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Showing 1 - 60 of 417 items

All your living room wall lights for your interior

Are you carrying out renovation work in your living room or moving into a new home?
Much more than just a point of light, the wall light will give your living room a much appreciated decoration and a source of soothing light in the evening.

Let yourself be seduced by the geometric shapes of these rectangular lounge wall lights which diffuse light towards the floor and the ceiling. From trendy conical lampshades to original multicoloured cotton lampshades with compartments and an aesthetic ceiling light in the shape of a luminous cube, find what you are looking for with your partner Côté Lumière. Don't hesitate to discover all our products in more detail and select the best lighting solution to characterise your interior!

Living room wall lamp style :

The design wall light or architectural lamp generally has a simple shape.
Whether the lamp is square or round, the style used will be clean and unadorned. The aim is to highlight the luminous effect of the lamp more than its shape or style as opposed to a so-called modern lamp. For this product category, you will be offered lamps with backlighting, up and down lighting ...
Just like its shape, the bulb will not be highlighted, only the effect of the light rendering will count.

For a modern wall light, anything is possible as long as the codes are broken.
By definition, a modern wall light is not a classic wall light. It will be recognizable by its shape or colour, the modern wall lamp can be differentiated by its style, Scandinavian wall lamp or design wall lamp. It is possible to transform a classic wall lamp with pendants into a modern wall lamp by giving it bright colours or by dressing it with a brightly coloured fabric lampshade.

Industrial wall lamp or how to bring our old lamps back to life. Sought after for their style, industrial wall lamps are usually made up of a hinged arm and a metal lampshade.
Placed in a modern interior, in an open kitchen... The wall lamp will take its place as a decorative object in your home. The colour of the lamp will often be dark and can highlight its copper, brass or even rusty colour.

The retro wall lamp can have many different styles, whether it is vintage by its 60' or 70' reedition, this lamp is designed to bring a decorative touch to your home by its shape or colour.

The classic wall light, this lamp will often be topped with a fabric shade.
For this wall lamp, often placed in a living room, it is possible to have a classic style, but using the codes used by design lighting fixtures. By taking a Lima, Valborne or Caserta plinth or base... from the Astro Lighting collection, you will be offered several colours ranging from copper to chrome with a simple and modern shape. On this basis, you are free to select the shade colour that best suits your interior.

Different materials can be used for a living room wall lamp:

Plaster wall light or ceramic wall light are more and more proposed to decorate our interiors.
Recognisable by its shapes which can be soft organic or square, the interior wall light will have a white and matt colour and will give an impression of softness. What also characterises this wall light is the fact that it can be painted to match the colours of your interior or simply to blend in with the wall where it will be placed.

The wooden wall light is either composed of a wooden shade or a structure made of wood. Unfortunately, few manufacturers offer this type of wood wall lamp, but it is much more common to find a wood table lamp or a wood floor lamp.

Chrome wall lamp, usually offered as a bathroom wall lamp, some designers apply this finish to their lamps. Usually, only small touches of chrome will be applied to the lamp. This finish has the particularity of reflecting the light, this finish will only be recommended if you wish to highlight your wall light.

The fabric wall light consists of a base and a lampshade. For this type of wall light, you will often be able to choose the colour of the bronze, copper, gold, chrome or aluminium wall light and the colour of the fabric shade which will be in white, black, beige...

This wall lamp will be offered in two products so that you can find the ideal combination for your interior.

The black wall lamp is usually made of painted aluminium. The colour of the lamp will be used as a design wall light.

Strongly present during the day, this wall light will also fade away at night to highlight its luminous effect.

Which bulb for a living room wall light?

For a minimalist, designer wall light, manufacturers will orient the manufacture of their products towards integrated LED lamps.
A LED wall light is generally thinner and will take up less space on the wall. The proposed solution will be an integrated LED module which is much smaller than a traditional light bulb, this one will often be with a warm white temperature to bring a cosy lighting to your interior.

For an industrial wall light, the lamp will be equipped with a small E14 or large E27 screw bulb. The style sought by this type of lamp should be more vintage and only LED filament bulbs will give the wall light the look you are looking for.

The classic wall light or wall lamp shade will generally be equipped with a white bulb with a small E14 socket or a large E27 socket. The bulb will not be visible, so it is possible to fit a white glass LED bulb.

Your specialist retailer, Côté Lumière, offers a wide range of living room wall lights. Take advantage of quality items, at a lower price, to bring a touch of personalised elegance to your interior decoration by focusing on an atmosphere that is both warm and friendly! Benefit from a wide choice of wall lights, taking into account your budget and your expectations.
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