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Interior lights

The decorators and interior designers agree that the Interior lights have a big place in a space plan, as well as the furniture. The Interior lamps are no longer used only to inform but also to give volume to the space and beautify a room, a wall, a ceiling. The light must combine elegance and performance. The indoor lighting is used not only to diffuse the light, it is a source of home décor. All forms, all dimensions and all subjects, there are necessarily the Interior of your dreams lamp.

A multitude of categories of Interior lamps to meet your needs and your tastes

Side light is your lamp online store, we offer you a wide choice of lamps for all tastes and all budgets. Landscaping your home is also composed of luminaires with different functions ranging from the accent lamp which will be a lamp through the ornamental light said the suspension or the chandelier and technical or functional lighting including families of ceiling, recessed spot or apparent spot. The finishing touch will be made by a wall that will be directly or indirectly led to modern or more classic style like an applies to fabric Lampshade.
In addition to elegance that they bring to your interior, interior fixtures offer a warm atmosphere and accentuate the look well to your home. Indeed, even the light projected by the lamp will impact your emotions and your mood. This also includes the intensity of the light.
We regularly add new lights to offer always more choices by highlighting the latest trends. If however in continuing your navigation, you can not find your happiness among our selection, do not hesitate to contact us, we will make every effort to respond to your request.

The criteria of selection for equipping your home for the best interior lighting of the market

Currently, there are a multitude of models of Interior lamps that vary depending on the piece, of the style of the lamp, type lighting available and the intensity of the light. Several properties must be completed to meet a good interior lighting. The following list explains the key criteria and the interest to know give your light to your home:

The style of development

Currently, there are many styles of development. It depends on family and the style or the mentioned theme.

  1. The classic design style
    It's a timeless style that gives your home a comfortable and reassuring atmosphere. In this style of development, it is important to opt for a luminaire made of noble materials. A lamp in bronze, brass, wooden, glass... The space may be equipped with a hanging lamp or a Sconce with Lampshade. If the height of your room allows, the essential remains composed of tassels in crystal chandelier. Regardless of your final choice, the style of the luminaires chosen shall in no case be of industrial type, opt for a light fixture in the craft and neat look.

  2. Contemporary style
    It is the marriage between minimalism and modernity. It is important in this style of Interior to bring a touch of design in the choice of the luminaire to install. The lamp must play on the subtlety between its structure and its light source. The bulb will not turn and will often indirect lighting to give an effect of light and shadow. True Up & down, a lamp with a source of indirect light to give a play of light and shadows...
    Another track is thinking about the invisible and create magic. By placing a LED headband for example behind a TV stand or on top of your kitchen furniture, you will bring to your room a dimension and a new perspective, without revealing the source of light. Dare colours or contrasts! If you have preferred modern furniture is light or dark tone and a refined decoration, feel free to bring touches of colors with your light fixtures for your home.
    A Scandinavian style lamp will go perfectly.

  3. Transitional design style  
    It's a style that mixes the traditional and the contemporary. This development is ideal to be accompanied by a modern chandelier or a suspension design. Think of the pure forms, to lamps that have a graphical game inviting look. It is also possible to place a large chandelier like Vertigo of Constance Guisset suspension that is both light and air all famed space in a subtle way. Finally I prefer a traditional style without saturated ornamentations that will greatly add to your interior.

  4. The style of modern development
    A style that evokes the expertise of the designers of tomorrow. In this type of Interior, opt for subjects such as brushed aluminum, color white or black, the square or round. A modern lamp is often characterized by a minimalist style taking the less room possible. Technology will be highlighted, choose a ceiling led spots light recessed led luminaire fine, a suspension lamp wall led.
    For your bathroom, chrome becomes trend and will add a timeless touch in the choice of your luminaire.

  5. The industrial style
    It combines the old and the recycled, raw materials, he will pick an old suspension or industrial, patinated and worn lamp and see even rusty. This style should increase raw materials such as metal, zinc, or the concrete. Tom Dixon lights perfectly expresses this trend because they combine this new industrial spirit. The best-known declinations are Beat lamps, conical or oval and painted forms outside in a deep black, which give the contrast with the Interior in hammered gold. The interest of these suspensions residing in the juxtaposition of different shapes to create a harmonious whole.
    If your space is style loft with open parts on the other, place on your workspace a type architect desk lamp, the game of the articulated arms increase industrial and retro appearance.

The color of the room

The color scheme is also important to assess the choice of the used lamp. Interior lighting is important to take into account the brightness to your room and the color you want to highlight. More than your room will be dark as you need different light sources. The temperature of the bulbs will also affect rendering obtained between the color of the piece and the color given by the lamp.

The angles of storage and furniture positions

These are key criteria in a good interior lighting installation in a House. Indeed, your light must, normally, highlight the play and not make it look sad and devoid of importance. Therefore, your furniture should be enlightened by lamps in harmony with the position and style of your furniture.

The locations of your electrical outlets

It is also important to focus on the position of the existing electrical outlets. Indeed, the place of these sockets must be choice to avoid seeing wires through your decoration. Electrical outlets must be installed in a discreet and functional way.
If on the other hand, you must combine with an existing installation, it will be important to pre define the layout of your furniture in order to correctly place your fixtures.

Another key factor

Know the usefulness of the lamp you choose. It is pointless to increase your space with a lamp that does not meet your actual needs. This lamp will not or little used and won't have another vocation than to take the dust. On the other hand, a purely decorative lamp that needs to illuminate an entire room will not bring you the desired power. It is important to take the time and think your habits and your needs before buying a lamp just for its aesthetic side.
Finally, the technical conditions for the installation of various lamps must be studied carefully to give optimal lighting. 

What are the types of interior lighting

  • The light in the dining room
    Of course, the central point to illuminate in a dining room is the table. It is therefore obvious to install a light fixture around this central interest. Then the furniture and objects that are placed nearby become secondary in the lighting of the dining room. It is also possible to integrate a design lamp post to disseminate General and comfortable light.
    To light up the table, it is best to choose a chandelier that evokes a peaceful atmosphere in the room. This suspension should be chosen according to the height of the room and the size of the table. It will be always possible to lower the height of the light but not too low in order to not to dazzle the guests. The lamp should also not be placed too high because the light must focus its light on the table. It is possible to illuminate the rest of the room by the wall sconces to enhance the décor of your room. It is also possible to install a lamp which will bring some extra light.

  • The domestic fixture for entry
    The first points to remember in the luminaire of entry is not to dazzle but also to avoid areas of shadows. If you have a high ceiling entry, then exploit it hooking a suspension or an elegant chandelier. If instead you have an entry with a standard ceiling height, a ceiling light will do to meet a light and elegant style. It is worth noting that if your entry goes directly to a staircase, it is also interesting to enlighten your markets by bright spots. Why not enlighten a market with a spot recessed wall punctuating a light on the market and giving a rhythm to your staircase. This point of security must be overlooked any.

  • The light for the room
    It is important in this room to give a soothing and receptive to the rest. Equipped too powerful lighting bulb with a cold temperature is completely discouraged. Place a lamp equipped with adjustable spotlights or a Lampshade ceiling light with a diffuser is recommended to provide indirect lighting. It is also essential to determine the fixtures according to your habits. If you have the habit of reading in bed, a bedside lamp or a wall headboard with reading light type will do. If you regularly watch television, a lamp equipped with a dimmer will be ideal to bring a small source of light.

  • The fixture for the kitchen
    Kitchen is part of the most important parts of the House. To have good lighting on your work plan, choose built-in and adjustable spots in LED. If you take your meals in your kitchen, the tips are pretty much the same as those of the dining room. It is advisable to opt for a suspension or a games of small suspensions s bringing a sufficient amount of light to the guests.

  • The fixture for the living room
    For the living room, avoid the intense lights such as chandeliers or ceiling lights. The lighting must be restful and indirect. Adopt for this piece a lamppost, appliques, lamps to ask and if there is a TV in your living room. Consider putting a lamp behind the TV for the comfort of the eyes.

Infinite choices of Interior lights to meet your requirements

Luminary online stores, they are dozens currently on the internet. Imagine, then, the choice of fixtures that you have. Among them, side light, our site offers a wide range of Interior lights which have been manufactured with care and respect European standards of quality.