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Showing 1 - 42 of 42 items

All your kitchen wall lights for your interior

To ensure you make the right choice, we offer you kitchen spotlights to be installed under your wall units, wall lights to be placed on the wall and easy to clean...
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Which luminaires and lighting equipment should you choose for your kitchen?

If the kitchen remains the favourite room of the French, it is above all because it is a real living space. It is in this little corner of the house that we prepare our little dishes while listening to the radio or our favourite music. But the kitchen is also a place of dialogue and exchanges between family members, friends and with guests. And it is often the place where we are used to educating our children by helping them with their homework or by talking to them about important subjects. As you will have understood, the kitchen is really a special room in the house, so it must be given special attention in its decoration and layout.

At cote-lumiere, lighting specialist, to have a well-lit kitchen we put the best products at your disposal. We want to offer you adapted lighting solutions so that the kitchen is always the favourite room of the family. However, between the identification of the places to be lit, the importance of eliminating shadow areas and the most efficient way to make the most of the furniture, the choice of kitchen lighting is not always easy. Here is a short guide to help you select the right equipment.

Suspended ceiling and kitchen lighting

The ceiling light is currently one of the most popular indoor luminaire models. The fact is that this equipment can be both a lighting support and a decorative element, especially when placed above the central island. In addition to its ability to provide general and constant light, this kitchen luminaire will add an aesthetic touch that will not fail to embellish the whole room, whatever the style. Industrial, design, contemporary, retro, baroque or other, the trick is to find the ideal model.

Of course, when choosing your LED kitchen ceiling light, you will have to take into account the size of the space to be lit. The diameter of the material should be more than 30 cm for medium sized rooms. But if your kitchen is very spacious, you can opt for a large (or even XXL size) ceiling light.

We could call it a ceiling light and a kitchen light, without reminding you of another type of support: hanging kitchen lighting. Suspended elements are very much in vogue these days. And while cluster or string suspensions have been a real trend in recent years, other models are currently being offered on the market. This gives you the opportunity to choose your suspension lighting according to your taste or room configuration. The light can be concentrated on the central island or the table. However, certain areas can also be illuminated in order to highlight the style adopted. To do this, you can play with the height of the support or multiply the light sources.

LED lighting

LED technology was (and still is) a real revolution in the world of indoor lighting. It has enabled manufacturers to develop lighting solutions that are better adapted to the needs of consumers. Currently, LED kitchen lighting equipment on the market offers a higher level of performance than older versions. With some of these kitchen lamp models, it is possible to have more than 100 lumens per watt. In addition, LED kitchen lighting fixtures come in a variety of shapes and colours.

You can install a few of them above or next to your furniture to always have small design lighting touches. But if you want to give an even more original touch to the decor, the LED strip will perfectly highlight the contours of your kitchen furniture. This option is especially recommended if the worktop is located under a tall unit.

Wall lights

The wall light stands out from the other equipment by its ability to offer discreet and intimate lighting that will embellish your kitchen. It currently exists in different models to better adapt to the design of the room, but also to enhance the decor.

- Kitchen industrial wall lamp

This modern version of the kitchen wall lamp will find its place above a small table. As it is offset from the wall, it will enhance the intimate atmosphere, especially if you have planned a quiet evening.

Depending on your tastes and characteristics, you can also opt for other versions of this LED wall light. Some wall light models can help you to intensify the clean look of the room with solid colours. But if you want to create a designer atmosphere, you can install recessed brackets or choose more original wall light shapes.

- Wall light with switch

The wall light with switch is handy if you want to remove shaded areas to better prepare your small dishes or if you are going to perform a task that requires good lighting. This equipment will find its place in front of the sink, above the plates, the dining area or the worktop.

Like the previous holders, this wall spotlight is also available in different models. For example, the designer luminaires will enhance a Scandinavian-style kitchen. A nice retro kitchen lamp is more suitable if you prefer a sober and baroque atmosphere.

- Corner wall lamp under wall units

In a kitchen, certain pieces of furniture can create areas of shade. To easily solve the problem and bring light points to these nooks and crannies, you can install under-cabinet lighting sources. A corner light is ideal for tall furniture. The equipment can then be placed in the top of the furniture. A spotlight with a switch will be more interesting if you wish to have a lighting background.

Built-in spotlight models are also available to accompany your wall units. These modern versions are available in different shapes, but the elongated lights are the most popular. The dimensions have been designed to match those of the current furniture. The brackets are easy to install. They can also be mounted in such a way as to make them interconnectable if you plan to increase the number of light sources under or in your kitchen furniture.

On the light side, "The comfort of in-line lighting", you can benefit from a wide range of kitchen lighting, particularly for decorative and optimal use. The whole team also offers ranges of lighting fixtures with unbeatable value for money, a house of choice and experience in the lighting heritage. We suggest you to carry out your project within your budget with you, the lighting solutions accomplished. Illuminate your wishes at the best price! Do you have a kitchen wall lamp that is close to your heart? Do you have a pertinent question about a direct or indirect lighting wall light? Are you looking for an LED wall light? Together with you, we analyse and answer the ideal lighting solutions. Côté Lumière is able to offer you the wall light adapted to your needs! If you don't find what you are looking for, don't hesitate to contact us!

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