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Accessories are essential to make your luminaire a functional object. They are available in different versions. They can be a lampshade to complement a lamp base, a dimmable driver for your electrical connections, a mounting kit for a mirror, a ceiling light, a LED accessory, among others. In this section, you will find the usefulness of each one to bring the final touch that was missing to your lighting installations in your home.

Whether for living room or bathroom fixtures, lighting accessories are very useful to illuminate your home. You will notice that our Côté lumière site offers all kinds of drivers to transform the electrical current from the mains to provide an output voltage depending on the model. It is therefore a useful material to recommend for your light bulbs whether they operate at 220 V or low voltage. Also called driver, this accessory exists in several versions. On the one hand, those which are compatible with LED bulbs, and on the other hand, to transform them classic in 12 V.

To dress up your table lamp, your street lamp or your ceiling light, the lampshades come in several sizes and shapes to dose the lighting of your interior. The Bevel Round 450 textile ceiling lampshade can be attached to the ceiling to subtly illuminate the room of a house. To complete the base of a wall lamp, the black semi Lima shade can dress up your living room in all elegance. Even lampshades with improbable shapes such as the Rafina in oyster shell can be distinguished for an extreme refinement in the hollow of your interior. We also find tubular and conical models to decorate your living space in all sobriety. Moreover, these great classics remain a must in terms of reflectors, as they easily fit into any style of home.

To place your lamps on the mirror, you can get a mounting kit, on this page dedicated to accessories. If you plan to multiply the light sources through a wall light, the double Black Plate mounting is suitable for this purpose. It is equipped with two sockets for upward and downward lighting, which will make your living room or other rooms more attractive. The LED connector is not to be outdone when it comes to connecting the products and LED drivers to your installer.
Choose from our range of lighting accessories and make your home shine.