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KARE Design: stylish Motley design lamps

The Kare Design brand is currently one of the most influential in the world of design and lighting. But to reach that level, the company had to adopt best practices, take bold initiatives to better stand out from the competition. The structure was founded in 1981 by Jürgen Relter and Peter Schönhofen. The long years of experience have always been its main asset. The German brand designers have indeed acquired unique expertise which, mixed with great passion, becomes a source in which they draw original ideas and always innovative. Lamps and accessories Kare Design are available in more than 40 countries and are among the most popular pieces at the global level.

Unique fixtures to an unconventional atmosphere

If the functional side of lighting has always been an essential aspect, the German brand wants to go further on the premise that luminaires are used to create a special atmosphere in a space. This approach pushes designers to create unique designs. So that the light can generate an unconventional atmosphere, it takes out of the box and offer unusual systems.

Lights should be used to strengthen the characters of each of the rooms of a House. By choosing chandeliers and Kare Design suspensions, the consumer will no trouble to create this atmosphere pleasant, welcoming and full of life that characterizes especially the living room, the living room and dining room. In the kitchen or office, it will focus on the practical side of lighting. The light should be strong enough so that we can have better visibility on the work plan or the central island.

In addition to the intensity of the lighting, the design of luminaires is also taken into account. Creators usually play on the colors and the materials to make an authentic piece according to the type of Interior, but they can also design heterogeneous elements. So, for example, those who prefer strong and modern looks can opt for appliques Parecchi black horizontal Kare Design. For a certainly exceptional atmosphere, brightness and lighting temperature will depend on the color of the Lampshade.

The light is also synonymous with decoration

The décor, it is which highlights the chosen interior style. For the German brand designers, fixtures can also become real decorative elements. Moreover, the fact that Kare Design motto is the "joy of decoration" is no coincidence. Creators like shape lighting by opting for shapes and colors and even extravagant, original materials. The Deco classic to the most extraordinary renditions, ranges of luminaires of the sign contain lamps adapted to the tastes and desires of each. Some will appreciate, for example, industrial-style and animal aspect of the Spider chandelier. While others will be dazzled by the side very elegant vintage of the lamppost Bown.

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