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How to install a painting lighting?

Looking for an efficient and aesthetic light source to enhance your framed paintings and photographs? The table lamp is the best solution. This light fixture, generally low-powered, can be mounted either on the wall above or directly on the top frame of the work to be highlighted. Decorative, it adds a chic touch to the room. Here are our tips to help you choose and install your picture light.

Light for a painting

Our advice from pros to illuminate your paintings and photos with a painting lighting system

Here are a few tips to illuminate your paintings and photographs, while preserving them over time:

  • Focus the light beam of your table light on the center of the item to be illuminated, at about eye level.
  • The beam must reach the top and bottom of the frame.
  • The angle of the light of the board lighting :
  • Too direct, the lighting will cause reflections on the image,
  • Too extreme an angle can create long shadows,
  • Ideally, the light should be placed at an angle of 30 degrees to the element to be illuminated,
  • Please feel free to choose our LED panel light. The absence of UV rays will preserve your paintings and photographs.

How to choose the right size for a table light?

Before proceeding with your purchase, here's how to determine the ideal size of a wall light:

  • Measure the width of the element to be illuminated. If it is framed, include the frame in the measurements.
  • If you have a preference for a thin and short board sconce, be careful, the brightness may not cover the whole board. Don't hesitate to opt for a larger model!
  • For a large work of art, your painting wall sconce should protrude from one side and the other for better light coverage.

Our chart to guide you

Width of the work to be illuminated

Approximate width of your table lighting

From 20 cm to 35 cm

Approx. 10 cm

From 35 cm to 45 cm

Approx. 15 cm

From 45 to 60 cm

Between 20 and 25 cm

From 60 to 75 cm

Between 25 and 35 cm

From 75 to 90 cm

Between 35 to 40 cm

From 90 and over

From 60 cm or several wall lights for paintings

Each table lighting proposed on our online store contains the width of the product in its description!

What material for my wall lamp?

Use our filter to choose the table lamp that suits your needs: aluminum, metal, plastic or even glass for a modern touch!

Lighting a work of art

How do I install a board lamp?

The table light fixture installs like any electric light source, just like you would install an indoor spotlight or a hanging lamp :

  • Turn off the power in the area where you are going to install your board lighting;
  • Unscrew the electric domino, connect the wires of your frame lighting and then tighten the screws;
  • Screw your spotlight lighting board to the wall and then turn on the power.

In the absence of do-it-yourself skills and/or knowledge of electricity, we strongly recommend that you entrust the installation of your table lighting to a certified professional.

Where to place a painting light?

You can fix your painting spotlight directly on the wall above the artwork to be illuminated. You will get a professional quality result. Take care to center it a few centimeters above the painting.

If you choose to fix your painting lighting directly on the top frame of your artwork, this will allow you to move the artwork without having to rearrange the light source part.

If you haven't made your choice yet, many models of picture lighting can be mounted on the wall as well as on the frame!

What type of bulb to equip a table lamp?

To equip your spotlight lighting table, you have four options:

LED panel lighting: you will get a bright, economical and durable light. This technology does not emit UV light and heat, so it is perfect for preserving paintings, prints and photographs. We recommend a LED bulb with a CRI (Color Rendering Index) of 80+ to appreciate the beauty of your artwork!

The incandescent bulb: increasingly rare on the European market, this type of bulb is however usable for works in red, brown and yellow tones.

Halogen: just like the incandescent bulb, halogen is destined to disappear from the European market. Nevertheless, if you choose to use it, it will produce a bright white light, ideal for highlighting a wide range of colors.

The fluorescent lamp: it produces the same amount of light as the incandescent bulb, but requires 75% less energy.

Côté Lumière will accompany you before, during and after your purchase of painting lighting!

The purchase of a luminaire, including frame lighting, should leave no room for chance and improvisation. Our team is at your disposal by phone and email to answer all your questions.