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All your suspensions of room for your home

In the universe of the Pendant lighting We have selected for you, lamps suspended for your room.

The key to find the ideal suspension to ask in a room

The House differs from the other rooms in the House by his very intimate side. Lighting, this peculiar area, is one of the major elements that impact directly the comfort and well-being of the occupants. In the case of a chandelier room, the light source will determine the overall atmosphere you want to establish. Soft, peaceful and certainly functional, the light should then participate in the creation of a real space of relaxation. But to achieve this result, it is important to choose the model of chandelier. Here's a quick guide on things to remember to choose a suspension room.

Major in followin selection criterian

As consumers know, certain criteria are important when you want to actually find equipment or an accessory that responds to its needs. In addition to the price, appearance and design are often the first things that come to mind. However, in the case of a suspension luminaire for a room, here's the real elements to be taken into account.

The lighting intensity

It is essential to ensure that the scattered light produces the mood you want to have in the room. A sweet intensity is preferred for this a special room in the House. In practice, a brightness between 2.5 and 5 watts per square meter is best if the chandelier room uses low-energy bulbs. This is equivalent between 25 and 50 lumens per m² for the LED sources. It will also pay attention to the heat given off by the chandelier that must be adapted to the desired atmosphere, we recommend a gentle color (white sweet or yellow) with a power of illumination of less than 4 000 kelvins. Currently, the equipment can be fitted with a drive to easily adjust the intensity of the light.

The length and shape of the room suspension

A model of light room, to make sure that the cable being used is not too short or too long. A distance of 50 cm from the ceiling to the bottom of the chandelier will generally be the ideal proportion. Regarding the form, you can always rely on the room to choose the chandelier room. Suspended spherical room is perfect for most of the rooms. Of course, it is here that only suggestions because the choice will depend on the tastes and desires of each.

The configuration of the room

The size of the room is also an essential criterion in the choice of a suspension luminaire. The configuration of the space will allow, in effect, to choose the model of the chandelier that has the ideal dimensions. According to professionals, the chandelier must have, on average, 40 cm in diameter for a surface of 15 m². If the room is very spacious, good practice is to multiply the suspensions in order to spread the light. On the other hand, equipment size medium (or even small size) is expected for small surfaces.

What happened to the design?

Suspension luminaire ideal for the bedroom will also be one that fits the theme of Interior adopted. Currently, manufacturers compete to offer design lighting equipment that will showcase retro, contemporary, Scandinavian or other atmosphere in the room. In addition, specific models are also designed for children's rooms. Various tips, deco and makeover inside, are then suggested by professionals to help consumers find the right suspension. In some.

The ideal suspension for a Scandinavian Interior

Scandinavian style is characterized by its allure young and certainly original. Simplicity will, however, in order to achieve this result. Thus, the lighting in the room will have to highlight the elegant lines of the natural materials that are used to manufacture furniture and decoration elements. Wood is often the more present in this type of Interior, light will have to bring out the warm side of this noble material thanks to a soft and subdued light.

Composed with other materials like glass, enamelled aluminium or pressed steel, it will search the side design of the chandelier and sleek and prioritize a shade lighter and more sober (pastel color). If you have opted for a minimalist, Scandinavian suspension will give a touch of romance and elegance in the room. And where the surface is fairly small, the brightness will create an effect enlarging. Finally, decoration of colourful accessories can be used even if it is a Scandinavian Interior. The trick will be to play slightly on the intensity of the light to well highlight the decoration.

And for a contemporary style?

A contemporary interior is easily recognizable by its appearance which combines modernity and functionality. The suspension design will enhance this feature. Painted a bright color as white, noble materials such as stone, marble, wood, leather and fabrics of the blinds and curtains will bring the warm colors in the room. Lighting will increase the intensity of the light and its color rendering for in order to get a warmer effect.

Currently, manufacturers associate aluminum with another very elegant material: glass. In this case, just a moderately powerful lighting since the material will maximize the brightness. If the contemporary style has a great mix of materials (steel, glass, wood, leather and others), a soft light will be much more interesting. Besides, in regard to the color of the media, neutral shades like black, anthracite and white are to be preferred.

Finally, models of suspension industrial, design and vintage are also available to our customers who wish to create an original atmosphere in their room.

What model of suspension for a child's room?

For the choice of a design suspension designed to light up a child's room, the trick is to play the card of personalization. Indeed, lighting will have to adapt to the tastes and personality of the girl or the boy who occupies the room. In addition, the brightness should facilitate sleep.

Thus, a luminaire room girly or fairy tale perfect in a little girl's room. A nice glass of pink, mauve, purple or white suspension will find its place in the middle of the room. For what is the intensity of the light, the goal is to create a sweet and enchanting atmosphere that fits well with the décor.

For a boy's room, best would be to focus on a suspension that will broadcast a light sour tones. The theme of being in general the adventure or the super hero in this case, a warm light will be most suitable. The same principle can be applied in the choice of the color of the lighting support.

With regard to shape, light fixtures, original geometric design suspensions are welcome. However, you can also opt for room lamps that recall some characters or activities (in the form of flying saucer, car, building sets and others). Of course, it will take to be all that way if there is a room for teens or adopt the same principles with a room with adult.

In order to illuminate your room, Coast light suggests you a wide choice of suspension room. Our catalogue offers you a range of prices extended, adapted to all budgets. Style of the classic to the more design styles, side light will meet your expectations offering you the best suspensions for your room. Trust our experience to advise you during your visit to our site. In case of doubt or if you can't find the model of your dreams, do not hesitate to contact us, we will answer you with pleasure as soon as possible.

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