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FLOS: bold and certainly innovative creations

Since its creation in 1962 by Dino Govina and Cesane Cassina, Flos is positioned as one of the leaders in the market for equipment and materials of light brands. The Italian brand is especially known for his architectural and decorative designs. For more than 55 years, the success of the company lies in its ability to propose lighting trend and innovative ranges meet the needs of consumers, whether it's those individuals or those professionals. But to achieve this result, the company had to collaborate with designers and enthusiasts worldwide reputation such as the brothers Castiglioni and Tabia Scarpa.

Designed by renowned designers design lamps

Order to make offers which are always able to seduce as many consumers, Flos has been able to rely on the expertise and experiences of professionals and renowned artisans who make every effort to ensure that the products stand out from those of the competition. Thus, collaboration with certain designers in particular (including the son of the renowned architect Carlo Scarpa) helped the Italian brand to create pieces such as the iconic of Castiglioni ARCO lamp and the famous spectacular Philippe STARCK's Flos Superarchimoon.

Currently, lighting systems offered by the brand diversified in order to better adapt to the realities of the market. There is, for example, the envy of professionals to offer a modern and design equipment through wall-ceiling of the Glo-Ball collection. Also the lamps were created by the great Jasper Morrison, a designer known for his original and functional designs. The Interior lights are distinguished by their appearance, but especially by the diffuse light of their mouth-blown glass.

Another illustration, the streetlights of the range Kelvin with which lovers wanted to demonstrate their ability to adopt the new technologies available in their area. Then media consist of a pivoting flat square head to 355 ° adjustable 360 ° as well as arm. Regarding light, creators have opted for one of adjustable lighting intensity LED bulbs.

The art of creating new trends in the world of lighting

To keep its leading position in its sector of activity, a brand must be able to influence the trend, creating needs. FLOS has always liked to adopt this principle by creating bold luminous systems which eventually become true icons. To do this, the Italian brand does not hesitate to exploit new ideas, new horizons. This art of experimentation has allowed the brand to manipulate materials to make revolutionary structures, but also to associate technological innovations in order to offer more adequate solutions.

Recessed ceiling lights from the Skygarden collection surprising as equipment are the result of all these nice values. Parts consist of a support in a die-cast aluminum alloy surmounted by a beautiful opal glass diffuser. And what about the Ktribe S3 line suspensions? A perfect combination between modernity and design to give a clearly contemporary lighting system.

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