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Showing 1 - 60 of 540 items

Wall lamp living room

You are doing development work in your living room or you move into a new home?
More than just a point of light, theWall light will bring to your living room a popular decoration and a soothing light source at night.

Seduced by geometric shapes in the image of these rectangular living room sconces that broadcast both light toward the floor than the ceiling. The conical shades top tend to original lampshades in cotton multicolor to compartment, through a plastic ceiling light bright cube-shaped, find your happiness with your partner side light. Feel free to learn more about all of our products and select the best lighting solution to characterize your interior!

Style applique wall Lounge:

THEdesign wall or usually a simple shape architectural lamp.
Only the lamp either square or round, the style used will be clean and without ornamentation. This is to highlight more the light effect of the lamp that its form or its style in contrast to a modern so-called lamp. For this category of product, you will be offered flashlights giving a back light, lighting up and down (upside down)...
Just like its shape, the bulb will not be put forward, only the effect of the light rendering will count.

For a modern applies, anything is possible if you break the codes.
By definition, a modern applies is not a classic applique. It will be recognisable by its shape or colour, the modern Wall lamp may differentiate by its style, Scandinavian wall or wall light design. It is possible to transform a classic applies to tassels on the modern wall giving him bright colors or by the dressing of a Lampshade in fabric in bright colours.

Industrial Wall lamp or how to revive our old lamps. Sought after for their style, the industrial applies is usually composed of an articulated arm and a metal Lampshade.
Placed in a modern interior, in an open kitchen... The wall will take his place as a decorative object in your interior. The colour of the lamp will be often dark shade and can highlight its color copper, brass see even in some cases rusty.

THEretro applique can have many different styles, whether vintage by its reissue 60 or 70', this lamp is intended to provide a decorative touch to our inner by its shape or colour.

THEClassic Wall SconceThis lamp will often wearing a Lampshade in fabric.
For this is often placed in a living room, it is quite possible to have a classic style, but using the codes used by the designer lamps. By taking a stand or wall base Lima, Valborne or Caserta... Astro Lighting collection, several colors are available ranging from copper to the chrome with a simple and modern form. On this basis, you select the shade colors who agree on the best to your home.


Different materials that can be for a bracket wall Lounge:

Wall plaster or ceramic wall are increasingly proposed to decorate our interiors.
Recognizable by its forms which can be organic soft or square. the inner wall will have a white color and mate and give an impression of sweetness. What characterizes this Wall light is also the fact that it will be possible to paint so that it blends with the colors of your home or simply melt on the wall or it will be placed.

THEWall wood is either composed of a wooden blinds, or a structure made of wood. Unfortunately, few manufacturers offer this type ofapply wood, but it will be much more common to find one lamp wood or a wood floor lamp.

Wall mounted chromeusually offered in apply bathsome designer apply this finish on their lamps. Generally, only touches of chrome will be applied to the lamp. This finish with the characteristic to reflect light, this finish will be not advised if you want to highlight your Wall light.

THEfabric Wall Sconce consists of a base and a Lampshade. For this type of luminaire, applied, it is often possible to choose the colour of the wall in bronze, copper, gold, chrome or aluminium and the colours of the fabric of the shade which will be white, black, beige...

This Wall lamp will be available for both products in order to find the ideal combination to your interior.

THEblack wall is usually performed in painted aluminium. By its colour, the lamp which will be used as design wall.

Thanks to its presence in day, this wall will be also as effect to fade at night to highlight its luminous effect.

What light bulb for a apply wall lounge?

For a design wall and minimalist, the manufacturers will direct the integrated manufacturing of their products to LED lamps.
One LED wall light is usually much thinner and will have a footprint at the level of the smallest wall. The proposed solution will be a built-in LED module that is much smaller than a conventional bulb, it will often be with temperature in warm white to bring a cozy lighting to your home.

For a industrial appliedthe lamp will be equipped with a light bulb small screw E14 or large screw E27. The style wanted by this type of lamp must be more vintage and only filament LED bulbs will give the right look to the wall.

THEClassic applique or the lamp Wall lamp shade usually equipped with white bulb with a small socket E14 or a large socket E27. The bulb is not visible, it will be possible to place a LED bulb in white glass.

Your specialized brand, side light, puts at your disposal a wide range of applied wall lounge. Take advantage of quality items at lower prices, to bring a touch of elegance to your interior decoration emphasizing a both warm and friendly atmosphere! Enjoy a wide choice of wall muralesen taking into account your budget and your expectations. 

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