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Showing 1 - 60 of 4077 items

Indoor lighting - we offer a large collection of lamps to equip all rooms of your House!

Decorators and interior designers agree that interior lighting has an important place in the design of a space, just like furniture. Interior lamps are no longer used only for lighting but also to give volume to the space and embellish a room, a wall, a ceiling. The luminaire must combine elegance and performance. Indoor lighting is not only used to diffuse light, it is a real source of decoration for the home. In all shapes, sizes and materials, there is bound to be the interior lamp of your dreams.

A multitude of categories of interior lamps to meet your needs and tastes

Côté Lumière is your online lighting store, we offer a wide range of lamps for all tastes and budgets. The arrangement of your interior is also composed of luminaries with different functions ranging from the auxiliary lamp which will be a lamp to be posed while passing by the ornamental luminary known as the suspension or the chandelier and the technical or functional lighting including the families composed of ceiling lamp, recessed spot or apparent spot. The final touch will be brought by a wall light which will be direct or indirect, in led of modern style or more classic like a wall light with fabric lampshade.
In addition to the elegance that they bring in your interior, the interior luminaries offer a warm atmosphere and accentuate the well being aspect of your house. Indeed, even the light projected by the lamp will have an impact on your emotions and your mood. This also includes the intensity of the light.
We regularly add new lamps to offer you more choice by highlighting the latest trends. However, if you are unable to find what you are looking for in our selection, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our utmost to meet your requirements.

The selection criteria to be retained to equip your home with the best interior lighting on the market

Currently, there are a multitude of interior lamp models that vary depending on the room, the style of the lamp, the type of lighting offered and the intensity of the light offered. There are several properties that must be met in order to make a good indoor luminaire. The following list explains the key criteria and areas of interest to keep in mind when choosing the right luminaire for your home:

Design style

Currently, there are many different styles of furnishings. This varies depending on the family and the style or theme.

  1. The classic furnishing style
    It is a timeless style that gives your interior a comfortable and reassuring atmosphere. In this style of furnishing, it is important to opt for a luminaire made of noble materials. A lamp in bronze, brass, wood, glass... The space can be equipped with a hanging lamp or a wall lamp with a lampshade. If the height of your room allows it, the chandelier composed of crystal pendants is a must. Whatever your final choice, the style of light chosen should in no way be of an industrial type, opt for a light with a handcrafted and neat look

  2. Contemporary style
    It is the marriage between minimalism and modernity. It is important in this style of interior design to bring a touch of design in the choice of the luminaire to be installed. The lamp must play on the subtlety between its structure and its light source. The bulb will not be visible and will often give indirect lighting to give a shadow and light effect. Apply Up & Down, a lamp with an indirect light source to give a play of light and shadow .
    Another way is to think about the invisible and create magic. For example, by placing an LED strip behind a TV cabinet or on top of your kitchen furniture, you will bring a new dimension and perspective to your room without revealing the light source. Dare to use colours or contrasts! If you have chosen modern furniture in light or dark tones and a refined decoration, then don't hesitate to add a touch of colour to your interior lighting.
    A Scandinavian-style lamp will be a delight

  3. The transitional design style
    It's a style that mixes the contemporary and the traditional. This design is ideal to be accompanied by a modern chandelier or a design hanging lamp. Think about pure forms, lamps that have a graphic play on the eye. It is also possible to place a large chandelier, such as the Vertigo suspension lamp by Constance Guisset, which is both light and airy while subtly furnishing the space. Finally, prefer a traditional style without saturated ornamentation, which will make your interior considerably heavier

  4. The modern furnishing style
    A style that evokes the know-how of tomorrow's decorators. In this type of interior, opt for materials such as brushed aluminium, white or black shades, square or round shapes, etc. A modern lamp is often characterised by a minimalist style that takes up as little space as possible. The technology will be put forward, opt for a led ceiling lamp, led recessed spots, a fine light suspension, a led wall lamp.
    For your bathroom, chrome becomes trendy again and will bring a timeless touch in the choice of your light

  5. The industrial style
    This one associates old and recycled, raw materials, it will go to seek an old suspension or an industrial lamp, patinated and worn and even rusty. This style should accentuate raw materials such as metal, zinc or concrete. Tom Dixon's luminaires perfectly express this trend because they combine this new industrial spirit. The best known variations are the Beat lamps, conical or oval in shape and painted on the outside in a deep black that contrasts with the hammered gold interior. The interest of these suspensions lies in the juxtaposition of the different shapes in order to create a harmonious whole.
    If your space is loft style with rooms open to each other, placing an architect style desk lamp on your workspace, the play of articulated arms will accentuate the industrial and retro aspect.

The color of the room

The play of colour is also important to know how to gauge the choice of the lamp used. Interior lighting is important to take into consideration the brightness that your room and the colour you wish to highlight. The darker your room is, the more different light sources you will need. The temperature of the bulbs will also have an effect on how the colour of the room and the colour given by the lamp will look.

Storage angles and furniture positions

These are key criteria in the installation of a good indoor luminaire in a house. In fact, your light fixture should normally enhance the room and not make it look sad and unimportant. Therefore, your furniture should be illuminated by lamps that are in harmony with the position and style of your furniture.

The locations of your electrical outlets

It is also important to focus on the position of existing electrical outlets. Indeed, the position of these outlets must be well chosen to avoid seeing electrical wires running through your decoration. The electrical outlets must therefore be installed in a discreet and functional manner.
If, on the other hand, you have to combine with an existing installation, it will be important to predefine the layout of your furniture in order to be able to place your lighting fixtures correctly.

Another key factor

Know the purpose of the lamp you choose. It is indeed useless to burden your space with a lamp that does not meet your real needs. This lamp will be used little or not at all and will have no other purpose than to collect dust. On the other hand, a purely decorative lamp that has to light an entire room will not provide the desired power. It is therefore important to take the time and think about your habits and needs before buying a lamp just for its aesthetic side.
Finally, the right technical conditions for the installation of the various lamps must be carefully studied to give optimal lighting

What types of indoor luminaires are available?

  • The luminaire in the dining room
    Obviously, the central point to be lit in a dining room is the table. It is therefore obvious to install a luminaire around this focal point. Then, furniture and objects placed nearby become secondary in the lighting of the dining room. It is also possible to integrate a design floor lamp to diffuse a general and comfortable light.
    To illuminate the table, it is best to choose a chandelier that evokes a peaceful atmosphere in the room. This chandelier should be chosen according to the height of the room and the size of the table. It will always be possible to lower the height of the luminaire but not too low so as not to dazzle the guests. The lamp should also not be placed too high because the light must be concentrated on the table. It is possible to illuminate the rest of the room with wall sconces to improve the decoration of your room. It is also possible to install a table lamp that can provide additional lighting

  • The interior luminaire for the entrance
    The first points to remember in the entrance luminaire is not to dazzle but also to avoid shadowy areas. If you have a ceiling-high entrance, it should be exploited by hanging a suspension or elegant chandelier on it. If, on the other hand, you have an entrance with a standard ceiling height, a ceiling light will do the trick to achieve an elegant and light style. It should be noted that if your entrance leads directly to a staircase, it is also interesting to illuminate your steps with light points. Why not illuminate every other step with a recessed wall-mounted spotlight punctuating a light on the step and giving a rhythm to your staircase. This safety point should not be neglected under any circumstances

  • The luminaire for the room
    It is important in this room to give a soothing and receptive atmosphere to rest. Too powerful lighting equipped with bulbs with a cold temperature is completely inadvisable. Placing a lamp equipped with directional spotlights or a ceiling shade with a diffuser is recommended to provide indirect lighting. It is also essential to determine the lighting fixtures according to your habits. If you are used to reading in bed, a bedside lamp or a headboard type wall lamp with a reading light will do the trick. If you regularly watch TV, a table lamp with a dimmer switch will be ideal to provide a small source of light

  • The kitchen light
    The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. To have good lighting on your worktop, choose recessed and directional LED spotlights. If you eat your meals in your kitchen, the tips are about the same as those for the dining room. It is advisable to opt for a hanging lamp or a set of small hanging lamps that provide sufficient light for the guests

  • The luminaire forthe living room
    For the living room, avoid bright lights such as chandeliers or ceiling lights. The lighting should be relaxing and indirect. Adopt for this room a floor lamp, wall lights, table lamps and if there is a television in your living room. Think of placing a lamp behind the TV for the comfort of the eyes.

Endless choices of interior lighting to meet your requirements

There are dozens of online lighting stores on the internet. Imagine then the choice of lighting fixtures available to you. Among them, Côté Lumière, our site presents a wide range of interior lighting fixtures that have been carefully manufactured and meet European quality standards.