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Showing 1 - 60 of 575 items

The kitchen ceiling light, an essential lighting fixture!

The kitchen is undoubtedly the most symbolic room in a home. Spacious, small, it brings people together, helps to build memories, moments alone, in pairs, with the family. Maybe even more than the living room, the bedroom, not to mention the bathroom. Whether you're planning to redo your kitchen or imagining your future home, one detail should not escape your attention: the lighting fixtures you will install.

However, this aspect is too often relegated to the background when in truth, it too will contribute to making this space unforgettable. Here is a guide to help you choose the right type of kitchen ceiling lamp for a well-distributed, efficient, modern and aesthetically pleasing lighting.

The kitchen ceiling light, a whole history

The kitchen ceiling light is far from being a luminaire belonging to the past. Even today, it continues to seduce individuals as well as decoration and design professionals. Sober, round, rectangular, made of wood, glass, plastic, it continues to deliver an efficient and sober lighting at the same time, without attacking the eyes of the occupants of the room.

Its design has naturally evolved over time, so much so that many amateurs are chasing after the kitchen ceiling light in brass or even gold. In any case, designers have succeeded in drawing on old styles to create new ones, more or less extravagant, contemporary, elegant and compact. For example, the LED kitchen ceiling light, a clever mix between artistic creation and energy saving.

Kitchen lighting

Three categories of lighting

The first thing to know when it comes to the lighting of a dwelling is that there are three distinct categories:

Mood lighting: this main source of light will fill the lack of brightness. Don't miss out and combine lighting fixtures (kitchen LED ceiling lights, recessed spotlights, pendant lights). You will be able to navigate in comfort in your kitchen.

Task lighting: here it's all about lighting your work surfaces, your kitchen island, the food stored in the cupboards, so that you can enjoy your kitchen safely. Why not add LED ribbons to the combo for a futuristic touch?

Accent lighting: for an extra touch to your kitchen lighting, accent lighting can be provided by floor lamps, recessed spotlights, etc.

Our advice from the pros

It's important to see well in the kitchen, so luminaire specialists recommend combining at least two light sources: one dedicated to storage and work areas and another for general lighting.

You can of course add a third light fixture, which will bring a fully justifiable decorative touch to the kitchen.

Also keep in mind that some kitchen ceiling lights are for general lighting while others will be perfect for work lighting. Seek professional advice if you are in doubt.

Choose a kitchen ceiling light that can diffuse light in all directions, including towards the ceiling.

Special mention for the kitchen ceiling light

The ceiling light, whether it is LED ceiling light or conventional ceiling light, is perfect for delivering the main lighting in the kitchen. It can illuminate the entire room, providing a warm atmosphere and strong enough to go about your business in comfort, even when natural light is lacking.

Far from being cumbersome, the kitchen ceiling light expresses itself through a wide range of models. Find the one that suits you on our online store by typing any of the following sets of terms in our search engine: LED kitchen ceiling lamp, LED kitchen design ceiling lamp, LED kitchen design ceiling lamp, LED kitchen light, LED kitchen light, LED kitchen light, LED kitchen light, LED kitchen light, LED kitchen light, LED kitchen light, LED kitchen light, LED kitchen light, LED kitchen light, LED kitchen light, LED kitchen light, LED kitchen light, LED kitchen light.

Prepare the purchase of your kitchen ceiling lamp

You have identified your lighting needs and desires and now it's time to select the right kitchen ceiling lamp. This type of luminaire, which has never lost any of its superb appearance, is renowned for being discreet yet capable of delivering pleasant light without dazzling.

Three criteria are to be taken into consideration for a harmonious and efficient result:

The style of your kitchen: open, closed, modern, classic, country, rustic, etc... A design kitchen LED ceiling lamp may not fit into a country style, and the same goes for the industrial kitchen LED ceiling lamp. Take your time to choose a model that will fit in with its immediate environment!

What lighting intensity do you need? Is there enough natural light to be an asset to your kitchen?

The energy value you wish to implement: is your electrical installation recent enough to allow you to save energy?

Good to know

If you have an open kitchen, here too the lighting must be impeccable and adaptable according to the time of day and the type of activity you will be doing there (cooking, welcoming guests, activities with children, one-on-one dining, etc.).

However, the dining area needs special treatment, as it is one of the essential areas of the open kitchen. The ceiling light will illuminate the top of the dining table, perhaps accompanied by a dimmer switch.

The kitchen ceiling light: our ideas to guide you

If you have decided that recessed spotlights and other similar fixtures are not in keeping with the style of your kitchen, or that the depth of the ceiling does not allow for such an installation, the kitchen ceiling light is the most appropriate choice, without detracting from the atmosphere of the room, quite the contrary.

If your kitchen is modern, the ceiling light will add an interesting visual and aesthetic touch. Associated, for example, with spotlights on rails, it will illuminate your kitchen island, your workspace, without hanging in the middle of the room. If you like variety, don't hesitate to add a few suspensions to the ensemble, which will open up a rich palette of light.

If you are lacking inspiration despite the range of choices we offer on our online store, opt for the round kitchen ceiling light made of opaque glass. This model fits harmoniously into its environment while showing sophistication. Accessible at a reasonable price, it can, for example, be used in a home staging!

For a more traditional style, the kitchen ceiling light that includes wood in its design is just right.

The final word on the kitchen ceiling light

So you will have understood that the kitchen ceiling light is an essential element in this room of the house, since it will eliminate shadows and light up the work surfaces from top to bottom. Our wide selection will inspire you and even more if you use our filter system to select your light fixture according to its price, shape, manufacturer, etc.