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Which bedside lamp for children?

A child's bedroom is more than just a room to sleep in, so they need to feel comfortable and safe there. Over time, it will evolve from a sanctuary for resting to a room for playing, studying, and gathering with friends. In front of these different uses, the room requires an adapted, evolutionary lighting, which will also change over time. However, a particular light fixture is likely to be present at all times, regardless of its age. Zoom on the bedside lamp for children.

Children's bedside lamp

Reminder on the three luminous layers

We can't remind it enough, each room should ideally be "dressed" with three layers of lighting:

- Ambient lighting: here, it is the general lighting of the room. It can be delivered by a suspension or a recessed spotlight or not.

- Task lighting: a light capable of illuminating the area where the child is going to read, color, do homework, etc. is needed. The wall light and the lamp are perfect light sources.

- Accent or decorative lighting: If your child's room has items to highlight, such as a collection of figurines, add directional spot lighting.

Find easily the children's lamp that will complete the interior lighting of its space on Côté Lumière's online store. Choose the model that best suits your needs by using the filter on the left of each category!

Our catalog does not stop at the "baby bedside lamp": discover without further delay our models of "boy bedside lamp", "girl bedside lamp", "teen bedside lamp", etc...

Where to put the bedside lamp?

As its name suggests, this light is placed on the bedside table, a small, practical piece of furniture that can be installed next to the bed. If your child's bed comes with two bedside tables, don't hesitate to buy a pair of bedside lamps!

What height for a child's luminaire?

In general, the bulb must be at eye level for reading, so we advise you to put your child lamp between 95 and 105 cm from the ground. Compared to the mattress of its bed, it should ideally be between 40 and 60 cm above.

What is the difference between a bedside lamp and a table lamp?

Since a child's room will be used for many activities, you need to choose the right fixture for optimal lighting. What you need to keep in mind :

- Opt for a bedside lamp for a soft and intimate lighting in the evening, located close to his bed ;

- Choose a night-light table lamp that will stay on all night long, to reassure the child if he wakes up;

- The bedside projection night light is perfect to help the very young child to fall asleep ;

- The table lamp will accompany him when he does his homework, draws, reads his textbooks, etc...

What color temperature for a child's light fixture?

The color temperature corresponds to the color of the lighting. Depending on its color temperature, a bulb will deliver a certain color of light, red, yellow or blue. This color of light is expressed in degrees Kelvin and as follows:

- Less than 2000K: low brightness, close to candles

- Warm white : 2200°K - 3200°K : living rooms (ideal for dining room, living room, bedrooms) ;

- Neutral or natural white: 3200°K - 5000°K (ideal for kitchen, bathroom, garage, outside) ;

- Cool white: >5000°K (daylight = approx. 5200K, ideal for outdoors, parking lots, traffic areas)

In the case of the children's bedside lamp, it all depends on where you are going to place your light source.

- Placed on the bedside table, the children's lamp should deliver a warm white light, less than 3300 K, which will not alter sleep.

- Placed on a desk, therefore to work, read, draw, etc., the lamp should ideally provide lighting with a temperature between 3300 K and 5300 K.

To give you an idea in watts, in the case of night lamps, we recommend around 15 watts, for example, for reading, or 300 lumens.

Children's night light

Our advice from the pros!

If you still have doubts about the required lighting power, opt for a dimmable lamp!

Your goal in buying this type of children's luminaire is to get efficient lighting without being dazzling. To moderate the brightness, opt for a children's lamp equipped with a lampshade.

Which bulb for a child's bedside lamp?

We recommend you to choose LED light bulb for several reasons:

- Proven energy efficiency, up to 40,000 hours of lighting compared to 10,000 hours for a compact fluorescent bulb and 1,000 hours for an incandescent bulb;

- Powerful lighting as soon as you switch on ;

- High impact resistance, much lower emitted temperatures;

- A much more advantageous power consumption (between 60 and 90% less than other bulb models);

- A wide range of colors ;

- Easy to choose the light intensity

Our advice from the pros

Remember to check the type of base of your bulb! Each product of our category " Bulbs " is accompanied by a description. Click on the E14 bulb to discover an example, knowing that it is also the most common base for your child lamp!

How to organize the lighting in a child's room?

When designing your child's room or renovating it, don't leave the lighting plan aside! This aspect is as important as every element of the room! Running out of ideas? The article "The lighting plan, or how to optimize the layout of your lighting fixtures" explains how to proceed!

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