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Showing 1 - 60 of 76 items

How to choose a child lamp ?

Easily find the children's lamp you need to equip your child's room, an essential space for their healthy development! Many models, colors and designs are waiting for you.

Looking for a child's bedside lamp? A child's lamp in general, a night light? The products are there, but don't know which one to choose exactly. Côté Lumière will help you prepare your purchase on its online store with advice, tips and tricks to select the perfect children's lamp!

Children's lamp

How to choose a children's light fixture?

Choosing the right children's lighting fixture is crucial for the well-being and safety of the young person for whom it is intended. Soft, variable, divided into layers, the lighting of the child's room is not an insignificant subject.

Our first piece of advice concerns the light layers, which are divided into three. This means that ideally you should equip your child's room with three kinds of light sources. These can be a children's ceiling light for general lighting, a children's room hanging lamp for task lighting (changing diapers, etc.) and a children's bedside lamp to help them relax gently. Need extra lighting? Go for a child's wall light.

Don't be afraid to express your creativity by choosing lighting fixtures that think outside the box! Children's chandeliers, children's lampshades, there are plenty of options on our online store.

Next, choose an unbreakable light fixture. So choose an unbreakable bedroom light, made of wood or plastic. As long as the occupant of the premises is young, avoid materials such as glass, no matter what the cost.

Complete your newly acquired knowledge on the subject by reading the article "Choosing the right indoor lighting fixtures for a child's room: our tips" on our blog!

What type of bedside lamp for the bedroom?

The children's bedside lamp creates a relaxing and comforting atmosphere in the room. Placed on the bedside table, it provides subtle lighting provided the right product is chosen. It must be in harmony with the size of the room, its use and its design.

This type of light source, especially for younger people, must be functional and decorated. Thus, not only will it provide the essential lighting at bedtime while being in harmony with the decor of your child's room. Some models are also dimmable, i.e. their light intensity can be modulated.

If your child is old enough to express himself, don't hesitate to ask his opinion. For this reason, there are countless models to choose from. When looking at drawings, it's always a good idea to take children's preferences into account. You can find a variety of models with characters from his favorite cartoons in our online store!

Last but not least, safety is an essential aspect when buying bedside lamps for children. We advise you to choose a model with LED technology, low energy consumption, which does not emit heat. The power cable should be long enough to avoid accidents.

Find a ceiling light in the children's bedroom

Here you can choose this light in three forms: child suspension, child ceiling light and track spotlight. Whichever you choose, this element is indispensable for an efficient and optimal lighting plan. Indeed, the child ceiling light allows you to see clearly both day and night. It will allow the young occupant to play comfortably with his toys while at bedtime, it allows parents to read the evening story in good lighting.

Children's light

Used from the child's wall light for the bedroom

The wall light is used to create an atmosphere in the child's room. Less illuminating than the ceiling light, it allows the young occupant to relax and quickly fall asleep. The child's wall light can thus be fixed downwards, close to the bed to facilitate the reading of the evening's story. Oriented towards the top of the room, it will light up the ceiling, minimizing distractions!

For maximum comfort, fix the appliques slightly above eye level to avoid the feeling of glare and direct eye contact with the bulb.

Child suspension for the room

By installing a hanging nursery lamp, you'll get effective task lighting, especially if you're looking for a nursery lamp. You can also opt for track-mounted spotlights to obtain a versatile and modern lighting source, to be positioned according to your needs.

This type of lighting has many advantages:

- It may be the only source of light in your child's room,

- It comes in an infinite number of models, designs, shapes and colors,

- It can be used with warm LED light bulbs to create a rustic atmosphere.

Child chandelier, a good idea?

If your home has high ceilings and if you wish to respect the breadcrumb line of your interior decoration, a child's chandelier will bring elegance and refinement without taking yourself too seriously.

Perfect for mood lighting, the children's chandelier is perfect for baby's rooms or as a hanging lamp in a girl's room. By choosing brass models, you will get a unisex luminaire.

Children's lighting: to evolve with age

The day will come when you are no longer looking for a children's bedside lamp or night light, but a children's desk lamp or a children's floor lamp, because your offspring will have grown up.

Côté Lumière offers you several thousands of lighting fixtures, including many models to select according to your desires and the needs of your child, depending on his age.

The lighting in his children's room must of course be taken care of with the utmost care, because it is partly in this room that he will play, learn, study to become a fulfilled and serene person.

By choosing the right light sources, by respecting the rule of the three layers of lighting, you will design a perfectly lit bedroom, conducive to the development and well-being of your child throughout his evolution!

Find all the models of children's lighting you need on our online store and know that our team is at your disposal to advise and guide you throughout your purchase of children's bedroom lamp! Contact us by email or by phone!