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Showing 1 - 35 of 35 items

Picture lights

Check out our category dedicated to lighting for table, this kind of wall lamps is designed to showcase your paintings and photos.

Combine business with pleasure:

Illuminate a framework is a subtle way to bring a bright spot in your home while being illuminated in value. Lights will lead the eye on a painting or a photograph, because the eye will not be attracted by the lamp itself, but by the object or frame you want to illuminate. This table applies unnoticed and the staging of your decoration will take shape. In the evening, remember to punctuate your spaces in light touches to bring to the walls of your room a little perspective.

There are several solutions to illuminate a space, but a subtle and gentle way is to light up in an indirect way.
A framework placed between two pieces of furniture will not be highlighted, a positioned above dashboard applique will put it forward all bringing an additional light point in your space. This wall will be a sufficient amount of light while keeping soft lighting and relaxing. The applique wall table can also be used to bring a bright spot above a mirror in a bathroom or above a mirror in your lobby.

The color temperature to choose according to the object to be illuminated:

It is possible to choose several renderings of different colors that you want to illuminate a painting, a photograph, a mirror...

Illuminate a painting:

To illuminate a painting properly, the goal is to bring out the colors of the paint and give it a more natural rendering possible. To do this, it will be avoided using a bulb with a rendering of color too hot (yellow), it will be advisable to use a light bulb that will be a neutral White rendering of a temperature recommended from 4000 ° K.

At the top of a mirror:

For a bathroom, it will be advisable to use a light bulb, neutral white with a temperature from 4000 ° K to bring natural light.
For a mirror entry, the goal will not be the same, the aim in this case is lit and stay in a warm atmosphere, warm white 2700 ° K the temperature will be more enjoyable.

Led wall picture lights:

More and more manufacturers are offering LED picture wall lights.
These lamps are equipped with integrated LED bulbs. The bulbs that make up the lamp are integrated into the structure of the lamp and being smaller than ordinary bulbs, the integrated LED allows for a thinner and more linear surface, making the lamp discreet and design.
In addition, this type of LED light fitting provides targeted light without emitting heat. There will therefore be no risk of heat damage to the paint to be illuminated. Finally, LEDs have a much longer life span than conventional bulbs and a much lower power consumption.

The different styles of picture lights:

Depending on your home and the framework to illuminate, it will be possible to choose the style of applies that best suit your home.
You have a modern painting or dibond picture frame, a modern and sleek lamp will be perfect. It is even possible to decide with a Blackboard wall.
Applies modern table has as a characteristic to be more sober and often thinner than a classic table applies, however it is possible to play the contrast by its color from white, black even chrome.

For a classic painting with a frame gold and worked, look for a copper table applies. A form and a more conventional color, classic table applies will melt away in the decoration and will not take the spotlight to your paint. However, it is always possible to link the two, take a modern table lighting and sleek shape, but opt for a coppery color. The effect will be guaranteed!

It's a choice table lighting quality, at prices that is offered by side light, "The comfort of lighting online". Attracted by lighting of painting on the wall? Be aware that the setting of the escutcheon on the wall is done above the table and it will consider a power supply to power the lamp.
You may have spotted a table applies or you have questions on a table lamp or a light table?
Based on his experience, our team is at your disposal to study, by your side, all the possibilities that are available to you, depending on your preferences and your budget.
So, to answer your expectations for optimal lighting or, if you have not yet found your happiness, contact us now, we will be happy to enlighten you!

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