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Bedroom wall light : ideal light to embellish this essential room.

Did you know that the bedroom wall sconce was an interior design element in its own right? In fact, in addition to providing you with lighting that goes out, the interior light fixture  that will be discussed in this article will be synonymous with comfort, comfort in a room in which we spend, without knowing it, several hours every day. Here are our advices, but also our answers to your questions about wall lamps in general!

A bedroom wall light for each person!

If you have several rooms in your home, perhaps your family is made up of people of different ages. This is an opportunity to play the variety card and, above all, to please each of the tenants of these rooms with the right bedroom wall lamp!

This exercise can be complicated if you lack inspiration... We are here to make it easier for you. Simply use the search engine of our online store and type in the keywords that suit you, for example "teen boy bedroom wall light", "teen girl bedroom wall light", "adult bedroom wall light" or even "cheap bedroom wall light" and discover our products.

Wall light for the bedroom

Bedroom wall lights: the basics for good lighting

In the bedroom, the lighting must be balanced, so the whole should be composed of three light layers, which will participate in :

  • Mood lighting ;
  • Task or task lighting ;
  • Accent lighting

According to your needs, you will only have to choose the light(s) to turn on!

Use your bedroom wall lights well every day

Mood lighting

If you plan to use bedroom wall lights for your general or specific lighting, we strongly advise you to add other light sources. These extra lights will simply allow you to go about your daily tasks (making the bed, moving to the bathroom, etc.).

Thus, in addition to natural light, you can invest in one or two wall lights specially designed for the atmosphere, a hanging lamp or a chandelier.

Task / task lighting in the room

This paragraph concerns you if you are currently working on a "teen bedroom wall light" project! At this age, it is essential to benefit from an optimal luminosity to read, do homework, therefore, a lighting that will promote concentration. In addition to the type of lighting, the general comfort will also depend on the type of bulb, which should deliver optimal brightness.

If the headboard wall light or the reading light can be good reading lights, we recommend adding a low hanging lamp, a wall reading light or even a living room / dining room wall light into the equation. In short, task lighting in your teen's bedroom can be provided by a wall, pendant or sidelight, depending on the needs of the young occupant of the premises!

Wall lamp for reading

Accent lighting

Looking for an adult bedroom design wall light, to highlight the decorative objects, the artistic details of a more mature bedroom? In such a case, we advise you to add recessed lighting, a wall lamp with socket, wall lights or light strips to your wall light.

Here, it is a question of benefiting from a luminosity that is certainly low, but capable of highlighting the elements that are worth looking at. Accent lighting will also create a comfortable yet elegant atmosphere.

Zoom in on the baby's bedroom wall light: play with the lighting variation!

The bedroom wall lamp is perfectly suited for the baby room, provided you can dim the light. There are models known as "dimmable", that is to say, whose brightness can be modulated with a dimmer. In a very young child's room, this type of light will provide bright enough light for changing diapers, feeding the bottle, playing, etc. If necessary, it will be softer for the night, the evening story, etc.

This option can also be interesting for new parents who wish, for example, to practice "co-sleeping", or nursing mothers looking for a wall light in their parents' bedroom.

Still in the children's room, once the child is big enough to sleep in a traditional bed, think about installing a bedroom wall light with a reading light, perfect, again, for the moments of reading before going to sleep!

What type of bulb for the bedroom wall light?

When it comes to wall lights in general, it's important to choose the right types of bulbs for optimal brightness. In the bedroom, everything will depend on your needs, but especially on two criteria :

The necessary luminosity in the room

Choosing the right brightness depends on your needs in that room, the person who will occupy it and their age. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • A bright bulb is likely to excite the occupants of the room;
  • A soft light bulb will create a relaxing atmosphere, for example, if you want to equip a headboard light or even a wall light with a reading light;

Think about LED wall light to save on your electricity bill and help protect the environment!

The temperature color of the bulb for the bedroom

Here we speak of color temperature, which is expressed in Kelvin. The bedroom being a room where one mainly rests, prefer low temperatures between 2100 and 2700 Kelvins.

Our advice

  • In the case of a bedside or headboard lamp, avoid compact fluorescent bulbs that emit an electromagnetic field within 30 cm.
  • If you opt for a wall-mounted reading light, the LEDs are ideal, with a low blue quota.
  • If you choose LED light bulbs, we advise you to count between 2000 and 4000 lumens in the bedroom. Our article " Lumens and watts: understanding the difference to choose your lights " guides you in your choice of bulbs!

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As you can see, the bedroom wall light does not stop at a simple light fixture that illuminates that particular room. At Côté Lumière, we consider it as a universe in itself and we share it with you!