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Linea Verdace: design for all styles

Born from the initiative of a couple (Verdat) who has always had a great passion for interior lighting. The brand Linea Verdace became quickly known since its inception in 1969. Belgian teaching is based in Antwerp and at the end of the 1960s, began to expand its activities to the Luxembourg. Very quickly, the creations of small business were distributed everywhere in Europe and in many countries around the world such as Russia and New Zealand. Today, Linea Verdace fixtures are part of the most popular equipment market. And in addition to its interior lamps, the brand also stands out for its supports to design outdoor lighting.

Lamps Linea Verdace suspensions: technical lighting...

Already, at the beginning, while she was still known in Belgium, Linea Verdace was famous for the technical aspect of its lighting equipment. The brand has been able to work the material and performance of lamps to create models of increasingly efficient luminaires. Currently, thanks to the technological advances made in the field, its facilities are even more effective. Thus, linear suspensions of the brand are for example adapted to all parts. With their powerful and very functional lighting, the lamps will be especially effective as main sources of light in living (the living room or dining room) rooms.

The suspension luminaire may be placed above the central island, of the work plan or the dining table for a surely satisfactory rendering. The light intensity can be adjusted according to the size or the configuration of the room. If this last is very spacious, it is possible to complete the suspension by a few spots or wall sconces.

Of course, in a modern, industrial, or contemporary interior, Linea Verdace linear suspension can also find its place in the living room or the living room. The scattered light will enhance the classic and sober room side. In addition, equipment comes in various colors. By choosing the most appropriate colours, we can easily create a still more refined effect.

... decorative light

The trend is originality and design in terms of decoration, the Belgian brand held also to satisfy consumers in this area. Thus, its designers have created lines of lamps and decorative lights. On the market, the brand is known for its streetlights and original chandeliers. The creations of the Michelangelo collection are part of the busiest.

Streetlights shaped chandelier made up of illuminated metal arms are some of the models which were immediately a great success with the public. Media have a particular design, it is similar to that of a luxurious work of art. These lighting equipment are installed in castles or the high-end hotels. The chandeliers in the same collection, like the one adorned with leaves gold to create a magnificent floral aspect. Certainly they will be part of the most beautiful decoration accessories in a living room or a room stay.

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