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How to choose a nightlight for children?

What would a nursery be without the famous baby night light? This light is undoubtedly one of the must-haves when it comes to the well-being and comfort of toddlers. Whether for your personal use or as a birth gift, discover a wide range of models in just a few clicks on Côté Lumière's online store! In the meantime, here's what to remember about this essential light source.

Choosing this type of children's lighting fixture is not an exact science, so whether you are looking for a girl's night light or a boy's night light, here are our tips:

Does the child sleep better in complete darkness? If this is the case, think of the night light plug, which can be unplugged at any time!

If you choose a captured nightlight, determine its location before making your purchase on our online store. This way, if there is no electrical outlet, you will be able to begin the necessary work to install the light in the exact location you want.

Choose a model that can be moved around, for example, a child's lamp or a nomadic night light that you can install, for example, on the floor so that the lighting does not dazzle anyone.

The night light should be dim enough not to wake baby, but bright enough to distinguish the elements in his room. Small test to determine the amount of light: once the room is dark, turn on the baby lamp. If you can see the light through your closed eyelids, choose a less powerful bulb!

Baby night light

Nightlight at what age?

The baby nightlight is particularly useful in two stages:

- Before baby sleeps through the night and wakes up to be fed. It's important for mom or dad to be able to move around their child's room without bumping their toes, but more importantly, to be able to breastfeed or bottle-feed in peace and quiet and without being dazzled.

- When the child shows signs that he or she begins to be afraid of the dark, around the age of two.

Between these two periods, you can opt for a rechargeable or battery-operated night light that can be extinguished during the night without disturbing the child if he wakes up.

What color for a night light?

Did you know that the color of the light emitted by a baby lamp could affect the quality of his sleep?

While the blue and white lights are soothing, when it comes to babies and young children, it's quite stimulating! Thus, specialists recommend the red or orange baby night-light, similar to the sunset.

Which bulb for night light?

If you have chosen a model of child night light that can be changed, please choose an LED light bulb. This technology is known and appreciated because it does not give off heat.

Always remember to check the model and type of base before you buy!

Mains, battery or rechargeable nightlight?

We tend to turn to the pilot light, to plug into an electrical outlet. However, today there are various wireless models that can be moved around as needed. This type of baby nightlight is appreciated for its lightness and practical size.

You can also opt for a battery-operated or rechargeable model, for occasional use or if, for example, your child often sleeps at his grandparents' house!

The choice of the ideal nightlight depends greatly on your needs and habits.

The different models of night light

In addition to battery-powered or rechargeable nightlights, you can now purchase a nightlight with a programmer, which automatically extinguishes after a certain period of time. Here are a few models that are very successful:

There are now models with a cry detector, which lights up when baby cries.

Night lights with pre-recorded lullabies. Some are customizable with the MP3 cable that equips them.

Wall-mounted night lights with projection, to be fixed to the wall or ceiling. They diffuse colorful and soft images at the same time, intended to put baby to sleep.

Why offer a child nightlight?

You wish to offer an original gift on the occasion of a birth? The child nightlight is a particularly practical light:

The nightlight provides a very soft light, which allows the young child to feel safe if they wake up in the middle of the night. By opening his eyes, he will quickly calm down by recognizing his environment.

Breastfeeding is synonymous with waking up in the middle of the night, for both mother and baby. By installing, for example, a wall-mounted night light, the subdued luminosity will allow the former to move around the room easily, but more importantly, it will allow everyone to quickly get back to sleep once the feeding is over.

It is strongly advised to opt for a subdued and subtle light to create a soothing atmosphere for baby, who will be able to go back to sleep easily if he wakes up before his usual time.

Unstoppable light to make baby wait when he wakes up or while mommy prepares his bath, bottle, baby's night light ceiling projection or musical night light.

New parents are naturally anxious! Give them a night-light so they can discreetly "peek in" on their baby without having to turn on the bedroom ceiling light, for example.

The nightlight is one of those essential items to help baby quickly overcome the anxiety phases that accompany separation (daycare, resuming work for mom or dad, etc.).

Finally, the night light will help the young child to quickly find his cuddly toy if he loses it during the night.

Nightlight for children

The nightlight, more than a baby light!

It will accompany and reassure baby at night, but it will also allow parents to move around their little one's room safely. Choose the right model thanks to the advice in this article.

If you have any questions, remarks or need additional advice on "how to choose a night light", contact the Côté Lumière team by phone or email!