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Showing 1 - 60 of 277 items

Where to place a living room lamp?

The living room lamp is one of those luminaires that may raise many questions. Where to place this type of living room lamp? Which model to choose? What type of lampshade? Which material? This light source is far from being a lighting that we are content to place in a corner of the living room. This article tells you everything you need to know to facilitate the purchase of your living room light on our online store!

Livinfroom Floor lamp

What use for the living room lamp?

If you are planning to redecorate the interior of your living room or simply to redo the lighting mesh of the room, start by taking stock of your habits. Do you spend time reading, watching TV in the living room? Or do you like to sit comfortably on the sofa to work on your computer?

Based on your answers, you can determine the ideal height of the living room lamp to buy: with the lamp at eye level, below, taller than you, etc.

Regarding the models, the choice is wide enough to enable you to match your LED living room light with your interior decoration. Lighting with LED bulbs, dimmable, industrial lounge lights: let your desires speak!

What is the average height of a living room lamp?

Being a light to be put on the ground and all in height, your lamp on living room stand will exceed the height (1 meter). We have taken care to indicate the height of each floor lamp offered on our online store! Click on the description of the product you are interested in to get this information.

What width for your future living room design floor lamp?

It all depends on the size of your living room. If it's small, why not opt for a pure design living room light that doesn't crush the space? If it is spacious, you can opt for a lamp on a tripod living room stand.

When you look around your living room and start measuring the dimensions of your living space, consider the width of your lamp.

Prepare the purchase of your living room lamp

We advise you to answer the following questions before purchasing your floor lamp. This will make it easier for you to choose the right model, which will contribute effectively to the lighting of your living room.

What will my living room floor lamp be used for?

What are you going to do with your living room lamp? What exactly will you use it for? Will it be used as your main lighting? To create a soft atmosphere for relaxation? Will it sit next to a chair for your reading area? There are many possibilities, so take some time to think about it.

What kind of lighting do you want in your living room?

Lighting is a vast subject! For example, in our online store, you can choose between a bright LED living room street lamp or a softer light, which you can put in a small reading corner.

How many light sources for my living room?

The quantity of light sources is another element to consider. Does your living room need to be brightened up? Add table lamps, LED wall lamps or a ceiling light to the mix. If you use this room primarily for relaxation, the lighting should be soft.

Living room floor lamp: basic models

Now that you've answered the questions below, it's time to find the model you like.

The fixed floor lamp: this is the most traditional model you will find, with adjustable height or brightness.

The arched floor lamp: Preferably placed next to sectional sofas and wide seats, or behind the sofa, this model is equipped with a long arched arm that can illuminate the middle of the room without hindering the circulation.

The column: as its name indicates, it is a lamp post with volume, sometimes covered with a translucent shade. Its modern appearance makes it a perfect design living room lamp to achieve a pleasant mood lighting.

The "pharmacy" floor lamp: want a designer and retro living room lamp at the same time? This model provides direct lighting without dazzling the whole room! It is appreciated for its adjustable head and base.

Swing arm: with this model, modulate the lighting of your design living room lamp without having to move your large living room lamp!

The flare: particularly popular, this model is equipped with an upward-facing lampshade.

Branch: this modern living room lamp is perfect for lighting several areas with one luminaire. It can be used for ambient lighting as well as task lighting.

Where to place a living room lamp?

Before purchasing your design living room lamp or wood living room lamp, it is important to determine its future location in the room. Our tips to achieve an aesthetic, safe and effective result:

In your reading corner, the lounge lamp will be placed next to the chair. Its lampshade is placed at eye level.

You can also place your living room mood lamp behind or next to the TV to reduce glare and soften the contrast.

As an accent light, it will be placed in a corner. Think of the dimmer to modulate the lighting according to your needs.

Floor lamp for livingroom

How much does a living room lamp cost?

The price of a floor lamp varies according to its design, manufacturer, material, etc. Please take a look at your budget and use our filter to find your cheap living room lamp or the one of your dreams, if you want to treat yourself!

How to clean a living room lamp?

Over time, your living room lamp will slowly become covered with dust, so you will need to maintain it to preserve its condition. Unplug your light fixture and clean it with a damp cloth. As for the lampshade, it is generally removable.

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