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All your suspensions of lounge for your interior

In the decoration of your home, the pendant lighting has an important place in the development of the space and the brightness to your room.

The luminaire suspension in the living room, the essential to get it right

If you give as much importance to the makeover of our living room, it is because the latter is one of the main rooms of the House. It is, indeed, in this place that the family and friends come together to discuss, watch TV, celebrate an event or even work. Real place of life, sharing and conviviality, the living room is a multifunction space which deserves to be given special attention in terms of design and decoration. Lighting will be of course essential if we want to create an ideal atmosphere. The light in the living room should be functional and comfortable, but it will especially agree with the style of the chosen Interior. The suspension remains one of the main fixtures to install on the premises. But how to find the most suitable model?

Gloss salon: a lighting type suited to the decoration of the living room and interior style

The living room or the living room is the main room of the House, it is also the place where you can best express and highlight the decoration you want to dress up the House. The light from the luminaire suspension must enhance the character of the chosen theme. It will be sufficient to illuminate the space to know that it is one contemporary, classical, industrial or other interior. Here are some tips to make the living room chandelier provide ideal lighting:

Lighting and sober for a contemporary living room

The contemporary style is characterized by this sleek appearance which perfectly combines aesthetics and functionality. The furniture and decoration of the exhibition objects are distinguished by their clean lines. The materials are steel, glass and concrete. However, more and more owners choose to associate the latter by other materials such as wood and leather. To be able to marry at this setting, the suspension should be modern, air and design. With respect to lighting, a neutral light will highlight the dominant colors (white, black, beige and anthracite) on the premises.

A light that highlights the symmetry in a classic lounge

For a classic Interior, landscaping revolves around other themes to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere. The choice of dressing the walls with wallpaper, the framing of windows with blinds and draperies and the layout of the room with furniture worked is to create this atmosphere. It will however to keep harmony between the proportions and colors, so not only is crowd, didn't there stifle this space.  To do this, the layout of the room must be proportionate and will be organized around a central element, the chandelier. He will bring a strong presence to the space and attention as soon as one arrives in the living room.
The furniture and decoration accessories are placed in a way to respect this rule so that no object or furniture will take over on the other. The chandelier will then strengthen these special features of the decoration. For the luminaire suspension, many materials may agree, but they prefer the Crystal and the finest materials.

The cold light to highlight an industrial setting

The industrial theme is inspired by old-time atmosphere that characterized the workspaces, including those of factories and warehouses. Adopted in the living room, industrial suspension will increase the gross and the room appearance. The decoration will be dominated by strong materials such as steel, black metal or concrete. Sober color, the suspension will underline this simple, even minimalistic set, the light source should provide a warm and direct lighting.

The luminaire suspension will rely in the scenery with a steel structure and a gross look better (chains, cables and rounded shapes).

A bright and warm atmosphere in a modern living room

In the case of a modern interior, natural materials perfectly associate with monochromatic tones. Assembly of the tones of the same color creates to your space a soft atmosphere and cozy and to do this, it will contrast all its colors with the highlights and shadows to work in pastels and shades tonic duo. By linking to your décor with a copper suspension or a black suspension, the luminaire will contrast and brighten up the whole.

Thus, light wood and materials such as cotton and flax are combined with other materials for a stylish look. Natural colors are elegant, beige hues in monochromatic will give a pure and authentic appearance.

The suspension design, will display the same characteristics. The lighting to be direct or indirect, must be powerful and she will provide a warm atmosphere in the living room. In some cases, a chandelier composed of several light sources will put forward the forms varying and original elements that make it up, but also decoration and the objects that surround it.

The dimensions and the ideal proportions for a suspension show

The size of the suspension luminaire is an important selection criterion if the lighting is to be truly adapted to the space in which it is intended. In the case of the show, we'll rely on the dimensions and configuration of the room to estimate ideal proportions in suspension.

What is the size for a living room chandelier?

The diameter of the support must be on average 40 to 45 cm for a 10 to 15 m² area. However, you can also play the card of extravagance and install extra support wide. This type of suspension luminaire is also very popular these days. The oversize equipment has the advantage of providing a surprising design effect. But to make the result more satisfactory, some proportion are rules. You should know that the diameter for a XXL chandelier can go up to 120 cm. The element can quickly become cumbersome without tips. The best would be to opt for the models 'air '. You can choose an example of luminaire suspension design that stands out for its complete fine structure of a Lampshade in fabric reducing the heavy and massive effect that gives its format on dimensioned.

And for the height?

Here again, the size of the room will be an important factor if you want to place the suspension to the ideal height. Indeed, it will avoid the light don't travel in the living room and someone might receive it on the head circulating on the premises. For a ceiling height of 2,50 m on average, support should be 2.15 m above the ground. Of course, we can reduce the distance to 1,60 m if the living room is equipped with low furniture.

In the case of a low ceiling room, the trick is to choose a model for suspension openwork lounge. Suspension luminaire is discreetly positioned in the middle of the dedicated space. This principle will apply even if it is a XXL chandelier. The important is to ensure that the thus positioned lamp does not weigh down the setting despite its large size.

Alternatively, you can also opt for a transparent model that will appear invisible in the room. What is more, in glass, plastic or PVC structures are very much in vogue these days. Furthermore, effect 3 D versions are currently available. Just install the nearest illumination of the ceiling support to reduce this feeling of being a dark mass above the head. Of course, it will take to ensure that the light is powerful enough if we want to reduce the possible functionality problem that such a position could result.

If the surface is very limited, the other trick is to place a piece of small size lighting and complete the main light source by other lights or modern chandeliers for practical living room as the spots and apply them LED. Finally, series chandeliers are also an attractive option. They can be multiplied and divided so as to create a harmonious whole. Moreover, with a pose (in a row or cluster) worked well, media will contribute greatly to the decoration in the living room.
Real centerpiece of your home, customize your living room with our wide range of suspension show simple classic style through the baroque and design, more elaborate styles side light offers a wide range of brands adapted to all budgets. Our suspensions of living will attract all eyes.

Be sure to see all our lighting to create an Interior that looks like you. We offer many styles made with materials and colors. Also, learn the latest trends in interior decoration.
If nevertheless you can't find on our site, feel free to contact us, we will make every effort to respond to your request.

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