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All of our bathroom mirrors

You want to optimize the décor of your bathroom, install a mirror design. This item, in addition to its functional role, akin to a true decorative object. It comes in different patterns and forms in order to optimize the choice of any lover of interior decoration and the Bathroom lights

Bathroom mirror: an essential accessory

As a woman, you can't do without this essential accessory in your bathroom? This is totally understandable, as even men also need to shave or simply brushing your teeth. But for you, he plays a leading role. When you wake up, you rush ahead to make you a beauty, in order to be ready to have a good day. It also allows you to better identify the rare blemishes on your face. There are many women who take their time in the bathroom to sublimate their face. Without this companion of beauty, their day will be not busy and the bad mood will be at the rendezvous.

An accessory on top of the trends

The bathroom mirror evolves according to the needs of society, and particularly of women. Thus, several models already succeeded the mirror attached to the wall and illuminated by a small Wall lamp. The most models trend are today bright and will be hung on the wall, for smaller models, they will be magnifying and wall of rectangular or square shape and can be equipped with LED bulbs. Other models are also available, but those listed here are among the most trend.

Versatile bathroom mirrors

A bathroom which is not equipped with a bright mirror does not offer the comfort expected by its users. Indeed, to get a beauty, this accessory is useful. Its manufacturers are aware and offer what's best to their customers.

Today there are many models, they are modern and equipped with lighting low consumption and more particularly of LED. Thanks to its non dazzling light, the LED promises a good lighting comfort.

Most of the products can be fitted with an anti-fog device, even if he's not planning his purchase. This accessory can easily be positioned if you have a power supply available. Thus, even when there is a lot of steam in your bathroom, you will not be disturbed by any fogging. Some models incorporate a switch or even a razor plug for more convenience and comfort.

They are available in different forms to allow everyone to find the style that fits him best.

Technical features of the bathroom mirror

The bright and modern mirror comes in different models and stands out for its multiple features. In order to optimize the choice of these accessories, here are some details about:


It is the first aspect should not be overlooked when choosing a bathroom mirror. If you want to let him marry perfectly with your decorating style, you must opt for a form that fits in harmony with the style of the room. Where room is square and rectangular forms, take it with a round shape for break the flat atmosphere. On the other hand, if curves dominate as the decoration of this room, it is preferable to opt for a round or oval shape to accentuate the style of the room. If you are unsure as to the choice of its form which will will brighten up your bathroom, don't hesitate to take advice from a specialist in interior decoration.


The new models offered on our site are bright. So, you won't need to install a wall for extra lighting. LEDs are directly integrated and they offer a light subdued and glare.  These LED feeding on a 230V source (home plug) and stand by their economic side. The number of LEDs varies according to its size and the effect of light expected by the manufacturer.

The degree of protection

When you purchase a bathroom mirror, grant importance to the degree of protection, because it is the quality of the product. Each index of protection has a precise meaning and in general, the index is high, the product will be watertight. The lowest protection class is IP 20. A product which carries this index offers protection against solid bodies whose diameter is greater than 12mm. The number associated with the index, the higher the level of protection is efficient. Can be found the fixtures and accessories that meet standards IP33, IP44, IP 54, IP55, IP65 and IP68.

The magnifying effect

Many bathroom mirrors offer a magnifying effect. This effect is especially appreciated by women who may be a beauty in comfortable conditions. There are more rather than be too close to see the details. Note that the magnifying effect is often related to an integrated light source which is a modern option that manufacturers have chosen to develop their products following the request of many customers.

How to optimize the choice of a bathroom mirror ?

It is not for one person. Each Member of the family must enjoy. So, to make this accessory benefits everyone, it is important to choose its size. The small just like big must be able to use it optimally. For whatever the case, it must be big enough so that everyone can see the upper part of his body. To find the right location, simply check that each Member of the family has the mirror to level with his eyes.

Its width as it is chosen according to the size of the room. If it is quite small, it is best to not exceed a width of 30 cm. On the other hand, if you have a spacious room, you can make you happy about the width of it. Don't forget that it visually enlarges the room and if you opt for a large model, you will feel that the space is huge; a real plus in terms of decoration.

LED mirror or not ?

The trend is currently illuminated mirrors. Indeed, you do not always have to illuminate the whole room to use it. In addition, feels always good in a lit room in a subdued way. Thanks to this system, you can enjoy a zen atmosphere in your bathroom while enjoying sufficient lighting to make you a beauty.

What shape to choose ?

The choice of its form is a matter of preference. However, take into account the style of decoration of the room to make your choice. Also adapt the shape of this accessory to the design of the sink cabinet. You choose so original and modern decoration. Be aware that the classical forms (square, rectangular, oval and round) have the advantage to adapt to any style of decoration.

How to install a bright mirror ?

In order to preserve the aesthetics of your space, do not neglect the part installation on the mirror that will decorate it. Indeed, in addition to setting the accessory to the wall, you must also connect it to a power source in order to activate its LEDs. For the fixing part, screws and dowels are supplied with the product. Just you more so as to determine the location, mark the attachment points and drill them in order to install the ankles. The next step is to hang it on the wall with an invisible system.

For connection to a power source, if possible, opt for an installation in recessed. So the wires will not affect the aesthetics of your bathroom. Be sure to use equipment meeting the standards in order to avoid the risk of fire.

If you do not want an installation in recessed, use fine cache-sons for a touch of originality!  If necessary, feel free to call in a specialist of electrical installation.

How to recognize a good bathroom mirror ?

Dedicated to the water feature, it does not the same features a led mirror installed on a dressing table for example. This type of equipment is designed to support many constraints beginning with permanent humidity. It can be fogged especially if space is equipped with good ventilation. Water vapor is deposited and become binding for proper use. Note that the best products can be fitted with a system for defogging and will have a strong framework that does not fear the same permanent humidity.

The brand is also another point should not be overlooked in the selection of the product. Indeed, if you want quality, choose renowned such as Astro Lighting manufacturers. The latter has not built its reputation by pure chance. He has already demonstrated the quality of their products and their business customers continue to trust him for their parts of water equipment in the hotel sector.

To find the model that marries perfectly with the style of your interior decoration, Astro Lighting offers a wide choice of model. So whether you want a bright model, a model magnifying, a wall or ask, is not the choice that will miss you.

Magnifying for the bathroom, the trend of the moment

As part of the trend of the moment, this product becomes a must-have for all women who love to be a beauty in the bathroom. Men can also enjoy for a perfect shave.  This model allows a magnification of 5 times. Thus, women who want to trace their eyebrows or even put lipstick can wear make-up with ease and are more compelled to get too close. Even installed a few centimetres, they will have all the details they need to succeed in their makeup. Note that the bright magnifying mirror is available in different forms and under many dimensions in order to satisfy the customer.   


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