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How to integrate a tripod floor lamp in its interior decoration?

You don't have to be a specialist to say that luminaires and lighting actively contribute to the atmosphere in every room of the house. If you have some floor space, the tripod floor lamp is the perfect indoor lighting fixture for two aspects: to give personality to your home, and also to participate in its decoration. Here are our suggestions for a successful purchase on our online store!

Tripod floor lamp: what is it?

Tripod floor lamp is a lighting fixture equipped with a spotlight, a lampshade, and most importantly, it is supported by three legs. Moreover, it was inspired by camera and studio lighting supports! This luminaire comes in different styles, combinations and is perfect for creating "islands of light".

Material: choose your tripod lamp that looks like you!

This luminaire is available with wood or metal tripod.

Made of wood, it will create a warm and comfortable atmosphere while providing a contrast to the smooth and shiny metal elements. Add a white fabric shade and get a Scandinavian or marine look!

In metal, it will give an avant-garde, urban, raw or vintage character to your interior decoration. For example, the black tripod is popular because it can blend in with the decor.

living room tripod lamp

Why buy a tripod floor lamp?

Once placed on the ground, the tripod lamp turns out to be a multifaceted luminaire. Depending on the model you choose, the texture of its shade, the material of its manufacture, its design, it will add height to the room, participate in the creation of its character while adding color. Or it will blend elegantly and discreetly with the decorative elements and furniture. Either way, it is a light source that leaves no one indifferent!

Another important feature is that you can adjust its height, which is a very practical feature.

How much space does it take to set up a tripod floor lamp?

Before buying a tripod floor lamp, take stock of the space you have available. For example, if you're lighting a small room, this fixture may overwhelm the space by taking up too much space. In such a case, we advise you to choose a simple base lamp, to be balanced with a colored shade, which will interrupt the monotony of the whole.

How to adapt a tripod lamp to the space you have?

Two criteria come into play: the scale of the room and more precisely the ceiling height.

With a low ceiling, the tripod lamp may distort the interior decoration, while with a high ceiling, it may dazzle!

Take the lead by carefully measuring the piece (length, width, height) and then compare it with the tripod lights available on our site. Make a simulation to get an idea of the result!

tripod floor lamp room

How to properly use a tripod lamp?

The tripod floor lamp can be used as mood lighting or task lighting: what are you using your luminaire for?

If it is used as a reading lamp, for example, or if it is placed next to a chair or sofa, the lampshade should be at eye level when you are sitting down. Ideally, we recommend a tripod lamp with a height of 1.50m from the floor.

If you choose a semi-transparent lampshade, it will then serve as mood lighting, for example in the dining room. Opaque, it will then serve as accent lighting, which can be used to underline, for example, a decorative element.

And the tripod lamp as the main lighting?

We advise you to combine your tripod floor lamp with other light sources. Vary the sizes, and then adapt the room lighting according to the desired ambiance and situations! Don't hesitate to combine table lamps, desk lamps and wall lights to create a light mesh that is both effective and beautiful!

Good to know

Carefully choose the location of your tripod lamp so that it does not interrupt the field of vision of people in the room, for example, during conversations!

Please browse our catalog to find different styles: wooden tripod lamp, movie tripod lamp, industrial tripod lamp, etc. Contact us by email or phone if you have any question, need any advice on the choice of your floor lamp!