt for a light source delivering around 100 lumens / m².

The youngest also have the right to an aesthetic touch in their room: think of the children's chandelier to embellish the decoration of their room!

Our article “ How to determine the necessary amount of lumens per m² for optimal lighting” Clearly explains how to proceed.

What type of kitchen chandelier to buy?

The kitchen is a room in the house which requires sufficient lighting for optimal and safe use of the premises. In addition to this practicality, the light in the kitchen should also be pleasant enough to make the places pleasant, for example, during meals.

If you don't have the space for a large fixture, feel free to attach a small chandelier over the sink. You can also hang such a light above the kitchen island if you have one.

What is the difference between a modern chandelier and designer chandelier?

These two styles are easily distinguished, provided you know how!

Light fixtures, furniture, crockery, etc. are called "modern". which have clean lines, but with a visual aspect that will not leave you indifferent. Chromed steel, black lacquered, brushed steel, sobriety is often present.

As for the "design" elements, not only do they take into consideration the needs of their users, but above all they tend to choose unconventional shapes, telling a story. True creative works, they are based on a sensitivity as well as an artistic culture that one does not necessarily find in the "modern".

Modern chandelier

Where to install a baroque chandelier?

Make way for exuberance with the baroque style, which is no less chic, feminine, even glamorous! Thus, the baroque lighting is aimed at generous personalities, who do not skimp on the astonishing visual effects, which catch the eye. Glass beads, colored contrasts, neat and worked cuts ... dazzle your guests with a piece that is resolutely out of the ordinary!

Where to buy an LED chandelier?

Our online store contains a wide selection of pendant lights featuring this cutting edge technology. By opting for the LED version, not only will you have a source of lighting with an unprecedented aesthetic, but above all you will use it while saving money. What's more :

The LED bulb generates a very small amount of heat, convenient for indoor lighting ;

  • It consumes much less energy without losing quality of lighting;

  • It is much more resistant to shocks and vibrations;

  • It is marketed in different colors;

  • One rated A + or A ++ is much more durable, 50 times superior to traditional bulbs: an LED can last for about 10 years, ie 100,000 hours of continuous use;

  • It saves up to 75% energy, or 11 to 12 watts for the same brightness as a 50 watt incandescent bulb.