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Petite Friture: creations combining finesse, emotion and elegance

Founded by the talented Amelie of the Passage, Petite Friture is an emerging brand which has immediately stood out on the market since its inception in 2009. Its success depends on its ability to combine the know-how and skills of the best designers and creators at every stage of its evolution. This desire always to promote the talents and encourage them to live out their passion helped the brand to design a lighting equipment perfectly meets the needs of consumers. The various parts of its collections are already strained in France and are beginning to make themselves known at the international level.

A mixture of materials and colors for still more original fixtures

The French brand designers draw their inspiration from what they see, what they feel and how they want to share it. Then, their passion is expressed through the choice of materials and colors that make up each of their creation. Thus, it is through this peculiar approach they, for example, could make beautiful fixtures of the Tidelight collection. This last was launched by Pierre Favresse, one of the greatest creators of the sign.

The artist inspired by the headlights of the car industry to design certainly design lighting brackets. The structure of the lamps to ask consists of a diffuser in blown glass smoked and grooved and a base in Cork. The record is quite surprising. Installed in the living room, the bedroom or the living room, the lamps add a touch of elegance and fancy decoration. And although the scattered light is from a fill light, it will provide a glowing effect unique and adapted to the chosen interior style.

The suspensions of the Cherry collection, designed by Daniel and Emma, also attest to the exceptional know-how of the designers of the Petite Friture. Fixtures consist of a cone of aluminum and a ball to the polished finish. This structure gives an aesthetic side and very sleek holders of lighting design. Color, on the other hand, was well chosen to match a style of Scandinavian, industrial or contemporary interior.

Accomplishments tailored to better meet the needs of the public

Lighting equipment expectations are not always the same. However, it is important for a brand to be able to answer whether the needs of individuals or professionals. Teaching the Petite Friture perfectly understood this principle. It is for this reason that she absolutely wants to propose models of luminaires tailor-made.

It has already proved it by creating the new collection of lamps and wall sconces Mediterranea. The brand has come to be inspired by the success of his first line of suspension luminaire VERTIGO, designed by Constance Guisset, in order to move forward in this direction. She has also reissued these lamps to the somewhat unusual design for the pleasure and happiness of the public. The chandelier VERTIGO is now available in new colors and in different formats.

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Showing 1 - 24 of 24 items