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Showing 1 - 60 of 191 items

Bedroom ceiling lights

Like all rooms in the house without exception, the bedroom needs to be lit, even if you only use this place to sleep. Just think of the winter season, when natural light is at its minimum or even absent when you wake up.

If the orientation of your room is perfect, the specialists will never repeat it enough: install at least one ceiling light in your room for an optimal use of this space that rhymes with tranquility, comfort and privacy. Associated with bedside lamps and why not other accent lights to personalize this cocoon to your image and create an atmosphere conducive to rest.

The bedroom ceiling light, not just a light fixture, but a creator of atmosphere.

We are not going to choose the same type of lighting for all the rooms. So, depending on the occupants, their age, whether it's a girl or a boy, don't be afraid to invest in a different ceiling light for each room. Our online sales site does not lack options in this matter, between designs, prices, colors, shape, diameter, manufacturer, etc...

The ceiling light baby room: in general, this light should be soft, create a feeling of calm, reassure the child while being fun. Shapes, colors, each element can participate in his development and awakening while preserving his eyes. Of course, you will choose a functional model, also, this bedroom ceiling light will have to be modular enough to distribute the luminosity. Why not choose a model equipped with a dimmer switch?

The children's bedroom ceiling light: now it's time for coloring, games and hours spent building, deconstructing and daydreaming in its bubble. The ceiling light child's room LED is the ideal alternative in this case, preferably equipped with a dimmer. Thus, in the evening or during the winter, the child can play and see in peace and easily find sleep thanks to softer lighting.

The girl's bedroom ceiling light: a 100% girly decor won't really be girly if you just hover over the lighting part. LED ceiling light with princess, flower, pink pattern, there is no lack of designs and shapes to create a decor that will reflect your child's joy of life!

The ceiling light in the boy's room: boys also have the right to their ceiling light in their room! Sport, car, this category of ceiling lamp room does not lack options to illuminate and indicate the preferences of the owner of the premises ...

The ceiling light in the teenager's room: he/she is no longer a child, but not quite an adult, so his/her tastes are between two waters. Anyway, at this age, it is essential to have good lighting to do homework, surf, daydream alone, spend time with friends. To find the perfect model that will meet all the criteria, start by doing some research on the internet by typing, for example, the keywords "teenage boy bedroom light" or "bedroom light idea" to get relevant suggestions. Don't hesitate to involve the person who is most interested!

The adult bedroom ceiling light: yes, adults can also install a ceiling light that looks like them. Chic, simple, modern, with or without lampshade, LED ceiling light, ceiling light cocooning room, a plethora of lights awaits you in the category specially created for this purpose on our online store. And why not let yourself be tempted, for example, by a ceiling light adult bedroom design for a touch of modernity!

The right amount of light thanks to your bedroom ceiling light

There is generally a tendency to install only one ceiling light per room. For optimal lighting, even if the room is relatively large, it is advisable to opt for a luminaire with several flames, i.e. one with several light sources, under a single shade or with several shades. By the way, don't forget to use our filter to choose the desired number of bulbs for your future bedroom ceiling light!

To know the ideal brightness before installing your bedroom ceiling lamp, simply calculate the number of lumens (lm), the lumen being the unit of measurement of brightness. It is advisable to choose a room ceiling lamp delivering 100 to 150 lm/m².

For example, for a 10 m² room, you will need about 1,000 to 1,500 lumens.

What material is recommended for ceiling lights in the bedroom?

Faced with a plethora of textures, it can be difficult to choose the bedroom ceiling light that will appeal to you once fixed to the ceiling. Here are a few suggestions in addition to the models presented on our online store:

  • Ceiling lamp with glass shade: it will be a great match if your bedroom is decorated with ceiling moldings ;
  • The bedroom ceiling light with fabric shade: it will provide a warm and diffused light. The shadows will add texture to the decor of the room;
  • The ceiling light with decorative lampshade: it will bring a light and airy aspect while offering a point of interest to the room;

Our tips for choosing the perfect bedroom ceiling light!

Your ceiling is less than 2.5 m from the floor? The bedroom ceiling light is the best option.

To avoid being dazzled when you are lying in your bed, bet on a bedroom ceiling light whose bottom is covered.

Frosted or marbled fixtures are ideal for the bedroom, as light shades are too bright for this type of space.

Don't get out of bed to turn your ceiling light on or off! Choose a model equipped with a remote control.

Room ceiling light: the final word

The bedroom ceiling light contains a vast universe of its own. Sometimes aimed at adults, sometimes at babies, then at children and teenagers, the designers illustrate every day their ability to amaze, to marvel. Express the decorator in you and add a personal touch so that no room is left without a ceiling light!