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How to choose a children's wall light?

Children's wall lightIf you plan to buy online a child wall light to decorate your daughter's, boy's or baby's room, you should know that this lamp has a special place in the hearts of parents. Its diffused lighting as well as the many models and styles available make it a practical source of lighting. Our advice for choosing this particular type of children's light.

What type of children's wall sconce should I buy?

When it comes to wall lights, you can choose between two main categories:

- The children's lamp designed to gently illuminate a wall of the room ;

- The children's wall sconce capable of providing more light and a larger area of light.

As far as design is concerned, it all depends on what you want, on the decoration of the room. For example, we prefer rounded shapes for the baby's bedroom wall light or animal shapes, eccentric colors, if it is a girl's bedroom wall light.

What are the safety standards for a child's bedroom wall light?

When installing a child's sconce, it is mandatory to respect electrical safety standards. Don't forget, once you receive your child's light fixture, to inspect each element: plug, wire, base.

Proceed in the same way on a regular basis once the light fixture is installed to avoid any risk of electrocution or burns.

What are the recommended materials for the children's sconce?

Prefer wood and plastic to paper and fabric when choosing your children's bedroom wall sconce. These last two materials are flammable, so it is important to avoid any risk of accident.

As for metal and glass, here again your child's safety is paramount, these materials are simply sharp.

Use our filter to select the most appropriate material for your child's light fixture!

What type of lighting should I choose for my child's wall lamp?

In the bedroom, including a baby, toddler or teenager, the lighting must be balanced, so the whole should be composed of three bright layers, which will participate in :

- Mood lighting ;

- Task or task lighting ;

- Accent lighting

Depending on the model chosen, the child wall light can be used as mood or task lighting. In any case, we recommend LED lighting for several reasons:

- LED technology is economical;

- It is durable;

- It does not contain mercury (whose vapors are strictly forbidden in children's rooms!) ;

- It does not generate heat, a real advantage if the chamber tends to heat up quickly.

How much light in a child's room?

Here we will talk about color temperature. Remember that depending on its color temperature, a light bulb will deliver a certain color of light, red, yellow or blue. This color of light is expressed in degrees Kelvin and in the following way:

- Less than 2000K: low brightness, close to candles

- Warm white : 2200°K - 3200°K : living rooms (ideal for dining room, living room, bedrooms) ;

- Neutral or natural white: 3200°K - 5000°K (ideal for kitchen, bathroom, garage, outside) ;

- Cool white: > 5000°K (daylight = approx. 5200K, ideal for outdoors, parking lots, traffic areas)

Ideally, the bulb of your child's wall light fixture should deliver a warm lighting temperature of around 2700 K. This temperature is known to help the little ones fall asleep.

Read more on the subject in our article "What are lighting color temperatures? »

How many watts to light the children's room?

Several factors are taken into consideration when choosing the right lighting power (size of the room, other light sources present, color of walls, furniture, etc.). This power is expressed in Lumens.

Here is a correspondence table Watt - Lumen

1 watt equals approximately 10 lumens:

- To obtain the number of lumens, multiply the number of watts of your light source by 10 ;

- To find out the number of watts, divide the number of lumens by 10.

Correspondence table

Consumption in Watt (filament bulbs)

Luminous Flux in Lumens

25 W

200 lm

40 W

400 lm

60 W

700 lm

75 W

800 lm

100 W

1200 lm


If your bedroom wall light is for general lighting, stay around 400 lm. For accent, decorative lighting, choose a lower luminous flux.

At what height to install a children's bedroom wall light?

Children's wall lamp

First piece of advice, install the children's wall sconce at about adult eye level, without dazzling adults. Also take into consideration the ceiling height and the size of your light fixture. The objective is to hide the bulb from view.

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