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Ceiling fan: how many blades to make good air?

fan for ceilingThe ceiling fan is the perfect alternative if you're looking for an economical way to cool your home or conserve heat while decorating it. Suitable for both summer and winter use, this device has become more attractive and quieter over time. Find the model you like in just a few clicks on the Côté Lumière online store!

Ceiling fan VS air conditioning, what are the advantages?

It's perfectly normal to ask yourself, before buying, whether it's better to invest in a ceiling fan or air conditioning. Here are some good reasons to choose this type of air cooler product for both indoor and outdoor use:

- The ceiling fan consumes much less energy than a traditional electric air conditioner, so it's gentler on the electricity bill.

- It costs less to purchase and maintain.

- In the event of a breakdown, the price of the repair will be much more affordable than with an air conditioner.

- In addition, this type of appliance does not accumulate microbes as it can be the case with air conditioners.

- It can be fixed on just about any type of surface.

- By choosing a specific design, it can be transformed into a decorative element.

Is the width of the blades of the ceiling fan light important?

The wider the blades, the more air the ceiling fan moves! Here is a table that will allow you to choose the right size according to the surface to be cooled:

Surface of the room (in )

Fan diameter (in cm)

Less than 8

Less than 70














How much weight does a ceiling fan have to weigh to fit?

In the case of a doubled ceiling, the weight of the fan is an essential safety criterion. Added to this is the force exerted when the unit is in operation, creating vibrations.

For a solid and durable installation, purchase the right size screws and plugs.

Can a ceiling fan be used in winter?

If this question may seem strange, the answer is positive: you can use this type of device in winter! To do this, simply reverse the direction of rotation of the blades, which must then rotate clockwise. This movement will draw air from the room towards the ceiling and then push it back towards the floor, thus heating the room.

This trick is perfect for saving energy during the winter period!

How many speeds does a ceiling fan have?

The inexpensive ceiling fan usually has 2 speeds, compared to 3 or even 4 for the higher models.

How do I clean a fan light fixture?

Worried that you won't know how to maintain your beautiful white ceiling fan once it's installed? Here are our tips!

By hand with a microfiber cloth wetted with soapy water, with a magnetic feather duster, by covering the blades one by one with a pillowcase or by vacuuming each blade, there are many methods to rid your fan shine of dust grains that accumulate over time.

As for the frequency of cleaning, once or twice a month will be more than sufficient.

If you have a ceiling fan with light, remember to turn off the power at the circuit breaker or by disconnecting the power to your fan to avoid accidents if you touch the sockets.

Pads are fragile, so do not lean on them when cleaning.

Once cleaned, check that the blades and fan are securely attached before turning the power back on.

Avoid the use of aggressive household products in order to preserve the protective coating of the blades for a long time, e.g. in the case of a wooden ceiling fan with light. In the case of a wooden ceiling light, prefer products intended for cleaning wood.

Are there silent ceiling fans available?

If you can still hear the hum of the old ceiling fan from your childhood, today's manufacturers offer quiet models!

If your new large ceiling fan still makes too much noise for your taste, consider lowering the rotation speed, which will reduce the noise level.

How to choose a cheap ceiling fan online?

Measure the size of the room to be refreshed and use the filter integrated in our store to choose the right diameter. Don't forget to refer to the table above in this article to know the ideal dimensions.

Other criteria may also be taken into account during your purchase:

- Perhaps you would like a ceiling fan with remote control?

- A wooden ceiling fan with light?

- A powerful fan?

- A designer ceiling fan?

The manufacturers of this type of product are very creative!

At what height should a ceiling fan be installed?ceiling fan

As a general rule, the ceiling fan should be installed at least 2.30 m above the floor.

In the case of a sloping ceiling, you will have to choose a fan that comes with the right mounting accessories.

If you don't have a working knowledge of do-it-yourself and/or electrical skills, leave the installation to a certified professional.

Are there ceiling fans for outdoor use?

There are models suitable for outdoor use, i.e. waterproof and dustproof. This impermeability is expressed in a two-digit Protection Index (PI). For outdoor use, you should choose a fan with a minimum IP44 rating.

Our table to understand this measure:

The first number expresses the level of tightness against solid bodies.


Zero protection


Protects against solid bodies larger than 50 mm


Protects against solid bodies larger than 12.5 mm


Protects solid bodies larger than 2.5 mm


Protects solid bodies larger than 1 mm


Protects against dust deposits


Dust proof


The second number expresses the level of tightness against liquid bodies.


Zero protection


Protected against falling water drops


Protected against waterfalls for a maximum inclination of 15°.


Protected against water falling in rain (maximum inclination of 60°)


Protected against water splashes


Protected against water jets


Protected against the sea


Protected against temporary immersion (up to a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes)


Protected against prolonged immersion


Protected against high pressure cleaning and steam cleaning


What material should I choose for a ceiling fan?

According to your interior decoration, your desires and your budget, you can choose between different materials:

- The plastic ;

- The wood ;

- The fiber ;

- The metal ;

- The glass ;

- Aluminum

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