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MOOOi of atypical and timeless luminaires

Unusual, intriguing, surprising, Moooi is a brand that bears witness to Dutch know-how and ingenuity in the world of design and lighting. In fact, doesn't its name come from the expression 'Moooi', which means beautiful or pretty in Dutch? The company was founded in 2001 by two enthusiasts: Marcel Wanders and Casper Vissers. The former is a talented craftsman-designer who has acquired a certain amount of experience in the art of beauty and aesthetics. The second is a marketing specialist who has always dreamed of working in a structure that has a strong affinity with his values. Together, they have created a company where we like to cultivate uniqueness, audacity and humour. The success has been rapid and dazzling. Moooi lighting fixtures are pieces of rare quality and originality.

Creations born from a bold, innovative and creative vision.

In order to stand out from the competition, it is sometimes necessary to brave conventions with a bold and innovative approach. The designers of the Dutch brand have understood this principle perfectly. At Moooi, the designers love unusual ideas that allow them to come up with imaginative creations that even challenge the biggest brands. We favour beauty to the point of being eccentric. We imagine new shapes. We associate colours. Everything then becomes very clear in the artist's mind. The result promises to be original and certainly surprising.

This desire to always explore new horizons gives the brand the ability to practically invent new trends. Pieces such as the Random Light and Raimond design suspensions have long been references on the market. A frame made of ball-shaped wires or steel slats accompanied by a lamp providing sparkling light: the result is simply exceptional.

The brand is especially well known in the residential lighting sector. Many consumers have been impressed by the voluptuous structure and painted steel graphics of Dandelion floor lamps. The same is true of the chandeliers in the Heracleum collection. The elegance and decorative aspect of the luminaires have not gone unnoticed and enhance the decor of many contemporary living rooms and lounges.

Designer lighting systems designed to stand the test of time

In the world of design, it is quite rare to find products that display a timeless style. However, for a bold brand like Moooi, it is possible to achieve this by emphasizing two concepts: imaginative expressiveness and love of detail. For designers, every design must be creative. Imagination must therefore be pushed to its limits if one wants to swim easily against the current and propose unusual systems that will stand the test of time.

The brand has learned to adopt this approach by working with renowned designers such as Bertjan Pot, Ross Lovegrove and Jasper Morrison. When it comes to detail, all aspects of the luminaires must be taken into consideration. Materials, shapes, colours, brightness, nothing should be left to chance. The rendering is simply breathtaking, as can be seen in the Emperor suspensions.

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Showing 1 - 29 of 29 items