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Children's hanging lamp: a touch of madness in his bedroom!

The light fixture has several missions: in addition to lighting a space, it will set the tone of the room while creating its own personality. Let's focus on the children's hanging light, which will dress up this sacred space in which your offspring will play, sleep, grow up and especially in which they will spend hours on end. Let's make room for the children's chandelier, the perfect light to bring a touch of magic and madness to the bedroom.

Which child chandelier for which age?

It goes without saying that as the child grows, it is necessary to adapt the type of light that equips his room. For those who prefer hanging lights, it is important to choose a model that reflects their personality and age.

Manufacturers take care to offer different models to fit, depending on whether you are looking for a girl's bedroom pendant or a baby room chandelier.

How to fix a child suspension?

Suspension in general is an easy fixture to install. Keep in mind that:

- Smaller models can be hung lower than larger ones.

- If your home has very high ceilings, it's best to choose a large pendant. Otherwise, if the ceiling is 2.50 to 2.80 meters, fix your light fixture up to about 2.15 meters from the floor.

What kind of hanging lamp to buy for a girl's room?

Children's ceiling lightShapes, colors, girls generally like indoor lights that do not go unnoticed. Princess pink, purple like the flowers, ask her opinion and find the model she will like on our online store.

What suspension for boy's room to choose?

Just like girls, boys usually have their own passions! Use the filter on the left side of the children's hanging category to find the light fixture in his favorite color or material you are looking for.

Should the baby room suspension be dimmable?

We generally advise parents of very young children to opt for dimmable lights to gain in comfort. A children's room light that can be dimmed will be useful at any time of the day, including when it's time to go to sleep.

Gradually dim the lights to get your little one in the mood for a good night's sleep.

How much light do I need for a children's light?

If it is a question of lighting the room of a young child, we advise a color temperature lower than 3300 Kelvins, thus a warm white.

Once he goes to school, help him concentrate when doing his homework by using a neutral or natural white, up to 5000°K at the most;

Is it safe to use a child lamp?

Manufacturers are subject to very strict rules when it comes to children's lights. For example, they are completely free of substances considered hazardous to their health.

For safety reasons, we recommend that you use wood or plastic. Unlike glass, they are less likely to break and therefore less likely to injure the young occupant.

Our professional advice

If you choose to install a children's hanging light as the main light, consider adding other light points in his room to balance the whole.

Which bulb for children's lamp ?

We advise you to choose an LED bulb for several reasons:

- Proven energy efficiency, up to 40,000 hours of light versus 10,000 hours for a compact fluorescent bulb and 1,000 for an incandescent bulb;

- Powerful lighting from the moment you turn it on;

- High impact resistance, much lower emitted temperatures;

- Much lower power consumption (between 60 and 90% less than other bulb models);

- A wide range of colors;

- Easy to choose the light intensity

Our professional advice

Remember to check the type of base of your bulb! Each product in our "Light bulbs" category is accompanied by a description. Click on the E14 bulb to see an example, knowing that it is also the most common base for your child lamp!

Don't stay in the dark anymore thanks to the Côté Lumière team!

Child ceiling lightChildren's hanging lamps: how to choose a model that will suit them and above all that they will like? If the choice is intimidating at first, click on the photo of the light that has caught your or his attention. You will discover all the practical and important information about the product: material, height, width, diameter, number of bulbs, etc.

If you have any other questions before, during or after your purchase, our online store can be reached by phone or contact form. Our team is at your disposal to help you choose the perfect children's light for your child!