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Showing 1 - 60 of 339 items

Kitchen pendant lights

Among our category of pendant lighting Discover our suspended lamps dedicated to lighting of the kitchen.

The suspensions of kitchen are special lighting elements since they must withstand moisture and high temperatures. Side light you can find a wide range of luminaires suitable for this environment. Discover suspensions adjustable in height, spots or Lampshade suspensions...

Even though it requires luminaires with specific characteristics, the kitchen is a room which also requires important lighting. If you choose to install a ceiling light, as much as it is a design element to your kitchen in value. Home side light, you will find a selection of chandeliers and suspensions for your kitchen.

With prices ranging between 16 and 2000 euros, discover a selection of more than 400 products that can brighten up your décor. There are for example the suspension kitchen Topan that revisits the traditional suspension ball with a more contemporary touch. His round Lampshade fabric cable topped metal can illuminate your kitchen of its bright red color. If you prefer more geometric patterns, you will inevitably succumb under the spell of the circular stay Ecliptic. Its sparkling white color, which will give a mysterious and elusive effect.

You prefer more sober and more conventional models. Opt for the Nautica suspension with its three branches in metal with a glass bubble that broadcasts a clear light glarefree. There are also simple, but versatile Navy conical suspension because it can adapt to any type of decoration.

Whatever your budget, whether of twenty euros to almost 3,000 euros. Side light offers a wide choice of suspensions for your kitchen. So, feel free to browse the catalogue.

The characteristics of the ideal kitchen suspension

The kitchen of our grandparents in many changed. Reduced for decades to its most simple convenience, it has become a real living room. Rethought and redesigned, the kitchen is adapted to our new lifestyle. Her team a central island which brings a more friendly and warm. The walls that enclose the kitchen fall and this piece opens inside the House. The kitchen invites family and friends to gather to discuss a drink before dinner. The atmosphere in the kitchen has changed considerably in recent years, but also because of the lighting. We had a kitchen that was illuminated by a lamp to neon cold and unwelcoming. This lamp was the only source of lighting in this kitchen. Fortunately, the choice has diversified. It is possible today to equip your kitchen with a multitude of lamps that have varied shapes, colors and design. The new LED technology that equips our luminaires has also evolved and she brings to the kitchen a warmer light and more power. It is more appropriate to our needs and the atmosphere you want to create. The kitchen suspension is one of the most used lights for this purpose and the reason for this is double. On the one hand the lamp brings a quality of light that it broadcasts, but also by its beautiful decorative effect. It is therefore important to find luster model kitchen that suits best and who will be the most suitable for your needs.

Functional lighting

To prepare small dishes that you like in the company of our family and our friends, cooking in the best possible conditions. To do this, the lighting of the kitchen must be certainly functional, pleasant and responsive.
When we think of a kitchen lighting, is from the center of the room. It is at this place is usually electric point to the ceiling. With a ceiling or hanging lamp, we'll bring a quantity and enough light power to the kitchen. Thanks to new technologies, manufacturers have created suspensions luminaires with LED bulbs and performing economic and powerful. To adjust the light intensity of the suspension and adjust this power for your needs, it is also important to predict a wall dimmer. The kitchen chandelier becomes multifunctional and much more suited to your needs. Equipped with several light sources, just slightly increase the intensity to have precise lighting. After the choice of your suspension luminaire, the second tip is to ensure complementary lighting in your kitchen. When turning the back to a light located in the center of the room, a gray area moved ahead. The sink is often placed along a wall and it is one of the annoyances that can be encountered in a kitchen. To remedy this inconvenience, it will be useful to place another bright point. This can be a kitchen wall or spot. This fixture will bring additional light to your kitchen and will do the job. 

A suspension design

We place great importance on the atmosphere created by the decoration and the light in our living rooms. The kitchen becomes a continuity of living rooms, it is no longer a closed room, but opens up to our interior. The kitchen is invited as a place of hospitality and conviviality. It will therefore be very important to choose the right introductory suspension to equip your kitchen. The goal is to achieve a continuity between the living space and the corner kitchen. The light that we will bring to the kitchen will play a major role in the atmosphere and the mood of this piece.  It should highlight the space to render practical and aesthetic. This suspension luminaire will also determine the style of selected Interior (industrial, Scandinavian, vintage, contemporary and other). Different styles of chandelier design kitchen are offered in order to achieve this result.

The luminaires are characterized by their manufacturing materials.

The materials and colors that you choose for your kitchen are key aspects to set the style and made you want to get. In this same vein, the color and material of the luminaire must agree and bring complementary to this set. Different materials can be used to make a suspension luminaire design quality. 


Lamps are usually made of aluminum, because this material is light and can easily be worked on to achieve all kinds of forms. It also offers the ability to offer many finishes and colours. It is possible to find the ceiling lamp that has the shape and size that works best for your kitchen. With the alloy of various metals, manufacturers design lighter luminaires with colors that will beautify your kitchen. On some models, the steel has been associated to the glass tempered to a still more design rendering.

Copper and brass:

The lamp made in brass may comes in different forms ranging from the globe to the conical reflector. This resolutely warm colours will bring to your kitchen a cosy appearance. Place a copper suspension over a central island will reinforce the industrial side to your kitchen elegantly.


Noble material, wood is present in any interior. Natural, oiled white or lacquered, it is the material of our kitchens. By touches or component structure of the lamp, wood back in the spotlight. The Scandinavian style with the Scandinavian suspension is a very good example.


This material is delicate and elegant and can bring finesse and detail to the lamp. The use of ceramics gives a very specific rendering to the luminaire, a matte and silky or shiny appearance with a mirror effect. This material rediscovered old crafts and opens new perspectives in contemporary fixtures. Ceramic lamps will bring a vintage to your kitchen and give a direct and vivid light. 

The glass:

Sought after for its light, transparent appearance, this material gives a glow to light. The default you can find him is its fragility. The lamp may break or crack under the effect of a shock or pressure. It is important to handle it with caution the lamp during installation or maintenance. The glass suspension is a reflective lamp and this feature must be taken into account. It will be advisable to use it in direct sunlight for use in suspension spot to place above a central island. We draw your attention to lamps that are made of colored glass, because it can influence a color to the room.

Their forms, their sizes and their colors

To meet your desires and your needs, it is possible to find all types of lamps to light up your kitchen. The first point to linger is the place where arrive outings electric. For a kitchen chandelier, the power supply to your ceiling will guide your choice. Your electrical installation has not yet been determined, it is important to position the places where the light points must - be placed. These areas will be based on the location of your furniture kitchen and the places.
choice e is on a modern chandelier with a black shade, aged metal or a coppery hue? You'll make a trend of industrial style to your kitchen. The deco trend offers natural and worked in monochromatic colors. Think about playing with a contrast on a same tone. With the color of the chandelier, you will bring this contrast. It will strengthen the warm look of the room and give consistency to all of your colors.

A fixture suitable for the configuration of the room

The ideal lighting is one that matches the configuration of the space. The luminaire suspension which will equip the kitchen must be of good size, is about 35 cm in diameter for an area of 10 m². Your kitchen is spacious and it has a high ceiling, it will be possible to hang a lamp Size XXL, the effect will be guaranteed! With the exception of lighting from a central island, it is important not to descend too low light source. The beam will be focused on a specific area and may create shade in the room. In addition, equipment may hinder travel on-site. If the support is installed a little too high, the scattered light might lack in power. For optimal rendering, a height of 160 cm between the lighting and the table is to be expected.

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