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LED Strip for your home

In the great family of LED lighting, the led headband is the light that represents the most this new type of lamp.
Even if you know nothing in light and lighting, be aware that led, the led band Strip and led Ribbon mean the same thing. In other words, this is simply flexible band which includes a number of LED.
A LED Ribbon allows to completely change the atmosphere of a room. Placed behind or under furniture, this simple fixture to install plans a backlight enjoyable. Generally equipped with a remote control or a switch, the LED strip can change color or light intensity. The atmosphere is relaxing or partying, you will always find a bright setting corresponding to your mood. Paste or attach with screws, this luminaire consumes very little energy and does not heat.

Cut, combine, combine and create the Interior that looks like you.

How does this type of luminaire?

It is a printed circuit where are soldered chips SMD or "Surface-Mount Device" which means "Component Monte on the Surface" in french. Thus, the LED strip or band has a width between 8 and 12 mm. The manufacturers have made sure it is possible to cut the circuit all 3 leds. In this way, you can use just the length of headband need you. Moreover, we find today many types of led, namely the 2835 SMD and the SMD 5050. It is important to note that the size of chip led, i.e. the digits after SMD, affects the intensity of the light. Thus, if 2835 smd led chips are larger than the smd led 5050, these last are brighter.

A product used by all the public

Today, headbands led successful more Crescent due to their decorative aspect, thanks to the light and the colors they bring in a room or outside of a House. It is true that individuals are using a ramp led in their living rooms, their stay, their room, their cuisine or their bathroom. On the other side, more and more traders use to beautify the windows of their shops or their signs. But the institutions working in the hospitality and catering sector are legion to opt for the 220v led Ribbon. It is same for discos and bars who put the tape led outside to draw attention to the front of their property, but also inside of it. Of course, there is a specific fixture for this last use. Finally, the event specialists were the first to adopt this type of lighting for their different events, whether it's shows, exhibition, exhibitions, fairs, etc.   

A variety of colors for multiple uses

The success of the rgb LED strips is explained by their convenience and the different colors it casts in the room or outside the House.


Indeed, it is possible to opt for a single color, which is usually white. But even in this case, you need to know that there are several shades of white. On the one hand, there are the warm white led with the color temperature between 2700 and 3 000 Kelvin. This type of shade is perfect for the parts where you will relax, like the living room and the bedrooms. Indeed, this light is going to create a both warm and cozy atmosphere in the room where it is installed.

On the other side, we have the cold white light that exists at temperatures ranging between 6,000 and 6 500 Kelvins. It is more appropriate to work environments and challenging environments. This is why it is especially used in the trade to better present objects or products. Finally, there is a type of called CCT (Correlated Color Temperaure) or 'White Variable' specific led by french band that mixes on a same tape led 1 led warm white with 1 white led cold. In other words, you can change the color of white using a controller. What is useful to change the mood in a room.

The colors

It is also possible to opt for a color led Ribbon. To get different colors, manufacturers of led Strip had the great idea to mix just the 3 primary colors, namely red (Red in English), green (Green in English) and the blue (Blue in English). Which gave birth to the rgb led Strip. It should be noted that these 3 basic colors are at the same time on the same chip. Thanks to a dimmer, so it is possible to alternate different colors depending on the desired visual effect. To do this, just put a frequency where each led lights up or turns off.

The main features of a strip of LEDs

Before you choose your band that you install inside or outside your home or your business premises, there are a number of points you need to know.

The number of LEDs per meter

Most of the led Strip kits include 30 or 60 LEDs per meter. There may be models Strip led light equipped of more led, but it will increase your power consumption. Indeed, today, one can find commercially led with 120 leds, or 300 leds ribbons. For example, a roll of 60 led per meter led will consume 4.8 watts per meter against 24 watts per meter for another that contains 240 led per meter. Furthermore, it should be noted that as the number of led to the meter increases, this will increase the power of the lighting. Indeed, the distance between two LEDs will decrease. As a result, if you want maximum light, 60 meter led 12v led Strip is perfect.

The type of led

The vast majority of 12v led Strip has led SMD for "Surface-Mount Device" or "Component Monte on the Surface" in french. This type of lamp is useful for countless applications. Indeed, it is extra both flat and small. Allowing it to easily slip behind a piece of furniture, a showcase or an aquarium if it is waterproof. In addition, it should be noted that only 1 meter long rgb led strips are excluded from this rule.

To help you see things more clearly, also know that the figures placed next to SMD express the size of the led in millimeters. Thus, if it is registered SMD 5050 rgb on your outdoor led headband, this means that each led on your rgb led Ribbon is square and made side 5 mm, 5.0 mm x 5.0 mm.

The power consumption of the led Ribbon

It is important to note that the power consumption of each flexible led depends on type of band. So it is recommended to read the card product in order to determine the precise consumption in watts per meter of your led Strip. In this way, it is easier to determine the length of your led Strip, and at the same time to find the ideal controller or the optimal nutrition.

The voltage of your led device

As a general rule, all led ribbons operate on 12 volts, which is in low voltage. This also allows you to access a wide choice of accessories, inverters, controllers and ribbons that run them as 12 v In this way, it is easy to adapt your bright project without fear of a fire or a short circuit. In addition, you have 3 choices to feed your light strip. You can use either a battery box, or a rechargeable battery or a 220V/12V power supply which can be sealed or not.

The tightness of your led Strip

It is important to note generally used as a waterproof led strips for the outside of your home or your business. While the non waterproof led can be used as inside a building. To inquire about the tightness of a multicolor led, refer to an index of Protection (IP) which expresses itself with 2 digits. Thus, the first indicates the level of protection against solids while the second gives one against water intrusion.

Generally, used the headband led IP20 inside since it is not waterproof. However, it displays a very large discretion because of the delicacy of its size. On the other hand, the led with an IP65 lamp is waterproof. Indeed, it is covered with a layer of silicone. However, it is not submersible, which means that you can't use it to illuminate the bottom of a swimming pool, a pool or an aquarium. If you want to do, you must turn to the stairs with an IP68 led.

On the other hand, there is only the led Ribbon that is waterproof. Indeed, both the power that the controller or the different connections need to be protected against moisture and splashing water. On the other hand, as the led lamp can be split, you may also cut the silicone protection that covers when you slice. As a result, the seal is compromised. Therefore, add the silicone so that it is tight again.

Tips for cutting a Ribbon led

Led Ribbon sticker has the advantage to be able to be cut to fit the length of the location where you want to place it. To make this operation a success, you must refer to the line of cut on a regular basis between the brass studs. Thus, cutting interval is spaced 5 cm for wire led mono color 60 led per meter, whether the latter is waterproof or not. This area is going to go down to 2.5 cm in the case of a led mono color 120 led per meter. In the case of a deco 60 led per meter rgb led, the interval is 5 cm.

Once you have cut your Ribbon led with a chisel to the desired length, you can still keep the fall for later use. In trade, there are different connectors to connect banner led them. And, that they are waterproof or not, single color or rgb. In addition, these connectors are easy to set up, insofar as they require no welding.

How to set up a led Strip?

Even before touching your leroy merlin led, you must first carefully clean the surface where you want to install it. Subsequently, you just remove the adhesive strip on the back of your kitchen led Strip and paste the latter. Be aware, however, that Neon led slim or bulb as well as 1 meter silicone bands do not have adhesive tape.

Where the tape has led takes off from the surface where it is placed, you have several solutions to put it back. You can use a Velcro band whose hook part is to install on the back of the led Strip, while the Velvet part is to ask on the support where the led banner will be placed. Note that it is also possible to use tape Vecro to put in place a Ribbon multicolor led or mono color on a garment. On the other hand, it is possible to turn to the adhesive double-sided tape with or without self-adhesive back and glue neoprene to put in place a Ribbon led kit that takes off. Finally, you can search specific fixation clips for Ribbon cheap led waterproof with an IP 67/68. Just simply screw or nail these tiny clips of fixation.

The different uses of the led strips

To illuminate a ceiling of optimally, you should seek to create a halo at the edges of it. This is to get indirect lighting with your led Strip. However, if you want to generate a cosy atmosphere in the room, go for warm white. On the other hand, for better light, cold white is ideal. And you choose to vary the atmosphere, strip led either rgb or neutral white. As for the work plan and the kitchen, the internal led strips depends closely the type of lighting you want. If your goal is task lighting, you focus on the cool white. But if it comes to decorative lighting, it is recommended to turn to the cool white. It is still possible to mix these two color thanks to the tape variable white led (CTC) temperatures.

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